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Use of Statistical Data in Betting | VOdds Trading Resources

What’s the use of statistical data in sports betting?

With so many valuable tools out there to assist in helping you make well-informed betting selections, using statistical data is definitely an important piece of the puzzle. But with so many factors at play and things to consider when betting on sports, finding the most crucial information to apply is key.

Although undertaking your research takes time and dedication, it’s definitely worthwhile arming yourself as with as much information and knowledge as possible to enhance the quality of your choices.

Using statistics, the aim is to essentially predict outcomes that have a high probability of happening but still represent good value.

There are many ways and avenues to go about gathering your stats. To start with, you can utilise the large number of websites and blogs to find some brilliantly detailed information on your chosen sport, which can give you plenty of insight. Depending on what you’re looking for, the above is a fantastic resource to usually find both past and present data, which is vital in identifying trends and gaining an edge.

Value Statistics Sports Betting Courtesy of Soccer ScienceCourtesy of Soccer Science

You can also undertake your own analysis using some more in-depth strategies. One such method is called probability distributions, which seeks to find the likelihood of many different possible outcomes occurring. Within this category, you can apply things like the Bayesian analysis method, that encourages the testing of new information against your original selection to refine how likely it is that it will occur in light of this evidence.

Another approach that can be of benefit is Poisson distribution, that is a mathematical concept for translating mean averages into a probability for variable outcomes across a distribution. This come in handy for low scoring sports like soccer and for things like NFL player prop bets, as it can help you in markets such as individual and team over/unders.

Value Statistics Sports Betting Courtessy of Anna Bet BlogCourtesy of Anna Bet Blog

Regression analysis is a commonly used tool also, with this working by you determining a set of processes to figure out the correlation between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. This is applied so you can uncover factors that play a role in teams or players winning that aren’t obvious to sportsbooks or the public, thus giving you a head start finding value.

Value Statistics Sports Betting Courtesy of Soccer Science 2Courtesy of Soccer Science

Seeing as betting companies use statistics heavily to formulate their odds, doing your own advanced research can definitely help close the gap for you to increase your chances of success.

Despite the obvious advantages of numbers, it is, however, still important to not solely rely on this and discard your other knowledge. After all, you want to continue to take into account factors such as injuries, weather conditions, styles of the teams playing against each other and recent head to head records.

Value Statistics Sports Betting Courtesy of Intelligent Betting TipsCourtesy of Intelligent Betting Tips

Even though applying statistical data has its limitations just as with most resources, the use of this is unquestionably a nice weapon to have in your armoury if you’re serious about winning.

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5 betting destinations in the world | VOdds

Most people opt to bet online ever since the emergence of online sportsbooks and casinos. However, there’s always something special about a ‘brick and mortar’ betting the just can’t be replaced. The glamour, the dealers, and the thrilling atmosphere make it an exhilarating experience.

Of course there are some places that are recognised for providing a one-of-a-kind betting experience.

With this, VOdds sports trading platform put together a list of the top betting destinations from all over the world. If you love to bet and are looking for the ultimate betting experience, make sure to add these places on your list!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the world’s most popular gambling hub with over 50 casinos. It’s always at the top of the list of anyone who wants to gamble. The main one is a 4-mile stretch called ‘The Strip.’

You can even find top-notch sportsbooks here, which is a great since Nevada is one of the only two states in America that allows offline sportsbooks. No matter what kind of bet you want to make, you can simply find it in Vegas.

Macau, China

It may not be as popular as its neighbour, Hong Kong, but Macau is one of the best places to visit in Asia if you’re into gambling. It’s the only city in China where gambling is legalised, and since the Chinese love betting, the industry has definitely boomed.

However, sports betting in Macau is controlled by just one sportsbook. You can place your soccer or basketball bets at just 10 outlets called the Macau Slot. Furthermore, this Chinese city is also home to the largest casino floor in the world, The Venetian.

