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Sports Betting Documentaries Every Bettor Must Watch

There are several ways to enjoy the niche of sports betting other than placing a bet. Watching a documentary is one of them and it needs much more than just a complete love of the game.

Sports Betting Documentaries Every Bettor Must Watch

There are several ways to enjoy the niche of sports betting other than placing a bet. Watching a documentary is one of them and it needs much more than just a complete love of the game.

First and foremost, a documentary is a nonfictional film intended to document some aspects of reality, mainly for instructing, or educating with a side of entertainment. In regards to sports betting, it fuels a punter’s hunger to seek more knowledge and gain more from it.


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What are some must-see sports betting documentaries?

Aside from deepening a bettor’s understanding of the game from a range of perspectives, these films also provide a great comprehension of betting strategies in which you can learn the things you should avoid.

The Best of It (2016) by Scott Pearson Eberly


The Best of It is a documentary that deals with the dark side of sports betting. It provides a look into the lives of Alan Denkenson, Lem Banker, Alan Dvorkis, and Ken Weitzner who repute themselves as professional sports bettors. It focuses on the 2010 NCAA basketball competition as well as the betting highs and lows of the main characters during the March Madness.

This Scott Pearson Eberly documentary offers a genuine insight into the life of a professional bettor, which can be fickle and challenging even for the most seasoned ones.

It also deals with the effects of losing a bet can have on someone. In fact, just a few weeks after being interviewed for the film, Ken Weitzner committed suicide together with his wife, after suffering from heavy losses.

The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting (2017) by Benjamin Best, Herve Martin Delpierre, and Uwe Schwering


This documentary centres on the participation of different mafia syndicates from all over the world in the world of sports and the betting industry. It focuses on sports betting and match-fixing in different divisions of German football, particularly in the Under-16 competitions as well as the Europa League and the Champions League.

This film tackles the connection between players, official, and syndicates, while exploring the influence of sports betting and discussing how young players are often the victims of match-fixing and the fact that they are not even aware that they are involved in it.

All things considered, the Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting offers a solid proof that even some of the biggest football competitions in the world are not exempted to such practices.

The Legend of Jimmy the Greek (2009) by Fritz Mitchell


This is the story of Jimmy the Greek and how he helped with legitimising betting in the NFL in a country where gambling was, and remains, prohibited.

James George Snyder, Sr., or Jimmy Snyder, was regarded as the most famous oddsmaker in the United States even before he became widely known as a sports commentator. He came up with the belief of knowing ways of giving point spreads during his stint on the pre-game show, the NFL Today.

This documentary emphasises his beginnings as a young bettor before moving to Las Vegas and eventually becoming the biggest name in the world sports betting.

FRONTLINE: The Fantasy Sports Gamble (2016) by Frank Koughan


Want a closer look on the issues surrounding fantasy sports betting?

This 2016 investigative documentary by Frank Koughan is perfect since it provides an insight into the underground world of online sports betting, particularly on the growth of fantasy sports. This film reveals how a loophole in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 paved the way for fantasy sports betting to become a multi-billion dollar business.

It centres on investigating sites such as the DraftKings and FanDuels. Both of which have been operating as an online sports betting provider and how they managed to use loopholes in the law to provide sports betting in many states.

Sports Betting: Billy Walters (2011) By 60 Minutes


Everybody in the sports betting industry might know the name Billy Walters. He’s a legend and feared man in the world of sports betting. He further solidified this reputation when he placed a $3.5 million bet on the underdogs New Orleans Saints against the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl XLVI, and won.

He’s easily one of the greatest gamblers of all time.

In this documentary, take the opportunity to delve further into his life and his betting strategies, why he calls himself a Kentucky Hillbilly, and basically see the man behind the legendary Billy Walters.

Life on the Line (2013) by Isaac Feder


Life on the Line explores the Las Vegas sports betting industry in connection with the biggest betting event in the world, the Super Bowl.

This documentary also features professional bettors, handicappers, and bookmakers from Vegas and their betting process during the Super Bowl XLV, which has become one of the most significant betting events for sports bettors in the United States.

Life on the Line will give you access into the behind the scenes and mysterious world of gambling, particularly in the LVH’s ‘SuperBook.’

Sports Betting Documentaries provide instrumental betting lessons.

From learning the ins and outs to understanding more about wagers, watching sports betting documentaries are indeed insightful.

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