How and why sports betting brokers

How and Why You Should Bet Through Sports Betting Brokers

Sports betting brokers are companies that operate as a mediator between you and your chosen Asian bookmaker. You can wager on a plethora of different bookies with just one account if you use their services.  For instance, some bookies may not be accessible in your country, but you may still access them through a brokerage.

However, using a betting brokerage is underappreciated and the majority of punters do not use one. The most successful bettors, on the other hand, generally take advantage of the perks offered by Asian sportsbooks brokers. In fact, it is the ideal option for experienced professional bettors.

What are the Advantages of Using Bet Brokers?

Single Account Benefit

One of the primary benefits of using a sports betting broker is the ability to create accounts with many bookies all in one place. For example, creating an account with Odds4Sports allows you to get odds from many bookies through a single account, which is truly fantastic and convenient.

Odds4Sports is a rapidly growing sport betting website that brings together the best odds and combined betting limits from the most competitive bookies and betting exchanges in one easy-to-use interface. We provide a wide range of sports and markets for punters to choose from and wager on. Odds4Sports delivers unrivaled liquidity in the industry because of its extensive network.

betting broker
Courtesy of Odds4Sports

Better Than Local Bookies

Betting online is faster than betting with a local bookmaker since it gives a wider range of options. As you may be aware, internet sports bookies are generally competing with one another. As a result, they significantly alter their capabilities in order to maintain a competitive advantage. There’s also the possibility that they’ll give worse odds on football games in particular. Furthermore, betting online allows you to get higher chances than you can get with your local sports bookmakers.

Faster and Smoother Transactions

Another advantage of utilizing a sports betting broker is that you can quickly transfer cash across different bookmaker accounts. At the same time, there aren’t many drawbacks.

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Offers The Best Odds

One of the major benefits of sports betting brokers is that they offer their customers the best odds on a particular event. Furthermore, as compared to traditional betting through several accounts, the entire betting procedure is accompanied by a reduced betting fee. The savings may be tiny but over time, even small savings can add up to a significant benefit.

No Geographical Limitations

Geographical limitations are a regular thing among conventional bookies since they may refuse to work with bettors from a specific country, which is a significant problem for these players because they are unable to fully utilize their betting capacity. The last benefit is attributed to the fact that bet brokers’ services are available to every punter, regardless of his or her place of residency.

These are just some of the major benefits of an Asian sportsbooks broker. Should you want to take advantage of the best Asian bookmakers, create an account with us today! VOdds Welcome Bonus

How API works for sports betting odds

How API Works For Sports Betting Odds

The application programming interface (API) for betting can be used to provide statistics and data on various sports trading. The API assists users in making various bets easier. They also aid in the enhancement of the user experience by delivering additional services quickly and seamlessly.

Developers use a betting application programming interface (API) to provide customized services and functions. A sports trading API gives winning analytics, scores, and other historical data to players while also enabling them to place bets much more quickly.

APIs for sports trading act as a bridge between gadgets, allowing them to communicate with one another. When a user begins an activity, the APIs collect these orders via function calls and perform the actions based on a set of pre-programmed commands.

API diagram

Courtesy of S-Peek

How Sports Trading API Works

When a match begins and a user wants information about it, the betting API providers process the demands. The betting APIs then use particular strategies to do computations and then return the results via the APIs. These APIs can then provide notifications and real-time game statistics.

In the football trading platform, bettors use the best sports trading software for APIs with the goal of profiting from the tool. With the help of betting odds API, they can make bets a lot faster before the odds change. Punters also use APIs to keep track of their betting lines and to make their sports betting performance more efficient.

Why Use Sports Trading APIs

APIs for betting are significant since they aid traders in betting quickly. The odds that people typically set change quite quickly, necessitating the requirement for speed. The second benefit of betting APIs is that they automate the process for bettors by allowing them to do rapid assessments and deliver reliable results.

Finally, betting APIs aid with the simplification and optimization of graphical user interfaces. These APIs are critical for correct computations, historical information, team and player statistics, and precise outcomes. Gambling APIs offer traders the ability to quickly make bet changes and placements and access to key information on the games to make informed and profitable decisions. The gaming APIs also allow for faster development and integration of additional features into APIs for first-time programmers.

