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Dealing with failure in betting

How to Deal with Betting Failures?

While nobody enjoys losing any of their bets, which they will have often invested so much time and effort into researching, how you deal with such setbacks is an important factor towards your growth and success.

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To start with, trying to remain as calm and composed as possible in the immediate aftermath of losing is something you’ll want to try to do, for this should help you avoid poor decisions like chasing your losses. Instead, taking some time to digest your losses will lead you to approach losses in a more coherent fashion so you can learn something from it.

Courtesy of Towards Data Science

Courtesy of Towards Data Science

As opposed to chase betting, doing the opposite of this by taking a break is a much better idea following a loss so you can process and accept the situation and also recharge your batteries so you’re ready to go again.

Courtesy of Sports Insights

Courtesy of Spring Insights

Although it seems silly, there can be some upside attached to losses, as they offer you the chance to reflect and analyse where you went wrong and if there’s any adjustments you could make to your strategy.


Courtesy of Swing Trading

You may also want to reduce your stakes once you’ve taken some time to recalibrate your approach so if a losing streak continues your bankroll won’t suffer as much.

All in all, dealing with failure is something that’s best confronted with a clear, considered and concise approach to avoid any potential, bankroll destroying disasters.

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Martingale Betting System Explained

Martingale Betting System Explained

As one of the oldest and simplest betting systems to understand, for our next blog article we take a look at the Martingale Betting System and weight up the pros and cons associated with it.

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This system works by doubling your stake if you lose so you can regain your losses instantly and make one unit of profit. This subsequently means the system requires you to bet on events that are as close to evens as possible so you can recoup any losses in the one wager.

Courtesy of BlogabetCourtesy of Blogabet

While risky, this simple method does work if you have a big enough bankroll to endure a bad losing streak and do it over a short length of time. If trying this system, you’ll want to set yourself a loss limit so you know when to stop instead of keeping going and chasing losses carelessly.

Courtesy of Blogabet

Courtesy of Blogabet

Moreover, many gamblers see this system as not challenging enough too and an approach that leads to poor decision making and punters just picking selections based on the odds, not on value or through research.

Courtesy of MQL5

Courtesy of MQL5

Despite being easy to use, not requiring much time to learn and needing no complicated calculations, the Martingale betting system isn’t the best approach out there due to the aforementioned downsides attached to it.

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Decimal Odds and Fractional Odds Explained

Working out whether decimal odds or fractional odds are better for punters is regularly a topic of hot discussion, so for our next blog article, we’ll be taking a look at how the two compare.

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The key difference between the two that you need to take into consideration is that in fractional odds the stake is not included in your potential return, whereas in decimal odds it is.


Fractional to hero

With fractional odds largely being used in the UK and large parts of the rest of the world using decimal odds, most of the time when it comes to determining which option to take it’s about what the punter is familiar with.

Courtesy of Green Filly

Courtesy of Green Filly

Advocates of decimal odds believe it’s the best because it’s far more straightforward to calculate returns than fractional, which can be tougher to work out. This Bwin article explanation sums this up neatly, saying: “For example, many punters would have to think twice about whether 7/4 is better than 9/5, but when the same odds are expressed in decimal terms, 2.75 is clearly a lower return than 2.80.”

Courtesy of Investopedia

Courtesy of Investopedia

Although decimal odds are easier to comprehend, the choice often comes down to personal preference and what you’re most comfortable using.

All in all, both options are fine as long as the gambler is happy and fully understands what they’re doing before placing any bets.

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How to Use ‘Expected Goals’ for Betting

Growing in popularity all the time, using Expected Goals is a brilliant way to help you with your football betting.

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Serving as a great metric to determine how a team performs both on the attacking and defensive sides of the game, XG (as it’s commonly referred to) can uncover some more usable, detailed information than just looking at metrics like results or shots per game.

Whether you’re looking at a team’s XG (Expected Goals) or XGA (Expected Goals Against), you can certainly track how a team is performing on either end, with this allowing you to see the quality of chances they’re creating and quality of chances they’re conceding.

Courtesy of XGTips

Courtesy of XGTips

With every chance or chance conceded given an Expected Goals reading, this allows you to see how good a certain team are at getting into top scoring positions or allowing the opposition to expose them to produce promising shots.

Courtesy of Bet FileCourtesy of Bet File

Obviously different efforts on net record different levels of XG, as a penalty will differ from things such as long range shots or strikes from an angle.

It’s important to keep in mind that different models are applied by different companies or statistical providers, so it pays to do your research, for there is often a difference between each one. Interpreting the data coherently is another factor you’ll need to consider, which is something you’ll improve on as you become more familiar with this tool.

