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Managing Your VOdds Betting Account

When you log in to our VOdds sports trading platform, the main page or interface that you’ll see is your dashboard.

There are many advantages to using Asian sportsbook aggregators like VOdds, but the most important is that we provide efficient betting services.
That’s why VOdds regularly updates its platform to match your evolving betting needs.
Explore all the features it has to offer – both old and new. To start, learn how to manage your sports trading account by scrolling down or jumping to these topics:

What’s inside ‘My Account’?

If you are already using our sports trading platform this should be easy for you. But for those who are new to the platform, ‘My Account’ is placed on the navigation bar, between FAQs and Announcements, where you can manage your account information, view reports of your trade, and set betting preferences.


The sidebars on the My Account menu are:

  • Account – allows you to change  your password and access.
  • Report – allows you to view full details of your previous activities and transactions including settled and unsettled orders.
  • Settings – gives your account statements. This includes all orders and bets, as well as requests which we have been unable to accept.
  • Fundings – shows your chosen online banking method.
  • Terms of Use – shows you our full General Terms and Conditions.

How to change account password?

Select Credentials on the sidebar menu. Under the Username/Password section, click the Change button. Fill in the required fields and click Save Change to update your password.


How to view and update account information?

Click Personal Details on the sidebar menu to view and update your email and registered mobile number. This information must be kept updated as this allows us to contact you regarding your account. It serves as an additional layer of security to ensure that you initiated transactions on your account.

How to see settlement order by statement date?

Under the Report sidebar menu, select P&L Report and input the date range of your interest and click View. A quick summary of your stake, as well as the Profit/Loss for each statement date within the specified range, will be shown.

To see all the details of each result, click the View icon in the Action column and the information will be shown in a new window.

How to see orders without win/loss status yet?

Select Unsettled Orders and input the date range of your interest and click View. A list of unsettled orders will be displayed in a new window.

How to view all transactions on your account?

View it in Transactions where details of any payments or adjustments made to and from your account are saved.

Simply select the date range and click View. A quick summary of your transactions will be shown.  To see all the details of each result, click the View icon in the Action column and the information will be shown in a new window.

How to view your past activities?

Click Past Activities and select the date range and click View. A new window will be launched where you can review and download all the past activities on your account.

The information displayed includes all your activities such as login, logout, all orders requests, and pending transactions.

How to set my trading preferences?

Select Settings to determine your default odds format, sport, order ticket, amount of stake, expiration date for Future Orders, as well as betting limits.

The most important thing to complete is selecting which Asian sportsbooks you want to trade with. Read this guide so you can start betting online using the best Asian bookmakers in the market.

How to fund my account?

The Funding Methods will only show your chosen payment option. If you want to make a deposit or request a withdrawal, follow this deposit/withdrawal guide.  If you want to change your payment channel, you may contact customer support.

Experience what’s new yourself!

Log in to your VOdds account today to bet using the newly improved betting dashboard or register now if you don’t have one yet! Learn how to maximize your account by tuning in on our online sports betting guides.

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