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In-Play Asian Handicap Explained

In-Play Asian Handicap Explained | VOdds Trading Resources

How In-play Asian Handicap Betting work?

With Asian handicap betting being a popular choice among punters, where you give one team a head start or a deficit, this market allows you to find value when the money line often doesn’t.

If you enjoy this type of betting, then there’s every chance you’ll be interested in exploring the world of in-play Asian Handicap betting too. Giving you the opportunity to place your bets while a match is still being played, if you are adept at spotting trends, quick to identify certain patterns and accompany this with some thorough research, you could profit quite handsomely from this market.

With prices fluctuating throughout matches, it’s quite the art recognising when to make your move. A key tip is obviously to be watching the game you’re betting on so you can gauge what direction the contest is heading in and who’s getting the upper hand and who’s dropping off.

In-Play Asian Handicap ExplainedCourtesy of Punter 2 Pro

In addition, if a stronger team or player falls behind, this gives you an opportunity to cash in at a good price if you believe they can recover the situation to win. Extra upside can be found in an instance when you back a -1.0 Asian handicap in a football match, and your team only wins by a goal you still get a refund instead of losing your stake.

In-Play Asian Handicap ExplainedCourtesy of Smarkets

Aside from making the most of your knowledge of the sport that you’re betting on, using statistics can also serve as a great tool for you. Indeed, this can give you an edge by allowing you to check the likelihood of certain events happening. Take football, for example, and delving into the data can give you an idea on some vital metrics such as how many goals your chosen team scores and concedes per game? What stage of the fixture they score the majority of their goals (first or second half)? If they have a tendency to score late goals? How many total goals are typically scored in their matches?

It then pays to record your results to see how you’ve been faring in your selections and if you can draw any conclusions that will help you on the path to success.

In-Play Asian Handicap Explained

Courtesy of Smarkets

Some other key points that you need to take into consideration are to be patient and to not get too disheartened if you don’t always win, plus to search around for the best odds by comparing what various bookies are offering.

Even though there’s some luck attached to in-play Asian Handicap betting, if you undertake your due diligence and consider the many factors that can impact your selections, you will certainly enhance your chances of coming out on top.

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Tennis Handicap Betting Explained

A Guide to Tennis Handicap Betting | VOdds Trading Resources

How does Tennis Handicap Betting work?

With Wimbledon getting underway this week, now feels like a great time to cover tennis handicap betting.

Before finalising any potential selections, it’s a sound idea to analyse past histories of the players facing off against one another, look at the surface the match is being played on, which player is in better form and if there’s any statistics that are particularly worth considering.

Tennis Handicap Betting ExplainedCourtesy of Pinnacle

It also pays to look at how players match up in terms of style, as one can be better suited to their opposition than the other. In addition, supplementing your discoveries by actually watching the matches featuring the players you intend to bet on will give you some additional insight, thus allowing you to identify some key extra details. One especially important aspect is to work out how they serve and return, for being able to hold and break serve are key components.

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Moreover, observing their power, fitness, mobility and what strokes they specialise in can also give you an edge when choosing what to bet on. After all, thoroughly researching your picks before placing your money is a must, so you can give yourself the best possible chance of winning.

Tennis Handicap Betting ExplainedCourtesy of Sports Betting Day

When handicap betting you’re giving one player an advantage or one player a deficit to contend with, which vitally allows you to find value when the head to head odds throw up nothing appealing.

An extremely popular method in tennis betting is the games market, as your chosen player doesn’t necessarily need to win for you to come out trumps, for if you give them a head start of a few games and they narrowly lose you still triumph.

Tennis Handicap Betting ExplainedCourtesy of Sports Betting Day

The same goes for when wagering on set betting, as you can find great value on handicapping either way to win big if you know your stuff.

If done correctly this form of tennis betting can certainly be a very profitable one indeed, with it allowing you to use your knowledge to increase your chances of success. With so many different tennis events going on around the world, the more information you have the better, which is something that could see you exploit any prices the bookies may have got wrong.