London, England

London is a gambler’s paradise because it doesn’t have any anti-gambling laws like the United States. Anyone over the age of 18 can bet on pretty much anything. You’ll have no problem finding a sportsbook anywhere you go.

However, London also has the reputation of being extremely high quality. Some casinos are so exclusive that they are not open to the public.

Paris, France

Paris is famous for a lot of things, but not really as a betting hub. However, did you know that Paris is home to some of the most first-rate casinos? Paris attracts many high rollers looking for an exclusive betting experience. While online betting is illegal in France, the traditional land-based betting is a thriving industry.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo may be the second-smallest country in the world, but it’s the ultimate betting destination in Europe. Monte Carlo is also one of the richest places in Europe and its reputation for gambling comes from casinos that were built in as early as the 19th century, specifically the famous Casino de Monte Carlo.

While Vegas can be loud and eccentric, Monte Carlo is lavish and classy, which attracts the most sophisticated bettors. Don’t be intimidated by its reputation of luxury though, Monaco has something for everyone. However, despite being the home to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, sports betting is actually not allowed.

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Common myths about sports betting | VOdds

Sports betting has been a hobby, and even a career, for millions of people for decades, if not centuries in its primitive form. This length of time has built a ground for several myths to not only take root but also develop in a bettor’s mind.

There are a lot of sports betting myths that many people believe, and it affects them greatly when they make a bet.  These kinds of myths are taken seriously simply because they ‘sound right,’ or it has been a known belief for a long time.

Although some beliefs are accepted since it gives an explanation when losing stakes, others are simply just that—myths. In this article, VOdds went over some of the most common misconceptions in sports betting.

No one wins in the long run.

This is one of the most popular betting myths. You can find a lot of bettors who can confirm this. There’s a handful of punters who actually managed to do the exact opposite of this belief. Obviously, you will need a lot of luck in betting; however, winning money and becoming a successful bettor are attributed to far many more characteristics.

It’s easier to win with a large bankroll.

Truth be told: earning a profit using a large bankroll is just as hard as betting with a small one. The truth is, if you’re betting with a massive amount of money, the risk is actually much bigger. When you lose a bet, it can have a severe effect on your bankroll.

Bookies can always be relied on.

Bookmakers can actually help predict a match result correctly. However, people are still the ones operating behind bookmakers. Like the rest of us, they can also make mistakes and create inaccurate estimations or data.

Going with your gut feeling is an effective strategy.

Following your gut isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but bettors often put too much trust in their instincts. This kind of strategy doesn’t always work in sports betting. Bettors should always combine their intuition with accurate information as well as other betting tactics to make better decisions.

Bettors are more successful if they bet on multiple sports or leagues.

While it is sometimes true that betting on more than one sport can help maximise your opportunities, it’s important to first be knowledgeable on one sport before deciding to place bets on another. Focusing on one sport helps in familiarising its terms, rules, and etc., which can further help you be successful in betting.

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Three popular sports to bet on in Ancient Europe | VOdds

As old as sports itself, sports betting also has a long history stretching to even the earliest cultures of Western civilization. Bets do not always involved currency during those times, but also pieces of land, property, and slaves. The proto-bettors have been placing bets even in the Ancient Olympic games, sword fights, duels, and other events of competition.

Here are three popular sports to bet on in the olden days of Europe.

  1. Wrestling. The ancient Greeks are fond of this sport. Even the famous philosopher Plato is known in Athens for being a champion wrestler. Also known as Greek Palé, wrestling is one of the most prominent sport in the Ancient Olympic Games and champions are held with the highest attention and esteem.
  2. Gladiator battles. This sport is probably the city of Rome’s biggest spectacle. People are already familiar with the two warriors fighting each other for their lives inside a huge arena while a noisy crowd cheers their favourites and heckles the other. Hugely popular during its heydays, gladiator battles are one of the most preferred markets for ancient European betting.
  3. Chariot Racing is also a popular sport in Ancient Greece and is one of the biggest sport featured in the Ancient Olympic Games. This sport involves a chariot attached to four horses jockeyed by a man. Just like horse racing today, chariot racing might be one of the best athletic scenes to bet on back in those days.

