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SPECIAL OFFER: 1.5% SingBet Cashback until November 2022
Anastasya | Oct 04 2022

SingBet (formerly Crown) offers various sports worldwide and is well-known for accepting large bets on sports such as football. It’s more fun to bet because it offers all major football leagues. This online bookmaker is one of the best out there because all major football leagues that they offer have highly competitive odds.


Aside from being the leading online bookmaker, they focus on an amateur to professional, pre-match, and in-play football events. SingBet is also the leading expert in Asian Handicap betting.


Furthermore, some of the events in their inventory are not accessible on any other site. There are other sports in the market that you can choose from, but the offerings of SingBet are unique.


What makes them unique from the other sportsbooks is that they do not stick to the habit of following norms. They minimize the volume of transactions by working with several aggregators and focus on delivering better odds and alternative payment options.


It is known for the tagline, “The hard to find Asian giant,” which refers to the fact that its services are not available to punters from other countries without the assistance of a broker.


You can only access this sportsbook through a betting aggregator platform. Try to get direct bookmaker accounts from us! Simply register a VOdds account to earn a 25% bonus up to €/£/$ 100. Another surprise is that SingBet bookmaker has a limited offer of 1.5% cashback to all users this October until November 2022!


What are the best features of SingBet?


  • Quick bet entry allows you to avoid missing out on great odds.


  • The betting procedure is so basic that even a novice can start betting in minutes.


  • SingBet Odds format is available in decimals, like Indonesian, Hong Kong, and Malay.


  • You can choose to bet on different football tournaments.


  • If you get direct access with them, you can customize their website.



How to bet on football through SingBet (Crown)?


In-Play Betting


You need the capacity to wager on a football match while it is happening. With in-play betting, the odds are flexible and will change throughout the game based on real-time events. Make sure you bet on your best team with good performance in past events. Put your money on them to win and earn profit.




In Parlay, you can bet on multiple outcomes to occur. To win, you must correctly choose all results in the parlay. For example, if you put $100 on Team A and Team B, you must win both games to win your stake. 


Parlays are one of the riskier football betting options, but they provide higher rewards. You may parlay all types of outcomes across games, including not just moneylines and spreads but also prop bets, futures, and more.




Betting on the Moneyline simply means predicting who will win the game. Each team is assigned odds depending on their likelihood of winning. The lower the odds and payoff, the greater the favourite. The greater the underdog, the greater the odds and payoff if they win.


Point Spread Betting


A point spread is a common way to bet on football. It indicates each team’s (+) or (-) handicap, sometimes called the ‘line.’ You win a point spread by correctly guessing the winner of a game with the spread incorporated into the final score.


We hope that these betting strategies will help you a lot. You can visit VOdds for more betting guidelines and strategies to assist you in your journey of becoming a profitable bettor!