Although it can be tougher to do so at major tournaments such as Wimbledon, if you arm yourself with all the key details there’s every chance you could cash in.

In closing, with favourites’ odds often being skewed so they hardly offer value, handicap betting is definitely an avenue worth exploring in the intriguing world of tennis betting.

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Anytime Goalscorer Betting

Anytime Goalscorer Betting | VOdds Trading Resources

What is Anytime Goalscorer Betting?

The ever-growing anytime goalscorer betting market is another intriguing topic to cover in the world of football betting. With so many leagues to wager on these days, in combination with punters wanting to put their knowledge to the test, this is an extremely popular and accessible type of bet to get into.

A good place to start before you lock in your selections is by doing some research to supplement your thoughts. Obviously, you want to make sure the player you believe will score will actually be playing. It then pays to investigate if they’re 100% fit, how their current form is and look at their history against the team they’re playing or teams who play in a similar style.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Courtesy of Football BettingCourtesy of Football Betting

Looking into some detailed statistics like their expected goals ratings per game, how many shots they take per game, how many chances their team creates per game and how many overall goals they score per game are all useful too. Analysing set piece chance creation is another avenue worth exploring, for this can enhance your player’s scoring opportunities if their team has one or more dead ball specialists. Moreover, if your player is a penalty taker, free kick taker or an expert at long shots, this can notably increase your chances of success too.

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Identifying any midfielders or defenders who are particularly prolific scorers from headers or long range can also come in handy to get some higher odds.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Courtesy of Betting LoungeCourtesy of Betting Lounge

Examining the opposition’s defensive strategy, how they defend set pieces, deal with certain types of attackers and goals against record is also worthwhile to arm you with some extra crucial information. This should subsequently give you additional insight into how many goals you believe will be scored in the match and if your player is likely to find the back of the net.

In this market, if you know your stuff and frequently keep up to date with the latest team news and statistics surrounding your potential selections, there’s certainly a chance to win big without staking too much.

It’s also crucial to remember to not get disheartened if your picks don’t come to fruition, for you want always come out on top, as things like disallowed goals, bad luck and players having off days can let you down.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Courtesy of Bet StarsCourtesy of Bet Stars

Recording your wagers should be done too, allowing you to reflect back on how you’re faring and if there’s any conclusions you can draw to help you improve.

All in all, if you approach your anytime goalscorer bets with plenty of thought, patience and remain alert to the many factors that can impact your selections, there’s no reason to suggest you can’t be profitable in this enjoyable market.

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Learn how to bet with Bitcoin | VOdds

Online sports betting is one of the most profitable and rousing ways to get a piece of action while relishing the thrill of potentially earning massive amounts of money. Once you start your sports betting journey, there are a lot of options for payments available to use for your deposits and withdrawals. One of the most popular nowadays is the use of Bitcoin.

Using Bitcoin in sports betting has increased rapidly over the last few years. Many online sportsbooks have already integrated this cryptocurrency in their system as an accepted mode of payment. Betting with Bitcoin actually works the same way as placing your bets using standard methods. Here’s how you can use Bitcoin when you bet with VOdds.

First, create an account with VOdds sports trading platform then click on Bitcoin on the list of payment options available. After a successful account creation, you may now create a Bitcoin wallet using a third party application. This wallet can also function as your ‘bank account.’

There are several kinds of Bitcoin wallets to choose from, depending on your location. You can use the service of Coinbase which is regarded as one of the most trusted cryptocurrency platforms as well as the Best Bitcoin Wallet of 2016 on numerous popular sites.

To start using Bitcoin as your mode of payment, login to VOdds, proceed to My Account then click on the Funding Method section. There you will see the VOdds Bitcoin wallet address in a long string of letters, characters, and numbers which you will use when you make a deposit to fund your VOdds account.

Once you are done, send a message to our support team in any of the available contact information found on the website. Make sure you have your transfer receipt and your Bitcoin wallet address ready in case our customer support asks for proof of transaction.