VOdds Unity API

UNITY is the name given to our sports betting API.

Our API smoothly integrates with every code and purpose, allowing it to work as one. Our API may be simply integrated into users’ computerized strategies to efficiently automate trading or customize to create their own exclusive product.

Features of our sports betting API and service include the following:

  • Low latency price feed + placement API
  • Concise documentation
  • Staging environment for simple and easy integration
  • Redmine for efficient technical support
  • Periodical updates and enhancements

unity api

It’s not simple to make a profit as a sports trader. However, it’s not also impossible if you have the appropriate sports trading tools and an API trading platform at your disposal. 

It’s time to join us and become a knowledgeable and successful sports trader! Sign up for VOdds account today!

asian handicap

Asian Handicap Odds: What is it and How to read it?

Asian handicap betting is a type of wager in Asia. This type of betting is common in sports. The Asian Handicap betting market is a complicated venture. However, once you comprehend the idea, you will have a more critical understanding of football trading as a whole. Handicap refers to the fact that one team enjoys a virtual advantage over the other. Because Asian handicaps preclude the possibility of a tie in a match, there are only two potential outcomes. A number of dispositional and situational variables influence the disparity, including:

  • Home field advantage
  • Player availability – suspensions or injuries
  • Historical performance
  • Financial strength

asian handicap bet

Courtesy of JohnnyBet

Traders and Asian bookies evaluate these elements and use odds – the estimated likelihood of winning a game – to reflect each team’s chances of success. The disparity in the projected abilities between the two sides might be substantial, which leaves the favorite team with low value and limited profits on typical 1X2 markets.

By leveling the competitive environment and eliminating the chance of a draw, Asian Handicap betting markets negate projected ability bias, resulting in greater Asian handicap odds. Assigning a positive or negative goal handicap to each team, based on whether they are considered the favorite (negative) or underdog (positive) is the best way to accomplish this.

How Handicap Asian Odds Betting Works

For football matches, there are numerous possible Asian handicap betting odds. The most frequent are -0.5, -1.0 and +0.5, +1.0. As an example, a score of +0.5 will be given to the underdog side in a match. And because of the +0.5 advantage, the underdog team will be considered the winner of the bet if the match ends in a tie.  If the home team is given a -1.0 handicap, the home team must prevail by two clear goals to win the bet, since they must overcome the -1 goal handicap they have been granted in connection with the bet.

asian handicap odds

Courtesy of

Football odds today are becoming more and more challenging to read. This is why a lot of people believe that Asian handicap betting comes into its own. And this is especially true when there are comparative imbalances in football games. For instance, one team has a considerably better likelihood of winning the game. This indicates that there are much lower odds on offer, while the underdog has greater and bigger odds.

Here are some helpful articles about Asian Handicap Betting that you might be interested in:

With Asian Handicap betting being such a hot topic in the betting industry, selecting the perfect one for you is crucial, but the good news is you don’t have to look any further. Open your account with VOdds today for a convenient Asian handicap betting experience.


sports trading platforms

Sports Trading Platforms: How To Get Started?

Sports trading has become more and more prevalent nowadays. The industry had evolved into a more sophisticated platform for bettors. In sports trading, bettors are allowed to sell each of their positions before the end of the sporting event. While sports trading is a broad topic, understanding its peaks and valleys is an important aspect to take into account, especially if you want to become good at it and win bets strategically.

By learning what sports trading is all about, you will quickly realize that it is different from conventional sports betting. Not to mention, sports trading relies more on your betting skills and knowledge, and not on your luck. In this article, we will tackle what sports trading is all about, including some of the best sports trading platforms you can participate in to put your betting skills and knowledge to the test.

What is Sports Trading?

You may have heard of sports trading when participating in bets, regardless of you being a tenderfoot bettor or a pro. While this subject can be intimidating for first-timers, sports trading offers more chances of winning than conventional sports betting. In a nutshell, sports trading doesn’t care whether who wins or loses the sporting event. This practice involves placing two bets against each other, on the same selection, to make a profit. Here’s an example of a sports trading software to illustrate how it works:

sports betting platform
Courtesy of

There are plenty of ways to start capitalizing on sports trading. These ways are considered as the golden rules of sports trading. To help you get a good grasp of these steps, we’ve outlined some of the most important ones below:

Select a Sport

Choose a sport as you would when choosing an ice cream flavor—always make sure that you will love what you picked. While it may sound like a no-brainer, having a good understanding of the sport you chose can provide you with an edge when it comes to trading. As mentioned earlier, sports trading is all about skills and knowledge. 