Courtesy of PinnacleCourtesy of Pinnacle

When parlayed with other statistics and analysis, Expected Goals can unquestionably give you an edge in your selections, as it gives you a good gauge of a team’s consistency and how they are performing defensively and offensively.

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Betting on Draws

How Betting on Draws Work

While betting on the draws in sporting events can be a difficult thing to predict, if you undertake some thorough research and analysis, you can enhance your chances of winning handsomely.

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Indeed, when shining the focus on soccer, a sport that draws betting is most prominent in, and it’s intriguing that almost a quarter of all matches end in a draw across Europe’s top five leagues.

Courtesy of Stork SportsCourtesy of Stork Sports

Obviously analysing the statistics is the best place to start before placing any bets, for this will allow you to uncover some usable information that can give you an edge. Obviously certain teams and leagues throw up more drawn games so looking at which ones do so can allow you to increase the probability of winning.

Courtesy of Napalm Bet

Courtesy of Napalm Bet

It’s also important to note that teams that are evenly matched tend to draw more games, which makes sense due to their similarity in quality. Whereas when one team is superior to another, the chances of a draw will inherently decrease, something that will be illustrated in the odds.

Courtesy of Bet AngelCourtesy of Bet Angel

Some other cases where draws often occur are when low scoring teams are in action, in derbies and in the initial 90 minutes of big finals.

So being able to identify and spot these types of trends, plus know how certain teams play stylistically, will unquestionably become a huge asset.

While it will take time for you to master recognising when a draw is a fantastic option, as you keep familiarising yourself with this regularly overlooked market, you should find plenty of opportunities to profit.

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Gambler's Fallacy and Betting

The Gambler’s Fallacy: How it Applies to Betting

The Gambler’s Fallacy is the concept created by Jacob Bernoulli roughly 400 years ago that came to the conclusion that the larger the sample size the more accurate it will be in giving you a true probability.

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The most common example used is the coin toss, which he believed if done relentlessly the results will roughly even out to 50-50 for heads and tails. But this isn’t necessarily true, as tossing a coin is pure chance and each action has an independent outcome. This subsequently makes it unlikely that it’ll be an even split for heads and tails no matter how big your sample size is.

Courtesy of Sports Betting Dime

Courtesy of Sports Betting Dime

Many wagerers have been known to transfer this theory into sports betting too, which can be a dangerous thing to do. Using the law of averages, many use the principle that a streak of wins will be followed by a streak of losses, but in reality the team you’re betting on could keep winning too.

Courtesy of Ol Advisors GamblingCourtesy of Ol Advisors Gambling

Applying this theory essentially suggests teams would end up with the same number of wins and losses during a season, which is clearly not always the case.

This line from BetLabs offers some excellent insight into the topic, stating: “When it comes to probability, a lack of understanding can lead to poor decision making. The best way to avoid the gambler’s fallacy is to understand the difference between independent and dependent events.”

Courtesy of Sports Betting Dime-2Courtesy of Sports Betting Dime

With all this in mind, undertaking a more thorough analysis of every selection you make using proven strategies is a far better way to go about your betting, instead of using the aforementioned method that relies more on luck and chance.

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Best Asian Handicap Bookmaker

Choosing the Best Asian Handicap Bookmaker

Although it doesn’t seem overly important in the grand scheme of things, there’s no doubting that finding the right Asian Handicap bookmaker is a key part of enhancing your profitability.

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With massive differences between the various bookmakers to choose from, this inherently makes choosing the right one for you difficult. But if you’re diligent and thorough in your research, you can quickly gain an edge and be happier for it.

Best Asian Handicap BookmakerCourtesy of Stake Hunters

While some outlets don’t offer the Asian Handicap market, a large percentage certainly do, for they know what a growing, popular format it is. Obviously you’ll then want to work out what sports and lines each one offers, plus whether or not they allow in-play betting. Taking the time to check around is certainly vital, as they all provide different options and you want to guarantee the sport you want to bet on is covered adequately.

Best Asian Handicap Bookmaker

Courtesy of Aus Sports Betting

Then looking at the odds available is equally crucial, as these can differ wildly too. Therefore scouring around the vast array of options can be a very useful exercise, with this allowing you to maximise your winnings.

Some other common things to be aware of are what bonus bets and accumulator options each bookie has on offer, for there’s usually a fair difference between outlets.

Moreover, some further aspects that should be taken into consideration are the reputation of the bookmaker, how long they’ve been around for, if a betting broker is required and if a certain bookmaker only accepts new customers via invitation only.

Best Asian Handicap BookmakerCourtesy of Betting Broker

With Asian Handicap betting being such a booming market in the wide world of betting, choosing the right one for you is imperative. All it takes is some quality research and fact checking and you’ll be well on your way to finding a bookie that’s just right for you.