When our team received and confirmed your payment, your deposit will automatically be converted to your chosen currency and will immediately be credited to your account. Please note that we use as a basis for conversions from Bitcoin to EUR/GBP.

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Guide Football Accumulator Betting

Guide to Football Accumulator Betting | VOdds Trading Resources

How to bet on Football Accumulators?

Placing football accumulators has grown into a huge market for both casual punters and serious gamblers. But seeing as they can often be compiled without too much research, there’s definitely some strategies that can be used to not only increase your chances of winning big but also to find value.

With so many bookmakers vying for your business, this popular format of betting is a huge source of revenue for them, as the vast majority of punters will lose out on their accas. However, if you’re prepared to invest some time and thought into your selections, there’s no reason why you can’t be a success.

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Accumulators, or multi bets as they’re often referred to, tend to lend themselves to punters picking lots of low odds events and hoping they all come off. But if we search for value, a topic that has been covered in a previous blog post, we will be able to put together an acca that has a reasonable chance of winning while getting an excellent return if it does come off.

Courtesy of Football Buzz Guide Football Accumulator BettingCourtesy of Football Buzz

The best way to do this is by examining selections for value individually before adding them into your accumulator. In doing this, you would typically only need to add three or four bets into your accumulator to get the same odds by doing a 9 or 10 fold acca with short priced options. This basically means you’re handling your accumulator just like you would any other bet, which is definitely a wiser, more considered move.

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Before placing your bet, it’s unquestionably a smart idea to look around different bookmakers to see which ones offer the best odds, so you can maximise your earnings. Seeing as they all vary in prices for certain markets and events, taking the time to check is worth your while.  

Courtesy of Bet Arts Guide Football Accumulator BettingCourtesy of Bet Arts

So essentially less is more when it comes to accumulators, for being shrewd and considered about your selections, not greedy and overambitious, will hold you in good stead to come out on top.

While you’re obviously not going to win every multi bet you place, remaining patient and realistic is the best way to go, something that should allow you to find value and win more in the long run.

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How to use Neteller for betting | VOdds

Neteller is one of the most widely-used e-wallets when it comes to sports betting. It basically works the same way as how you would use Skrill. A reliable digital wallet, Neteller has earned the reputation for processing transactions as quickly as possible and with tight security.

It’s real easy to create an account with them. You just need to submit a few basic details, undergo a verification process, and you’re all set. Funding your account is just as easy. You can send a transfer directly from your bank account, or use a credit or a debit card.

If you’ve chosen Neteller as your payment method for your VOdds account, here’s how you can transfer funds to your account.

To use Neteller as a payment method with VOdds, send us a message and our customer support will be readily available to give all the information required to process your payment. Afterwards, your Neteller information will immediately be available on your Vodds account’s dashboard.

Just like transactions with Skrill, payments made with Neteller are processed immediately. After making the deposit, proceed with contacting us in our live chat found on the VODDS homepage. When we receive and confirmed the money transfer, we’ll automatically credit it to your VOdds account and you can now start betting.

Every VOdds client is entitled to 2 FREE WITHDRAWALS every calendar month. For succeeding withdrawals, clients have to turnover (TO) at least 10,000 EUR/GBP, which depends on their respective currencies, in between withdrawals.

If the turnover has not been met, there will be a 1% charge on the amount withdrawn. VOdds always make an effort to ensure our payment processing guidelines provide balance between being reasonable to our customers while being confident that we keep offering the best online sports odds and prices in the market.

You can find more information on this payment method on the Funding Method section in your VOdds account. Or, you can also visit their website at

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Asian Handicap In Basketball | VOdds Trading Resources

Asian Handicap Betting in Basketball | VOdds Trading Resources

What does Asian handicap mean in basketball betting?

With the NBA finals in full swing between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors, it’s a great time to cover Asian Handicap betting in basketball.

Due to basketball being a high scoring sport, this style of points spread wagering ties in nicely with the game, allowing you to find value in situations where the money line doesn’t. By giving the underdog a head start or the favourite a deficit to begin with, this makes Asian Handicap betting a profitable option, especially if you undertake your research with careful consideration.