Dig Deeper

It’s not enough to just know the basics of the sport you selected. In order for you to fully maximize your chances of making a profit, you have to put in the necessary effort to understand the niche of your selected sport in a deeper sense. Of course, this is not only limited to learning the gameplay itself but becoming attuned to the overall market trends and betting practices.

Come Up with a Hypothesis

Sports trading is not about luck. Therefore, you have to develop a hypothesis to increase your chances of beating the market. For example, if you’re playing inside a football betting platform, you can create a hypothesis based on the fact that football markets have the tendency to fail to respond to the momentum of live matches. Therefore, a quick and sharp analysis can definitely contribute to your chance to win.

Take it or Leave it

Based on your hypothesis, determine whether the sports trading system you’ve developed is effective or not. For instance, if the football market reacted just like how you anticipated, then you will most likely hit the jackpot. If not, consider altering your hypothesis until you arrive at a more secure conclusion.

Furthermore, there’s no such thing as a fixed formula to help you secure a win. But the constant analysis and adjustments you perform when trading will boost your skills and abilities in the long run, providing you with more efficiency when it comes to understanding the factors you need to win.

The Best Sports Trading Platforms

Once you feel ready to turn your hobby into an investment, it’s time to identify which sports trading platform best fits your needs and preference. Not to mention, choosing the right trading platform is an integral part of your success. 

Here are some of the best sports trading platforms in 2021 according to

  • VOdds
  • Mollybet
  • Odds4Sports
  • Polly Trading

There are still a lot of sports trading platforms that you can participate in online. Together with these platforms, you can also utilize the best sports trading software to better your experience. However, make sure to meticulously review each software you are planning to use before giving it a go. There is certain sports trading software out there that will offer more inconvenience than advantages. 

In conclusion, sports trading is a profitable investment once you know how to work yourself around the industry. With these tips, are you ready to take your sports trading hobby to the next level? 

Log in to your VOdds account today to get started. If you don’t have an account yet, go create your account today!

Gambling Laws

UK Sports Betting Industry Fears Review of Gambling Laws

The UK sports betting industry is now facing threats with the much-awaited government review of Britain’s gambling laws being underway. The industry fears the introduction of changes that might affect the betting market in the long run. A notable reform is the banning of logos of betting firms from the shirts of Premier League footballers. This is because of the prevailing problems of the “gamblification” of football. 

Betfair SponsorshipCourtesy of Betfair

Because of the 2005 Gambling Act, the notion that gambling was a bad habit was dispelled. However, in the UK, there has been a growing problem of gambling addiction, especially with football betting. For these reasons, the Betting and Gaming Council or BGC for short has welcomed the upcoming reforms. 

According to a senior consultant at Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, Alun Bowden, “The industry really means it because the wide-open uncertainty is really difficult to plan for. There is a lot here that could have big impacts on revenues, share prices and jobs.”

Thus, with the rising concern about gambling’s role in society, these are some of the changes in gambling laws that are under consideration:

  • Limitations on prizes, online stakes and spin speeds
  • Stricter affordability checks
  • Testing of new gambling products
  • Ban on sports sponsorships
  • Tackling the parallel market with new powers
  • Legal redress for wronged punters
  • Mandatory levy for addiction treatment

William HillCourtesy of NBC News

Although many advocates embrace the tighter regulation, the idea of a harsher regulatory climate is a concern among online bookmakers. For those offering football betting odds, for instance, with stricter measures being implemented, it might affect bookies’ profits. In the UK, football has been a leading sports betting favourite, but with the crackdown against the saturation of football, severe regulations are being considered. An example is the sports sponsorship ban. 

What are other changes that might affect the industry?

For those who want to open a betting account, you should know the changes that are under review. This can help you with your betting needs in the long run. One potential change to remember is the limitation on online stakes. When a prominent cross-party group of MPs asked for a £2 limit on online casino stakes, gambling shares decreased significantly. 