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Ten sports betting movies you need to watch before you die | VOdds

Gambling has been a recurring theme for movies since the 70s, or possibly earlier than that. Finding a great movie that goes deep into the world of betting industry can sometimes be difficult to find. Therefore, VOdds trading platform went over a list of ten of the best sports betting movies you need to watch.

Each of these is entertaining and filled with valuable lessons for any bettor willing to learn the ropes of trading. Furthermore, these movies will give you a different take on the sports betting business. Above all, it will give you a pretty good idea on how it works.

Here’s a roundup of the must-watch sports betting films according to the year they were released:

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Bradley Cooper stars in this film as a struggling young man who just lost everything. His father, played by Robert DeNiro, runs a bookmaking business. It revolves around stakes made on the results of a football game, and a dance contest. It’s also worth the watch if you’re into feel-good movies.

Lay the Favorite (2012)

Based on the memoir of Beth Raymer, this film is a take on the unusual personalities and the psychological aspect of professional sports bettors. Lay the Favorite displays the better side of sports betting. It dismisses the bad stereotypes of sports bettors as troublemakers. Instead, this film portrays them as intellectual Casanova.

Even Money (2006)

Even Money will take you to the dark world that sports betting can sometimes lead to. This movie certainly takes the betting world to the extreme. It shows that addiction from gambling is real. In addition, this film also shows how the characters’ actions when they engage in betting affect the other aspects of their lives.

Two for the Money (2005)

This film also delves into the addiction a lot of bettors experience from betting. However, this particular movie shows how gambling addiction affects a person’s personal relationships. Two for the Money provides a view of the world of sports betting.

Bookies (2003)

Bookies is centered on four college friends who became small-time bookmakers. It’s a movie that depicts the other side of the gambling world, or through the perspective of bookmakers. Basically, this film gives out the notion that in the industry, a lot of bad things can happen when you’re not careful.

Casino (1995)

Based on a true of Frank “Ace” Rothstein, Casino will take you into an epic investigation and exploration of organised crimes involving casinos in Las Vegas during the 70s. This film depicts sports betting as the activity of society’s deviants. The theme of this film is actually refuting the semblance of reliable and legitimate sportsbooks today.

Diggstown (1992)

Considered as one of the best sports betting movies of all time, Diggstown is filled with action from start to end. This film provides great character development for those involved. It also tackles both the bad and the good consequences of sports betting.

Eight Men Out (1988)

Based on the true-to-life scandal of 1919 Chicago White Sox team, this film showed the dirty side of gambling. It shows how bettors can have access in ordering the result of sporting events. Moreover, Eight Men Out is a must-see movie. It is centered on one of the most controversial events in baseball history.

The Color of Money (1986)

The Color of Money takes on the psychological side of betting. This film presents how sports betting works in the 1980s. It also gives out the idea that pride, character, and principles are just as important as earning money.

The Gambler (1974)

The Gambler focuses on the life of an English teacher who became addicted to betting on basketball. This film demonstrates the challenges of betting life. It is actually considered as one of the most realistic movie of betting ever made.  

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Advantages of using a Sportsbooks Aggregator | VOdds

One of the most important factors in sports betting is for bettors to choose which sports betting site or which online sportsbook to use. There are hundreds of sportsbooks on the internet and selecting a good one can be quite difficult.

There a lot of factors to consider before deciding which bookmaker you want to use. Two of these are finding one that is reputable and trustworthy. A lot of bettors tend to create multiple sportsbook accounts in order to line shop and compare odds. However, there’s actually another way to do this without creating numerous accounts.