Courtesy of Smart Sport Stats Courtesy of Smart Sport Stats

Before making your selections, it’s extremely important to thoroughly scrutinise and take into account the factors that may influence the outcome of your wager. Things like injuries, suspensions, current form, home and away records, any issues surrounding the team and head to head records should all by looked at. It’s also worth delving deeper into some detailed stats to dig beyond the surface to gauge how certain teams fare against particular styles and for any underlying numbers that may give you an edge.

Courtesy of Top Rated Betting

Courtesy of Top Rated Betting

Recording your own data can be a major help too, for it allows you to analyse previous results for certain teams and draw some conclusions that can be vital in the long run.

Digesting studies by specialised organisations can also greatly benefit you. For example in a recent study completed by Sports Insights on NBA playoff results, they uncovered since 2005 teams rated 4.5 point favourites have gone 53-24 in the playoffs.

Courtesy of Points in the PaintCourtesy of Points in the Paint

Arming yourself with plenty of information is inherently a time-consuming process, but if you’re serious about spotting value in the Asian Handicap market for basketball and winning, it’s a must.

Using the above methods will consequently give you more confidence in your selections and allow you to monitor how you’re going to see where improvement can be made.

Whether you’re giving underdogs a head start or handicapping the favourites, if you remain patient, dedicated and do your due diligence this type of betting can be very profitable indeed.

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How to bet with Skrill | VOdds

Skrill is a digital wallet that provides a fast, simple, and secure way of transferring money to your VOdds account. It also works similarly with PayPal, if you’re familiar with that.  Skrill is a convenient and reliable payment method for the user and betting sites altogether as the fees are relatively small in comparison to other options.

To start using Skrill as the payment method of your choice with VOdds, send us a message in any of our contact options then our customer support will be readily available to assist you for the process of payment.

Skrill transactions are processed immediately. Once you have finished the deposit, kindly contact us in our live chat found on the VODDS homepage. When we receive and confirm the money transfer, we’ll automatically credit it to your VOdds account and you can now start betting.

Each VOdds customer is entitled to have 2 FREE WITHDRAWALS every month. For subsequent withdrawals, clients have to turnover (TO) at least 10,000 EUR/GBP, depending on the currency of your choice, in between withdrawals.

If the turnover is not met, there will be a 1% charge on the amount withdrawn.  VOdds always make an effort to ensure our payment procedures provide a balance between being fair to our clients while being certain that we keep offering the best online sports odds in the market.

You can find more information in regards to this payment method on the Funding Method section in your VOdds account. You can also visit their website at But if you prefer asking our customer support, they are available 24/7 to assist you.  

We’re still working on an improved system of processing transactions to serve you even better. You will be the first one to know about it when it’s launched.

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Traits of a scamdicapper | VOdds

A scamdicapper is a term referring to a sports handicapping service that profits off you and scam you out of your money. Some common practices of dishonest handicapping services are to claim unusual winning percentages, go under several names or pseudonyms, or even call and pester you until you purchase their picks. Scammers can be found everywhere and even more so in the world of internet.

Fortunately, this type of scammers is easy to spot.  If you’re serious about making a profit in sports betting, you have to look for a reliable sports handicapping service and avoid the scamdicappers. In this article, VOdds sports trading platform compiled a list of characteristics scamdicappers usually have in common in order for you to quickly spot them.

Living a high-roller lifestyle

Real handicappers do not want to attract the wrong kind of attention to them. If you see advertisements or marketing strategies that feature a huge amount of cash, or living a lavish lifestyle, there’s a high possibility that this service isn’t spending their time working to provide his clients with the best possible bets. Legitimate handicappers work hard because that’s what it takes to win in the betting industry.

