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Start Affiliate Marketing for Little to No Cost

Learn what affiliate marketing is with VOdds & start earning $300 monthly even with no budget by joining our sports betting affiliate program.

Have you ever bought, or even just got tempted to buy, a product recommended by an influencer? If you answered yes, then you’ve encountered affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing can work as simply as people reviewing a product online. But how does the influencer make money through this? The agreement and commission rate differ but the basic image is they are getting paid to promote a product or a service.



There are many perks, like getting paid by some of the high-paying niches. Plus this business is beginner-friendly. You can do affiliate marketing with no money or with a small budget.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Free


Of course, having your own blog domain or website is the best way to go. But this will need upfront costs that most beginner affiliate marketers don’t have.


So forego the website for now, and instead focus on building the foundation first – your presence. 


Luckily, there’s a cost-free alternative. Quality content that drives traffic and reaches the audience for free? That sounds like our favourite pastime, social media.


Read more to learn how to launch your affiliate marketing business even with no budget.


Leverage Social Media Power


One of the advantages of affiliate programs is you can use your social media accounts. This approach might even be the best option for some niches like sports betting.


So if you’re a bettor, maximize your betting knowledge by being a sports trading affiliate for VOdds. Earn a commission of up to €/£/$ 300 monthly by telling your fellow punters about your experience in betting with us.


Of course, you can’t use each and every channel. This really depends on your target audience and chosen affiliate program. 


So find your sub-niche and see which social media platforms you should capitalize on for wider reach and higher affiliate sales.



  • Pros: Global audience accessible with built-in marketing tools. Interest-related groups.
  • Cons: High competition. 



  • Pros: Large audience. Good SEO metrics.
  • Cons: Strict rules on content. High competition. Tricky to rank & increase views for beginners.



  • Pros: Visually appealing content, from photos to videos.
  • Cons: Graphic design skills are an advantage. Interesting “short videos” are prioritized.



  • Pros: Content creators can reach wider audiences even with a small follow count.
  • Cons: Need more personal and quirky content.


These four are just the few who are dominating the digital marketing world. And that’s because they all have a wide audience reach. But sometimes your consumers are not there, or you will not be able to reach them by having ‘viral content’.


Remember, you first need to build your online presence and showcase your expertise to your targets. So don’t hesitate to try unconventional channels, and maybe it even becomes your unique selling point.


Last Tip: Engage with your audience


Don’t just sell and promote. In fact, don’t do this while you’re still establishing yourself. Build the trust first and provide quality content before sharing your affiliate links and codes.


Learn more about affiliate marketing with VOdds! Check the rest of our Affiliate Marketing step-by-step 2022 guide and start earning passive income.



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