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VOdds: The Best Site for Profitable Sports Betting

All-in-one sports trading platform
In today’s world where competitive leagues and matches are aplenty, having a sports trading platform that gives access to the best lines is tantamount to gaining earnings at any given time.

In today’s world of sports betting where competitive leagues and matches are aplenty, having a sports trading platform that gives access to the best asian bookmakers can pave your way to more profitable sports betting. 


VOdds is one such betting platform that provides clients winning features upon VOdds registration. You don’t have to open multiple accounts and tabs just to keep track of the available odds from several bookmakers. VOdds has got all that in one dashboard. 



Here are the main reasons why you should take into account this site if you want to take betting to another level.


5 Main Reasons to Use VOdds:


1. It offers quality and efficiency


Both recreational and experienced punters can bet on multiple sportsbooks at chosen stakes in one account. This extends betting opportunities for users who can compare from different Asian bookies.



You won’t need to go through a lot of sign-up or log-in processes. Imagine the convenience it brings to the table. They also have a great variety of options for deposits and withdrawals.


Get your hands on the best prices for several games and complete transactions using a single wallet.


2. The site has the best Asian sportsbooks in line


Access to real-time odds and limits comes with solid connections to some of the most competitive and in-demand Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges in the market. 


VOdds has a continuously expanding list of highly-regarded books that include:


  • Pinnacle
  • SBOBet
  • Betfair
  • Matchbook
  • SingBet
  • WLG
  • GA268
  • BetISN
  • Sharpbet
  • Broker1
  • Broker2


As our platform also acts as a Pinnacle, SBOBet, and Singbet bet broker, you can easily request for direct access to these biggest Asian handicap providers upon VOdds sign up.


Check out our regular blogs about betting risks to learn how to handle void bets and other risks related to sports trading.


3. Reliable Customer Service


Downtime—especially if it’s for maintenance or system upgrade—is inevitable. But VOdds’ 24/7 dedicated customer service won’t keep you hanging. They have various communication channels that you can choose from such as:



You can also follow VOdds’ social media profiles for the latest news and updates on different sports markets.


Social Media Accounts: Telegram, Instagram, VK, Facebook


4. Order Options


Bet to your heart’s content with these selections:


  • Normal Order –  an order for a specific odds/stake to be carried out immediately.
  • Positional Order – an order where users can exit position once odds are favourable. Profit/Loss can expertly be managed with such things as “Stop Loss” and “Limit Win” functions.
  • Future Order –  a type of order especially helpful for traders who have pre-determined prices and odds.


Pick a bet, put in your stake, and the process is done. Afterwards, you can just sit back and see the players go at it.


5. Exclusive API service


An experienced sports bettor integrates his betting strategies and configurations with the sports betting API, UNITY. Low latency price feed and Redmine technical support help in making trading either automated or customized into the client’s own proprietary product and easy to manage. 


Change the way betting comes to screen. Choose the all-access leveraged site, VOdds and be on your way to becoming a successful sports trader!


Create an ccount today and bet on your favourite sporting event. Log in and earn more by promoting VOdds in your social media account!


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