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How to Stay on Top of Bookmakers’ Promotions and Bonuses
Anastasya | Sep 20 2022

Sports betting bonuses are great tools for bettors. Bookmakers provide these promotions to help new and existing users on their journey to betting success. But typically, this is a chance to use these bonuses to wager with no risk.


Although a sports betting bonus is a simple method to earn extra money and use it for your betting advantage, there are still specific ways to claim it.   Any promotion, such as free bets or cashback, has a set of conditions you must accomplish.


So it is necessary to follow the rules and regulations of sportsbooks to receive your bonus. On the other hand, VOdds and its partner bookmakers have many privileges to offer you. 


All you need to do is to register with us to claim ​​the most popular welcome bonuses. For beginners planning to bet, remember that you must first fund your account to take advantage of these sports promotions and welcome bonuses.


It is also beneficial to open a direct bookmaker account from VOdds, where you can earn a 25% bonus up to €/£/$ 100 or  500¥. You can choose from its variety of bookmakers such as PS3838, Singbet (Crown), Fair Exchange, and other hard-to-reach bookmakers. 


Are you excited about these types of welcome promotions? Study these tips below to get on top of these bonuses and promotions.



Tips to get updated on bookmakers’ bonuses and promotions.


  • You must subscribe to the sportsbook’s email list.

If you sign up for the betting site, you will be instantly included in the email campaign programs and expect to receive important updates. You need to check your email account frequently to see the upcoming sports with the necessary promotions and bonuses. If you are not yet receiving email updates from a betting site, contact their customer service provider and request to be added to their list.


  • Follow and join the sportsbook on social media platforms.

Many larger and more well-known sportsbooks have their own Facebook sites, Twitter accounts, and other social media platforms that continuously update readers on promotions and extra offers. If you’re already connected with these social media platforms, this is an excellent opportunity to stay up to date with the bonuses and promotions.


  • Visit the sportsbook promotion webpage.

Most sportsbooks will run “ads” for upcoming events on their websites. Sportsbooks will always advertise bonuses and promotions to assist their customers in becoming more profitable. Make sure you visit their promotion website to stay up to date on the upcoming sporting events that provide various benefits.


  • Ask the customer support provider if they are currently offering anything.

You’ll generally be redirected to their promotions page. However, they may occasionally offer you something special. It is beneficial if you inquire about them frequently or if there are big sports events.  


The more you ask, the better you can spot various opportunities for their offerings.  Take advantage of this customer support because they can guide you to claim more benefits from their promotions.



How to receive bigger sportsbook bonuses?


  • Understanding the bookmakers’ terms and conditions.

Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of your bonus before betting. You must know the odds restrictions, turnover requirements, and time limits.


If you’re already familiar with these rules, you can now claim various promotions and rewards and apply them to your betting strategy. With this approach, you can expect higher profit results.


  • Examine other players’ feedback.

The best way to discover the best offers of a bookmaker is to know what others are saying about it. Bettors like talking about their experiences with various online sportsbooks. You can use these ideas to compare bookmakers’ offers and bonuses.


Following these tips will guarantee that you will find some of the best betting sites which offer excellent bonuses. As previously stated,  these promotions come with a set of terms and conditions. Register with us today and receive these best offers.