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Draw No Bet Explained

Draw No Bet Explained – How does it work?

The Draw No Bet market is widely used and recognised across the wide world of betting.

A couple of the keys towards its popularity is that it’s simple to use and offers punters some insurance if their selections fail to come off.

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How Does Draw No Bet Work?

This market works by removing the possibility of the draw and letting you select the home win or the away win. So basically if the team you pick wins, you win. But if they can only muster a draw, you get your stake refunded, which makes it good for situations when you’re pretty sure but not entirely certain your team will win and when backing an underdog.

Draw No Bet ExplainedCourtesy of Bet Shoot

It can also save you against losing when bad luck occurs like a dodgy refereeing decision or when your team concedes a wicked late goal to lose. In addition, it’s also a great option for lower scoring leagues, where many draws tend to occur, and when your chosen team is playing against a side who typically are an excellent defensive outfit.

Betting Markets’ Guide: Asian Totals. Asian Handicap. 1×2In-Play Asian Handicap.

Draw No Bet ExplainedCourtesy of Wikihow

The obvious downside attached to this form of betting comes from the lower odds you’ll be offered, but it’s not a bad trade off in certain scenarios when you’re after some extra security.

Draw No Bet ExplainedCourtesy of SportsBetting777

With so many football matches ending in a draw and games decided by such fine margins, using this market gives you that little bit of additional safety when placing your bets.

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overcoming a losing streak

How to Overcome a Losing Streak

Although getting on a losing streak is not what anyone has in mind and can be extremely frustrating, the reality is that it happens to everyone at some stage.

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At the time of these downturns in your fortunes, it’s easy to get so dejected that your emotions get the better of you and you lose all confidence. But if you arm yourself with some crucial information on how to manage these tough times, you’ll be in good stead to overcome a dry run.

overcoming a losing streakCourtesy of Bookmakers

How Do You Overcome a Losing Streak?

Probably the most important thing to remember is to remain composed and not to make any rash decisions immediately following a loss. With many bettors falling victim to chasing their losses, it’s vital you refrain from doing this, as when doing so you’ll almost always go against your principles and hope for the best.

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Another method that works for many is to take a break and reflect on where things have gone wrong for you so you can learn from your mistakes and spot any trends. This can then allow you to see if you need to adjust your approach to subsequently enhance your chances of success in the long run.

overcoming a losing streakCourtesy of Quora

While you’re taking a break, this gives you an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge by doing some research on what other strategies could work for you moving forward. Moreover, you could also take the time to read books, chat with professional bettors and even follow some expert tipsters to give you some key insights.

overcoming a losing streakReducing your stakes is a method you can use while you’re looking to get back on track too, as this means you can limit your losses when things aren’t going your way.

While losing streaks are terrible to endure, if you follow some of the aforementioned steps so you can remain calm and patient at all times, you should be well on your way to success before too long.

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In-Play Asian Handicap

Your Expert Guide to In-Play Asian Handicap

How to bet using In-Play Asian Handicap?

While not as popular as many other forms of wagering, In Play Asian Handicap betting is definitely a market worth exploring.

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While it takes time to navigate your way through when the best time to place your In Play Asian Handicap bets during a match, once you’ve familiarised yourself with this, you can make a tidy profit.

As you gain experience in this form of betting, you’ll constantly improve your ability to spot trends and patterns that develop during games that can aid in your picks. When noticing these, you must also keep a keen eye on the prices to see if they then recognise value.

In-Play Asian HandicapCourtesy of Scottish Football Tips

To further increase your chances of winning and of feeling at ease with your selections, you need to undertake some research. This can either firm up your selection or steer you away from a potential loss. Firstly, this will allow you to see how certain teams can comeback or hold onto a lead. In addition, you can see when a particular team scores most of their goals and if they are strong finishers, good starters and everything in between.

Analysing some more general numbers like how many goals the specific teams you’re looking at concede and score per game is also beneficial. Moreover, analysing how prolific they are at creating chances in general play and from set pieces will serve you well too.

In-Play Asian HandicapCourtesy of Betting Zebra

If you’ve kept records of your previous bets, you can call on this information for your picks too, as it might just uncover a handy trend that you can explore to enhance your chances of winning.

If everything lines up as listed above and you feel confident about your selection, you can then make your move.

In-Play Asian HandicapCourtesy of iBet Plus

Before entering into any bet, however, it’s important to remember to not get disappointed if you lose and to remain patient. Moreover, if you’re using a balanced bankroll management scheme, this should ensure you to feel a lot more comfortable when betting.

An exciting, intense and potentially profitable method of wagering, once you’re up to speed with this market and have armed yourself with the right information, In Play Asian Handicap betting can be very profitable indeed.

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