At VOdds, you can enjoy managing your bets using a single-wallet, centralised platform. You can ultimately remove the hassle of maintaining and managing multiple accounts since VOdds will allow you to have access to the best online sports odds from the biggest sportsbooks in the world they are affiliated with using a single account.

Here are more advantages you can get when you use VOdds as your sportsbooks aggregator:

Conveniently Line Shop & Compare Odds

Having a lot of accounts can give you the ability to line shop and compare odds from various bookies. The downside is it will definitely take some time. Of course odds and lines offered in sports betting markets usually vary from different sportsbooks. When you shop and compare, you can make sure you get the best and the highest odds every time you place your bets.

Of course using more than one betting site can increase your betting opportunities. You will have the same advantage when you create an account with the number 1 sportsbook aggregator though. Apart from this, you can also have access to the most popular sports to bet on in the market with the likes of football and tennis.

With VOdds, you can efficiently line shop, compare odds from a diverse list of top Asian bookies across the globe and more, even if you register just a single account. You won’t need to login to multiple direct accounts.

Betting Variety

Most online sportsbooks have a variety of betting order options. Aside from the standard straight bets, sportsbooks offer spread bets, proposition bets, and parlay bets to name a few.

In addition to these betting variety, VOdds trading platform has a more advanced order options that aren’t available in most bookmakers. It includes a Normal Order, Positional Order, and Future Order.

A Normal Order is where you place your bet on a selected type for a specific stake and odds immediately.

A Positional Order is a new strategic feature available to clients. This allows them to bet on a selection and exit the position when the odds move in their specified direction. This type of order maximises the user’s credit limit of up to 10 times. Basically, a $100 credit can allow you to bet up to $1000.

Lastly, a Future Order is an alternative for bettors who prefer to place their bets on specific prices. It’s also for quantitative analysts who use a set of fixed prices to trade.

Readily available resources

Another huge advantage in using a sportsbooks aggregator is the access to numerous resources that will help you make your picks. Whether it’s analyses, statistics, features, news, or previews of upcoming events, rest assured that these are assets that you can utilise before placing your bets.

Exclusive bonuses, rewards & promotions

There are a lot of generous bonuses and promotions given frequently to all VOdds customers. Whether you’re a newbie, a regular bettor, or an inactive one, rest assured that VOdds will provide you with exclusive deals that will definitely make your sports betting more pleasurable. You can also take advantage of these and use it however and whenever you like.

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List of must-follow sports betting handles on twitter | VOdds

In order to have the edge in betting, all sports bettors should collect as much information as possible on the market they want to place their bets on. If you’re an avid sports bettor, chances are you like to get your betting info from a wide variety of sources in order to understand what you’re betting on.  

The advancement of technology, particularly social media, has been so outward that it is now considered as the most powerful source of real-time information all over the world. These days, Twitter is a great source of information for all kinds of news and features, even in the field of sports trading.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the accounts that will definitely empower when you bet on your favourite sport.


Eastbridge sports betting brokerage (@Eastbridge_SB)

Eastbridge is a bet broker that offers competitive odds and prices in a variety of sports, mainly in European football. Their twitter account consists mostly of match previews and betting odds, player features, guides, and more, which are written by reputable handicappers in the bookmaking industry.

BettingExpert (@bettingexpert)

Pinnacle’s Andrew Brocker is the primary handler of this account. You can find a lot of betting information including sports tips, match predictions, and analysis to name a few. Apart from this, this account also offers live chat with everyone in the betting community.

Steve Wyss (@meatmansoccer)

Steve Wyss is a sports analyst for Major League Soccer, League 2, and a number of Norwegian sporting events. He combines news with statistical analysis that is very much helpful in deciding which team you want to place your bets on. You can find his works on Eastbridge’s Insights.

Ted Knutson (@MixedNuts)

Ted Knutson is the co-founder and the editor of he is also a senior soccer trader at Pinnacle. You can find also find a lot of statistical analysis on his account as well as football-related news, features, and opinion-related tweets.


