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How to Make Money as an Affiliate (Sports Betting)

It’s everyone’s dream to make money while you sleep. There are many options online, but one of the high-paying gigs that can last you longer is affiliate marketing.

It’s everyone’s dream to make money while you sleep. There are many options online, but one of the high-paying gigs that can last you longer is affiliate marketing.

Getting started with Affiliate Marketing

At the barest concept, affiliate marketing is where you partner with a brand, promote their products and services, then get a commission for every successful buyer.


Easy, right? Luckily, for bettors and sports fans, the sports betting industry is one of the biggest players in this field. Online bookmakers and betting sites are always looking for individuals to promote them, and as a user, it means you already have a foot in the door.

Are betting affiliate programs worth it?

Yes, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Your commission is secured by a written contract that both parties agreed upon before the partnership begins.
  • Betting brokers to partner with are endless. It’s just a matter of looking for those that fit your level of commitment.
  • Your time and betting experience are the only capital you need.
  • Having an established website is an edge, but your existing social media accounts and forums on any platform will be enough as long as you can get new sports bettors to refer to your partners.
  • Accumulated revenue share is the best perk sports betting affiliate can offer. The longer and larger the amount of money wagered by your referred, the bigger the commission.

But how do these betting companies know what you’re doing and how do you get paid?

There are various arrangements, but one thing they have in common is they will give you one affiliate link or code that is unique to you. They can monitor all the users you have referred through that link and calculate your commission from that.

Then what do you need to do next?

You can do a general search to know more about how to be an affiliate. But it’s more practical to look for a specific affiliate marketing program that you are interested in. 

The best affiliate program is the one you can commit to. There are different types of commissions, so here’s an overlook on ours to give you an idea.

What is VOdds’ Affiliate program?

We welcome all our users and marketers who are interested to partner with us. That’s why we have three different online betting referral programs.

Our affiliate program is the most lucrative deal we have. As long as you have an online presence related to sports betting, then you’re qualified to be our affiliate. You can use your social media, blogs, and forum accounts where you discuss and share predictions. 

Once you have registered a VOdds account and the commission rate is settled, then you can start sharing content about sports like football betting tips, add your custom link, and earn cash for each new user who signed up with us. 

This is a high-paying affiliate program because the commission doesn’t end after the referred turnover but the revenue shares accumulate more and the commission rate gets higher for as long as the user continuously places bets on us.

But this model is not completely passive if you want a bigger profit. Because the commission is based on the amount wagered by your referrals, you will need to attract at least one high roller. And to do that, you will need an online presence with a steady stream of audience.

So if you want to build your “niche” first before catching the big sharks, then we recommend joining our Bounty Program for now. This focuses on a series of activities across multiple social media platforms so it’s two with one stone. We also have an affiliate offer for beginners where you can simply refer your friends by sharing your code.

Now you know the basics, keep on the lookout as we share more tips on how to earn more with VOdds affiliate program.

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