In addition to that, you also have limits on how much punters can deposit or lose. The Gambling Commission has been assessing affordability checks. According to senior analysts, these limitations could potentially crimp betting activities significantly. 

As stated by Dan Waugh of Regulus Partners, “If it’s the case that consumers are required to produce bank statements or payslips in order to gamble above a certain amount, a significant number of people would not bother.”

Another potential change that has ramifications is any alteration that can dilute the effectiveness of in-play betting. Bet365 pioneered In-play betting, and it helps punters place swift and frequent bets while the game goes on. Because of this type of betting the UK football betting market has grown into £1bn-a-year market. 

Those are just a few of the potential changes in gambling laws. The sports betting industry continues to change, and bookmakers are adapting as best as they can. At VOdds, we make sure to provide you with some of the best betting services. We can help you with how to use bonus bets, how to choose the most appropriate betting types, and more. If you want to know more about us, register with us today!

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sports betting

What is Sports Betting?

Imagine sitting in the pub together with your buddies, enjoying a keg of Guinness and a Premier League match on the telly.

Everybody’s eyes are glued to the screen in anticipation.

And after more than an hour of watching, your favourite team finally scores the winning goal. You cheer your lungs out. You couldn’t be happier! So, you celebrate with even more kegs with your buds and come home with spirits over the moon.

Sounds like a fun night, ain’t it? But don’t you think it would’ve been even more fun if you actually won something more than just a hammered night? Something like, let’s say… actual money?

That’s where the beauty of sports betting comes in.

Sports Betting: Defined

Simply put, sports betting is the act of placing wagers on any sporting event. It involves predicting the result of a game and placing a bet on the outcome that you see as most likely to occur. Some of the most popular sports events with the largest betting volume include English football (or soccer), American football, and horse racing.

Now, while it may seem like a modern-day form of betting, you probably didn’t know that sports betting has been around since the dawn of the ancient Romans. They placed bets on gladiator fighting, chariot races, and even animal fights.

Consequently, when they invaded Britain in 55 BC, the Romans brought their fondness of sports betting in the country where it flourished for thousands of years.

These days, sports betting found its way throughout Europe, the Americas and as far away as Australia — creating a culture as diverse as the people who enjoy it.

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How Does Sports Betting Work?

If you’re still new to the whole betting scene, sports betting can seem complicated — with all the numbers, teams and markets. However, it’s not as difficult to understand once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

So, how does sports betting work? Allow us to explain it to you through an example.

Let’s take one of the matches from the Premier League last 18th August 2019, Chelsea vs Leicester City. Based on last season’s results (2018-19), Chelsea stands at 3rd and Leicester at 9th. Hence, we can assume that Chelsea is the stronger team and has a better chance of winning.

Therefore, the odds of the game may have gone like this:

Chelsea Win = 1.73
Draw = 3.84
Leicester Win = 5.14

The odds serve as the multiplier for the amount of money you’re willing to bet. Thus, suppose you place a bet worth £100 on Chelsea and they win, you get £73 in profit. If you place a bet on a draw, then you get to win £284 in profit. Meanwhile, if you chose to bet on Leicester, you get to win £414 in profit.

This type of betting is called 1×2 betting, and it’s one of the simplest types of betting markets. Now, to make things more challenging, bookies or bookmakers (those who are responsible for accepting bets) modify the odds into handicaps, totals, money lines and more.

We shall tell you more about the other betting types in the next section of this article. For now, you need to know that the odds of the match can change depending on the following factors:

  1. Team stats
  2. Home and away
  3. Head to head records and recent team forms
  4. News (including injuries, suspensions, etc)
  5. Market confidence

Analysing these factors can help you choose the best odds to place your money in. Therefore, sports betting isn’t just winning by chance. It involves critical thinking, analogy and, of course, a little bit of luck.

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Different Types of Sports Betting

Now that you know what sports betting is and how it works, the next thing that you need to know about is the types of sports betting.

1. 1X2 Betting

Since we’ve already given you an insight about 1×2 betting and how it works, we shan’t dive-in too deep on this one.