Jimmy Soixante-Dix (@hotdog6969)

This account provides a complex knowledge of the world of tennis which includes both opinion-related and facts-based tweets. It also has very solid and accurate information on players, and matches to name a few.  

Jeff Sackmann (@tennisabstract)

This account offers a very detailed statistics with results and draw records. It also provides a lot of beneficial information about the diverse niches of the tennis world such as player features, consistency of a player, their ranks, and more. Jeff Sackman, the handler of the account, also gives opinion-related tweets.

Sean Calvert (@seancalvert1)

Sean Calvert is a tennis columnist at Unibet. He’s a highly educated and a respected tennis bettor that provides tennis betting previews as well opinion-related tweets.


Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons)

Though he can be a bit controversial in his analysis, Ben Simmons delivers honest and solid betting advice. You can count on him to speak his mind and talk straight sports betting. His twitter account is a good source on an selection of topics on whatever sports, especially on basketball.

John Schuhmann (@johnschuhmann)

Josh Schuhmann is a statistics writer for His works are very much useful if statistical analysis is what you are looking for. You can find stats that show team competences, how teams manage with certain players, and more. Getting updates from an actual NBA writer could boost your chances when betting on the NBA.

NBA Stats (@nbastats)

NBA stats are another beneficial account for those who want to use statistics to help them in their betting. A wide range of individual and teams statistics is provided in this account. Following the updates on this account will definitely play a big impact in your decision-making skills if you want to place bets on the NBA.

Preston Johnson (@SportsCheetah)

Preston Johnson uses analytics, game theory, and his Master’s degree in Sports Psychology to find the edge in football, basketball, and baseball betting markets, but mostly talks about basketball on his account. He is also a practitioner of good bankroll management when betting.

Learning from these experts will definitely boost your game in sports betting. Followed any of these accounts yet? Give your newly-founded knowledge a try and bet on your chosen sport on VOdds.

sports betting odds

Five factors that affect sports betting odds | VOdds

One of the reasons why bettors should be updated about the forecast of odds from sportsbook makers is that odds are always mutable even to the last minute. Some punters get irritated by the change in odds by bookies, but noone is to blame but the various factors that affect the odds that bookies are giving for matches.

Here are some five factors at play that influence how bookmakers calculate the odds:


  1. Head to Head records. There are cases when teams display incredible strength and performance when matched with a specific teams, while in decline if let to face to another team. This is the reason why head to head records should be considered in calculating odds.


  1. Injuries and suspensions. There are unexpected and unavoidable cases when athletes gain injuries or red card suspensions. In some cases, those players are key to the team’s performance in leagues, so their absence will pose a serious threat to the play. For instance, Los Angeles Lakers have been good in their performances earlier in the current NBA season. However, they lost grip in their standing in the table when key player LeBron James suffered a groin injury.


  1. Team lineup is also important to be considered in making the odds of the game as some players in the squad are replaced if the team manager saw it as more appropriate. Even teams could lose while a key player is in the squad if a complementing player is absent. For example, there are games when the Golden State Warriors are peaking strength when Stephen Curry is complemented by Klay Thompson, and declining when Thompson is absent with an injury.


  1. Current form is a big factor in considering odds as teams could be expected to lose again when possessing a terrible form or win again when otherwise. However, there are times when a win will pop out of a series of losses but those are exceptions rather then the rule.


  1. Home and Away records. This is true especially to teams that perform better in home games than away games. There are also cases when squads are good both in home and away games. Rarely though, some teams are stronger in away matches then home games.


You’ll never have to worry about catching up with the change of odds as VOdds are updating any change in the numbers in reeltime! Check them out yourself now by visiting your account.

Sharpen your sports betting skills with these books | VOdds

Bettors should continuously look for new ways to further develop their skills. One of the ways to enhance your sports betting skills is to read books. Reading books that are related to the field you want to improve on will definitely give you far greater knowledge. It will also help you get to know yourself better and determine if you have what it takes to be a successful bettor.