Advertising only recent win-loss records

No verifiable or available win/loss records? This is a definite red flag that screams ‘scam.’ Flaunting only recent win and loss records is a lack of accountability and transparency. Legit handicappers with nothing to hide will be eager to promote their record of lifetime wins and losses. Unless a service and provide an accurate and legitimate records over a long period of time, they should be avoided at all costs.

Also, if a service has a few losing records, but have more winning records should also be worth the consideration. Always take note that it’s better to trust a sports handicapper that admits to bad streak and losing records.

Pressuring clients to immediately buying or upgrading their picks

Any clues of hard-selling should definitely throw you off. You should also beware of the usual question scammers ask which is, ‘how much do you usually bet?’ Scamdicappers ask this kind of question because they usually charge a larger fee to bettors who bet high. Legitimate handicapping services will find this question irrelevant because they will charge the same fee regardless of the amount of bets.

Another related tactic scammers use is when they pressure clients to immediately upgrade their betting package. You can also hear too good to be true claims from them. The above-mentioned signs are just three of the most easily noticeable traits.

Trying to find out the kind of handicapping service you’re dealing with involves a lot of investigation and research on your part. Go for the sure one! Create an account with VOdds or log in to your account now.

A Complete and General Guide to Tennis Betting

Possessing so many intriguing markers to explore, tennis is unquestionably a fascinating sport to bet on.

With tennis being such a global sport and hardly having any downtime, this means there’s usually always a tournament going on somewhere around the world to stake on. Whether it be Grand Slams, the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Masters events, futures or challenger events, tennis is never short of action. In fact, it’s actually the third most popular sport to bet on in the UK behind football and horse racing, a statistic that serves as a testament to its reach and accessibility.

Guide to Tennis betting VOdds Courtesy of Core Tennis

Courtesy of Core Tennis

Just like with many other sports, there’s some really important factors that need to be taken into consideration.  Knowing the markets available to bet on and where to find value is obviously paramount.

While the standard match betting is simple to grasp, it often doesn’t represent value if say a Rafael Nadal is playing a lowly ranked player. But if you look further, options like set betting, where you can predict who’ll win and by what set score, which is similar to final score betting in football, then you can begin finding some well-priced picks.

In addition, you can also bet on who will win a particular set in isolation, so knowing details like if a certain player is quick out of the blocks or slow to get going can be really useful here.

Tournament betting can be a solid avenue to exploit, where you can analyse which players have a favourable run or who have a tough draw, thus meaning you can find some better value selections. You can either bet on a particular player to win the tournament outright or even do each way bets to increase your opportunity of winning if the player you back loses in the final.

Guide to Tennis betting VOdds Courtesy of Apurva Desai

Courtesy of Apurva Desai

Games and set handicap betting can be another brilliant way to find value, with this especially being interesting on the games handicap market, where your chosen player can sometimes still lose the match but secure enough games to still win the bet.

Over/under options can also be good to check out, as this increasingly popular method lets you bet on how many or how few total games will be played.

Some additional markets available are things like live betting, individual player betting and whether or not a tiebreaker will occur.

With that sorted, you’ll need to get your research up to speed. Thankfully, however, there’s many resources available to help. Whether it be blogs, statistical sites or following renowned tipsters, there’s so much information to be taken on board to support you.

Additional crucial details to be aware of are how certain players match up against one another stylistically and what their previous head to head record is like. Another vital aspect to consider is what surface the match is being played on, as this can sway the advantage in favour of one player massively, plus allow you to pick some upsets especially on clay and grass courts.

Being awake to how well players serve and return is something worth knowing too, as this can be very handy for live betting and enhancing the possibility of your selections paying off.

Guide to Tennis betting VOdds Courtesy of

Courtesy of


All things considered, tennis is definitely a sport with plenty of upside for bettors if you’re willing to take into consideration much of the aforementioned details and afford yourself time to get to know the finer nuances of the game to subsequently find value and gain an edge.

Even though upsets and bad luck, just like in any sport, can give you some frustrating losses, if you stick to your principles and are diligent with your research, over time tennis is a game where you’ll be rewarded for all your perseverance, patience and hard work.

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