Basically, in 1×2 betting, 1 represents the home team, the x for a draw, and 2 for the away team.

However, aside from what you already know, 1×2 betting has a strategy called Double Chance bet wherein you combine two of three possible results of the game. Hence, you have the choice of betting between home-draw, draw-away or home-away (1X, X2, 12).

Through this strategy, you can get a higher chance of winning a bet. Unfortunately, not all betting platforms offer the option of double chance betting. On top of that, the odds in Double Chance bets are lower compared to choosing just 1, X or 2.

2. Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is best used when one team is greatly favoured over their opponents. To counter the apparent partiality in a team’s capability, Asian sportsbooks offer a handicap to equal the playing field.

In handicap betting, points or goals are added and deducted from teams for betting purposes. The handicap is based on the final score to conclude the game’s result for the betting purpose, which might differ from the actual outcome.

For example, in football betting, the handicap for the supposed example might be (0.5, 2.020) and (-0.5, 1.917) for Barcelona and Tottenham, respectively. If the end result was 1-0 for Tottenham, the bets on this team would win since the odds (0.5) is insufficient to change the result, which is often called covering the handicap.

barcelona fc

However, if the match finished in a 1-1 draw, the bets on Barcelona would win since the odds (0.5) added to the team’s final score is sufficient to point the match in their favour. The handicap can also vary by seeming as a split, such as +0.5 & +1 or -0.5 & -1. This takes your stake and successfully places two handicap wagers, one in each option.

Consequently, you can win both bets, just one, or you can lose both.

The same thing can be explained when betting on tennis. However, handicap betting on tennis differs depending on whether it is a Set Handicap or a Game Handicap.

Set Handicap and Game Handicap

In a Set Handicap, it changes the betting odds significantly since it is now based on added sets.

For example, Maria Sharapova -2.5 sets vs Shuai Peng +2.5

Here, punters are given 2.5 sets. Hence, at +2.5, you win if she comes out victorious or loses the match by just 2 sets.

Game Handicap, on the other hand, works almost the same procedure as the Set Handicap. However, it is based on the individual scores of each set in a match.

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3. Totals or Over/Under Betting

A totals bet, or over/under betting, is also a common form of betting. It can be an alternative to 1X2 and handicap betting. However, the focus in this type of bet is not on finding the winner of a specific match, but predicting the end result of game variables such as the total goals, runs, points, or any other measurable variable.

Some sports trading platforms like VOdds provide bettors with a number of bookies that offer the option of whether the total goals or points be either over or under their evaluation of the match.

For example, in a match between Liverpool and Chelsea, the total goal is set at Over 2.50, 2.0800, and Under 2.50, 1.9090. If you placed a £10 bet on the game to have over 2.5 goals, the final score was 2-1, a total of three goals, you will earn £20.80, initial stake included. If you bet on the total goals to be under 2.5, you would earn nothing.

A totals bet is basically the same for tennis betting, but also depends on whether it is a total games over/under and total sets over/under.

A totals game is close to a 50/50 wagering proposition. Bookies predict how many games shall be played in a particular match. For example, a set is predicted to have 2.5 games, punters can now bet that there will be over 2.5 games, or under 2.5 games.

Unlike the Over/Under total games, a totals set is not a 50/50 wagering proposition as one of them is much more likely to happen than the other. It also depends on how many total sets will be played in the match.

4. Proposition Bets or Specials

Proposition bets (also called “prop bets”) or specials is a type of wager that is done mostly to add a little more thrill into the whole betting scene. It involves placing bets on specific points or occurrences in a sports event that doesn’t have anything to do with the result of the match.

For example, “Will Cristiano Ronaldo score the first goal?” “Will Stephen Curry score more than 33.5 points?” and so on.

man's hand grabbing a chip out of an orange bowl

Because of the casual vibe of prop bets, some people aren’t huge fans of this betting type. Hence, you may only see this in a handful of betting platforms. However, despite this, you can still make good money from props.

What most people probably don’t notice is that props involve more than just guessing and luck. It also requires a ton of analysis and knowledge that you can only acquire if you’re truly familiar with the sport and its elements.