There’s always more to learn about the concept and the more advanced mechanics on sports betting. With this, VOdds trading platform listed down some of the books that are worth the read especially for avid punters.

Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong     

This book discussed the many features of betting and it’s definitely worth the read. It covers a wide range of different wagering techniques. In order to fully grasp the things discussed in the book, a solid knowledge and understanding of mathematics is required. The book also contains a few sample problems and solutions that will help put a lot of the techniques stated into perspective.

The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

This book by Nate Silver isn’t really about betting strategies but its content is definitely worthy of inclusion. It provides a very thought-provoking point of view at the importance of having a predictive ability, which is a skill that is extremely beneficial when betting on sports.

Market Wizards: Interviews with top traders by Jack D. Schwager

Considered as one of the finest books on trading, this book is a series of interviews from different kinds of bettors. It provides an insight and understanding into the minds of top traders and gives the reader an idea on what it takes to be successful in the field. It discusses the important of discipline and developing a strategy that suits you.

How to Find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar: The truth about sports tipsters by Joseph Buchdal

This book offers an in-depth analysis on the records of tipsters. It involves a s lot of mathematical and scientific depth that will enhance your skills in analysing betting tips and odds. In this book, the reader will be able to conclude what it takes to be a good tipster and deciding the value of a tipster. It also discusses the difference between having skills and luck when betting. This book is perfect for bettors who want guides from a professional tipster.

Football Fortunes by William Hunter

Football Fortunes contains a lot of expert advices that caters to both beginners and experienced bettors. This book begins with the basics of result predictions and the rule of probability and odds. It also covers comprehensive explanations of different staking strategies on football betting. The reader will also gain some knowledge as the book delves into the history of football betting.

There’s always a lot of rooms for improvement. Take some time to read these books and you might find yourself winning lots of bets before you know it! Log in to your VOdds account and start betting on the best online sports odds in the market, or register if you don’t have an account yet.

Pascal's Wager Betting Advice

Betting advice from Pascal’s Wager | VOdds

Back in the 17th Century, a French philosopher named Blaise Pascal made probably one of the biggest bets in the history of humankind: that God exists. During his time, there was a brewing trend about doubting the existence of God as Renaissance and Enlightenment ideas are spreading throughout Europe.

What are the odds of Pascal’s bet? He argued that it is best to believe in a God rather than not to believe as the person will only have a finite loss such as some few pleasures and luxuries restricted by religion by doing so. The belief will also guarantee infinite gains like eternity in Heaven if turned out to be true, whereas a non-belief will assure eternal damnation. In the same way, if the person who believes in God dies and finds out that no such thing exists, he loses nothing.

The famous wager is not just useful for philosophers and theologians, but also to bettors. Below are the three advises that could be extracted from Pascal’s Wager:


  1. The safest bet is the best. Pascal’s idea tells that the bettor must chose the safest bet with the least damage and cost, because a bet is nothing if the cost is as much as the loss.


  1. Reduce as much loss as possible. As one could see, Pascal attempted to reduce losses for the wager in order to make the bet worth the place.


  1. Calculate losses and gains before betting. In the Argument, Pascal also weigh in the cost of losses and wins. For instance, he argued that the loss is finite so the bet must be worth the while. Henceforth, he also said that the stake will pay off as an infinite gain such as eternity in a heavenly paradise awaits for those who finds out that God really exists.


  1. Make the bet profitable. With only a few things to be sacrificed such as some sexual and moral freedom deemed taboo in the eyes of God and a heavenly and paradisiacal pay off, Pascal guarantees the believer that the Wager is profitable. This is what should also be in betting: The good bet makes less cost and more profit.


Visit VOdds to see odds and prices from various Asian sportsbooks and place stakes based on Pascal’s Wager.