In a props bet between two players, say LeBron and Curry, you can ask a few questions to help your decision making. Did one of them suffer any injuries in the past few years? How did each of them play in the last season? Which one of them has scored more than the other on average?

Thus, being informed can help you gain more than just money from betting. You can also acquire additional knowledge that you can use to boost your profits by wagering on other sports betting types.

5. Point Spread

Point spreads involve odds that provide an advantage or disadvantage to a given team based on their history of wins and loses. Basically, the favourite team (-) are set to win the game by a number of points and are therefore the disadvantage. On the other hand, the underdog team (+) shouldn’t lose the game by a number of points, hence they’re at an advantage.

Sounds a little confusing, right? Here’s an example to make it easier to understand.

Let’s take Chelsea and Leicester again. Based on their history, Chelsea would be the favourite team and Leicester shall be the underdog. Hence, the odds of the point spread may look something like this:

Chelsea -2 (-110)
Leicester +2 (-110)

Betting on Chelsea would mean that they must win the match by two points or more in order for you to win the bet. On the other hand, betting on Leicester would mean that they must win or not lose the game by more than two points for you to win the bet.

Therefore, if Chelsea wins the match by 4-1, then they would have covered the 2-point requirement of the bet and you’d win. At the same time, a bet on Leicester would’ve been a loss because they lost the game by more than the 2-point requirement.

Aside from all the betting types that we’ve tackled above, there are still a lot of sports betting types out there — most of which depend on the sport. Hence, if you want to be a successful bettor someday, the best way for you to become profitable is to study the type of betting commonly used for the sport of your liking.

Which Sports Can You Bet On?

soccer balls on a field

Now, since we’ve already mentioned about betting on other sports, we took the liberty of showing you a handful of the most popular sports than you can bet on. Additionally, we sprinkled the type of betting that fits well with the sport.

1. European Football

European football is one of the most popular sports that a lot of punters place their bets on. More often than not, it’s because it’s easy to bet on a football match because it can only end in either a home win, a draw or an away win.

However, just as we told you about other betting types, you can also have a little fun and place bets on handicaps or totals. Just make sure that you pile up your knowledge about the teams by reading match previews and news.

2. Tennis

While tennis may not be as thrilling as watching a basketball game or a boxing match, it’s still quite popular among punters.

However, if you’re thinking about betting on tennis, we highly recommend that you focus on one area — men’s or women’s, Challenger circuit or Grand Slam — because you can’t effectively analyse every match.

The best betting types that fit well with tennis include:

  • Handicaps
  • Over/unders
  • Outright winner
  • Sets

3. Basketball

This one’s pretty obvious as basketball is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular sports in the world. We wouldn’t even be surprised if you’re one of millions of fans that enjoy the playoffs.

Anyway, as popular as it is, it’s also one of the favourite sports that punters love to bet on. Some of the most commonly used betting types for basketball bets include:

4. Cricket

Quite the popular sport in the Indian subcontinent, it has also caught the eyes of professional punters all over the globe. The main reason behind this is because the sport has games all throughout the year.

Some of the cricket leagues that you can follow include: Indian Premier League, Twenty20 Cricket Leagues, ICC World Cricket League, and many more. Also, how can we forget to give you the best betting types that go with cricket? Here they are:

  • Match outcome
  • Game score
  • Man of the match
  • Top batsman

5. Boxing

When a major fight is about to come, you can expect that there will be oddsmakers and bookmakers who will take advantage of it. You can owe that to the millions of fans all over the world who love contact sports.

Since a match can go up to 12 rounds for huge championship fights, there are a ton of ways that you can enjoy betting on boxing. Some of the most popular betting types include:

  • Outright winner
  • 1×2
  • Total round or over/under
  • Winning method
  • Round betting

Where Can You Place Your Bets?

hand placing a piece of puzzle

At this point, you’re now stocked with all the knowledge that you need about sports betting. So, the next thing that you’re probably itching to know is where can you place your bets.

Now, the easiest way to go is to bet online. It just all comes down to which bookmakers or aggregators you choose to use.

Bookies and Aggregators

In terms of choosing a bookmaker, we have an entire article that can help you with that. However, just to give you some insight, bookmakers or bookies are people or groups that collect your bets.

Meanwhile, an aggregator such us VOdds shows you a list of bookies together with the odds that they offer for that specific game. So, basically, you get to compare which odds can give you the highest profits should you win a bet.

Check out these related articles about betting methods:

Ready… Get Set… Bet!

Now that you have everything you need to know about sports betting, you are now ready to become a professional punter. Just don’t forget that betting requires tactful thinking, a ton of patience, and, of course, luck.

So, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it the first time, just make sure that you’re more ready the next time around. Happy punting!

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3 Online Sports Betting Industry Trends for 2021

Last year was tough for many industries, one, in particular, is traditional sports betting. However, the future of sports betting is not so bleak. This is because recent research has shown that online sports betting has been booming. As many people practised social distancing, punters turned to online means for their wages. For these reasons, this 2021, there are emerging online sports betting industry trends that offer punters better gaming and betting experiences. 

Many bookmaker sites are now providing the best offers for online betting fanatics. That’s why knowing the trends for 2021 that will dominate the market is crucial for your success. Here are three trends that every punter should know about:

The Rise of eSports

Esports IndustryCourtesy of Statista 

During the quarantine period, eSports or electronic sports has been one of the sports betting industries that has exploded in the market. This is due to the fact that live professional matches have been on pause and postponement. Thus, a lot of punters have turned to other forms of sports betting. As shown in the graph above, statistics also show the growth of ESports audiences over the years. In 2022, it is predicted to have 297 million frequent viewers! This means that this trend will not be going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to grow. 

Tracking Players

Player TrackerCourtesy of FIFA


One of the most important factors when it comes to online sports betting is knowing the condition and stats of the players. This can be made possible with the help of player tracking. It is an emerging trend in 2021, and it is useful data for many punters. Through player tracking, punters will be able to monitor certain players’ fitness and activity in real-time. Thus, they’ll be able to make well-informed wages depending on this real-time factual data they have gathered.   

Using Live Stream

Live StreamCourtesy of SBC Americas


Most betting sites now offer live streams for their users. This 2021 the world is getting back up and fighting the pandemic. Many sports events are taking place within safe and secure conditions. That’s why live streaming is an emerging trend. With a live betting option, punters will be able to place their bets after matches have started. Thus, sportsbooks have been making the best out of technology and offering better live bets to punters.

It is clear that the world of sports betting will remain strong this 2021. If you want to keep up with these emerging trends, you should register with VOdds now. You are probably familiar with our 2020 sports betting recap, promos and countless betting offer, but if not, now is the time to take a gamble on us and try our online sports betting services this new year!  

Horse Racing

The Benefits of Horse Betting Statistics

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports to still exist today. It dates as far back as Ancient Greece when four-hitch chariot and mounted races were held in the Olympic Games. Although the history of organized horse racing in other ancient civilizations is not firmly established, it is presumed to have begun in countries such as Persia, China, Arabia and more. In this modern world, you can still see this type of sport, and it is even more popular for those who love sports betting. With today’s technology, it also has become more convenient to bet on horse racing. You have horse betting statistics that can help you make smart and effective bets as opposed to blindly spending your money without any strategy. 


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One of the countries that have made horse racing betting so popular is the UK. In fact, horse racing is one of the sports that have made betting a successful industry back in the day. A lot of bookmakers profited from the sport. As can be seen from the infographic above, the UK is still one of the countries that have remained dedicated to horse racing betting.


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There are many types of bets when it comes to horse racing, but the most simple ones are win, place and show. If you want to excel at these bets, you should make use of horse betting statistics. To help guide you on that, here are some of the ways you can make use of horse betting statistics.

#1 Give Relevance to the Jockey

Most punters often neglect to research on the jockeys. Of course, the horses are important, but you should not forget about jockey experience as well. This is because the person on top of the horse is the one directing it around the track. This can make all the difference. Don’t just obsess on the statistics of the horse. You can look at the jockey’s history and determine whether they are a winning jockey or not. You can also research whether they have specific experience with the actual horse they are on and the track they are racing. Moreover, a jockey’s experience on a track is one of the most crucial elements since an experienced jockey will know the ins and outs of the track. 

#2 Use a Mathematical Equation

One of the things that you make use of the most for your horse betting statistics is when you create your own mathematical equation. Through the odds that the racebook puts on each horse, it can tell you how much you stand to win and at the same time give you the percentage chance that they believe each horse has to win the race. This is relevant because racebooks will pay you out based on the possibility of your bet winning. If the favourite horse is more likely to win, then you’re not getting paid as much. However, if you bet on the underdog horse, you’re going to get paid out better since it would less likely happen. Using the odds that you will be given, you will be able to form an equation that will suit your horse racing betting.    

#3 Research on the Horse’s History

This would be the most critical horse betting statistics to research on since you have to know the history of the actual horse you’re betting on. You have to look at its records and experience. Make sure to check whether they have raced previously at the track or have won before. You can take a look at their performance for the past few races, and check their condition, such as if they have been injured before or are completely healthy. 

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NFL Spreads

How to Bet on NFL Spreads

One of the biggest football competitions that millions of people watch out for is the National Football League or commonly known as the NFL. Droves of fans and punters have always supported and participated in bets because who wouldn’t? With the best teams in American football, its games are some of the most awaited events. 

NFL Betting Advantages

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With the popularity of the NFL, bookmakers have always offered NFL betting on their websites. You have VOdds sports betting that offers it for all the punters out there. But, if it’s your first time, one type of betting is effective and successful in the NFL, and this is point spread betting.  

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When it comes to the NFL, the best team wins the vast majority of the games. The reason why spread betting is the most popular option is that spread betting handicaps the favourite team. Thus, it puts both teams on a more even playing field. By doing this, it allows you to wager on favourites to cover the spread to pay out much more than money lines. You can even bet on underdogs to have an equal chance of winning.

How Does it Work?

In point spread betting, for the punters to cash in, the favourite has to win by a certain number of points. While for those punters who bet on the underdog, the team must get points so long as it’s by less than the spread. In this way, they’ll still get profits.

You also see spreads with half-point attached to them, and these are called hooks. The hook will make sure that there won’t be a push or a tie because if there was, most bookmakers would return the money wagered. But, check first with the sportsbook if they have this condition because there are others that count it a loss instead.

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Soccer Predictions

Using Bet Statistics for Soccer Predictions

Those who have been in the sports betting industry know all about soccer predictions. These make betting experiences more fun and enjoyable for the punters, not to mention that soccer or football in the UK is one of the immensely loved sports out there. Soccer predictions give it even more of an impact since the game’s susceptibility to randomness changes things instantly. The bounce of the ball could determine the differences between wins and losses.

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Before delving into the nitty-gritty of soccer predictions, you need to keep in mind that randomness and luck are crucial in the outcome of your predictions. Soccer is one of the sports that is the most susceptible to randomness. For this reason, it will greatly affect the outcome of a match, a tournament, or even a whole season. Because of its low scoring nature, every difference in points count. 

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How do you use bet statistics for your soccer predictions? 

You need to focus on what you want to predict.

Don’t try to predict everything that might happen, such as the match’s result or whether both teams will score. You need to focus on one aspect of the game to achieve better results. You can bet on who will score, for instance, or how many shots a particular player can make. When you look at some of the best soccer prediction websites, you can see that bookmakers will offer plenty of resources to help manage the odds in any given market. Thus, don’t try to compete with them across the board and just target one specific market. You need to choose a niche market and then use your bet statistics to make informed predictions.

Remember that the past is just as important as the future, so use bet statistics and data.

This is because it is through bet statistics and data that they can make accurate soccer predictions. You can’t solely rely on your intuition or luck because data is crucial for your success. It will help you create a betting model that can be used to test your predictions. You have head-to-head results or the expected goals metric used in soccer analytics and betting.

Soccer predictions don’t always have to be exactly right.

They just need to be more accurate than that of the bookmaker and the rest of the market. So, whenever you have predictions for tomorrow’s soccer matches, you need to compare it against the odds. When you have a method for your soccer predictions, they need to be converted into probability and compared against the odds that are being offered. If you have an estimated probability that is higher than the bookmaker’s, this is called an edge. You can stake amounts relative to your edge.

Soccer predictions may be a fun way to bet, but it also could be quite tricky, so never underestimate it. That is why you need to have bet statistics and data to make accurate predictions.

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