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How to be a Bet Victor Amidst the Evolving Sports Betting Industry

As the years pass by, the sports betting industry continues to grow. Tremendous changes have been made so that wagers in the UK and even around the world can enjoy all the aspects of betting, be it online or offline. With technology in place, there are so many things that this industry has to offer. 

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One of the features of sports betting that makes it hugely popular these days is that you can do it online. As can be seen from the infographic above, there are three factors of online sports betting that are encouraging many punters to choose this medium. First is because of the convenience it brings. Second, there are sportsbook apps where players can sign up, get easy access and be notified to be constantly engaged with their online betting. Last, many prominent organizations take to player-tracking technology such as the NHL and NBA to get their in-depth analytics. They use this advanced game analytics to allow newer and better betting options. 

World's Successful Bettors

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Who doesn’t want to be part of the world’s most successful bettors? You can dare to dream and be like Billy Walters, who earned at least $300 million. Well, one of the ways you can take a step closer to this goal is by starting now and finding some of the best and credible sportsbook providers.

To make this easier for you, here are some tips to remember when choosing for your sportsbook provider:

Make Sure to Research and Read Reviews

When you research for a good sportsbook provider, one of the ways to check is by reading the reviews the company has received. If most previous customers have been satisfied with their services, this might indicate that they are reliable. Look at the reviews, both the positive and negative, and determine whether they can make their customers happy.

They Should Have Excellent Customer Service

Aside from customer reviews, one way to look at whether a sportsbook provider is worth it is by checking out the customer care services that they offer. This is a very crucial aspect since you want to be in a company that can give you reasonable customer care. You can check if they have 24/7 live chat support. This service means that you count on them to answer any of your questions and problems since you would be able to have access to them at all times of the day. 

Take Note of their Payment Options

You might want to find the safest online sports betting platform for your payment options. Since you’ll be betting online, you must have secure and accessible methods of payment for your wagers. Many sportsbook providers offer different payment options such as e-wallets, debit or credit cards, bank transfers and more. 

Thus, keep in mind these tips when looking for a sportsbook provider, and you’ll be closer to your dream of becoming a bet victor much like those who are successful in the online sports betting industry. If you still don’t have an account with a reliable sportsbook provider, register with us at VOdds. We provide some of the best betting offers and services for your online sports betting! 

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Hedging Your Bets

Hedging Your Bets

Hedge betting is a strategy that many have heard of but one that is often not explored thoroughly, so this makes it a good topic for our next blog article.

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Hedge betting is essentially a way of giving you some insurance to avoid a loss from occurring from your initial bet. This means you bet on another outcome to happen that you initially didn’t bet on.

While it seems strange, its purpose is to guarantee you win no matter the result and subsequently build your bankroll. Obviously an integral part of the process is if the sportsbooks have the necessary odds on offer for your hedge bet to be viable.

This leads us to the different types of hedge bets. To start with, many will hedge due to changes surrounding the match you intend to bet on. The reasons include weather changes and star players being ruled out. Then, if you believe these things warrant placing a hedge bet then you can certainly do so. For these aforementioned reasons, you can also place a hedge bet in-play to act as insurance if a key player gets injured early on as an example.

Next up is hedging for guaranteed profits, where you’ll place a bet when the odds of your original bet have heavily increased. Inherently when this occurs, the odds of the other team triumphing rise, thus potentially making it viable to place a hedge bet if you’re not confident in your first bet.

Hedging futures bets is another vital option, for you can ensure that you’ll profit. Seeing as futures bets like who’ll win events in a variety of sports events, tournaments and championships are usually at favourable solid odds, you can definitely guarantee profits.

You can also hedge bet on parlays/accumulators that you’ve placed, which further adds to the variety of ways hedge betting can be used.

Once you feel like you’ve got your head around hedge betting and are comfortable with all its mechanics, you can give it a try. As you familiarise yourself with its workings, you’ll then improve your judgement when and when not to place a hedge bet.

All in all, if you’re willing to spend the time learning the ropes of the system, hedge betting is certainly a decent option for any bettor.

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Football Accumulators

How You Should Bet on Football Accumulators

If you’re into football, you might have heard of the accumulator, and if not, well you are in for a treat because it is one of the most famous types of football bets. For those who want to delve into the world of sports betting, this might be something you should try.

Person Betting
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What is an accumulator bet?

A common mistake that most people have when using the word accumulator is that they refer it to any bet with multiple selections. This should not be the case because, to put it simply, an accumulator bet is a multiples bet. It is a bet that has at least four selections. This means that a wager with two selections is not an accumulator bet. It is actually called a doubles bet. You also have a trebles bet for a wager with three selections. 

How does it work?

Football accumulators are an excellent choice for those who want to win big by betting less. But it could also come with risks since a football accumulator bet must contain a minimum of 4 selections. For it to be a successful bet, every selection in the accumulator must win.

Accumulators Selection

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If any of your selections don’t win, then you will not receive any winnings. For instance, you choose four separate teams to win their matches on a certain weekend; every one of those football teams must win. If only three won and one team is a draw, you will still lose your stake. 

The football accumulator bet might seem tricky but, believe it or not, bookmaker sites like bet365 make it as humanly as possible to place accumulator bets, and they also offer fantastic rewards. For these reasons, it is still a popular bet today.

If you want your football accumulator bet to be successful, having sports betting strategies or tips might be helpful. You can check out these articles:

So, if you are looking for some of the best betting sites for football accumulators, you can open an account with us at VOdds! We offer various services aside from football accumulators, from the best free sports pick to convenient sports exchange, we can help you out!

Teaser Betting

Teaser Betting

Relatively easy to understand and simple to use, Teaser Betting offers an interesting topic for our next blog article.

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While similar to a multi bet, where you still choose two or more bets and obviously have to win all bets to profit, it’s commonly believed teaser bets are easier to win. The reason for this is that in teaser betting you may alter your over/under and points spread totals between four and 10 points.

This summation from The Lines offers a good example, as it states: “Winning multiple bets, no matter the point spread is never easy. However, the adjusted lines should help bettors find a little more confidence in their bets. The payout from the sportsbook for a teaser is lower than a parlay since these are anecdotally easier to win.”

Usually used in NFL and Basketball betting, the key numbers in NFL are 4, 4.5 or 5 points and Basketball is 6, 6.5 or 7 point margins. So if your team/teams are on a -10 points spread and you’re not confident you could instead take the -5 to give you an improved chance of winning.

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Even though the odds will decrease when you skew the possibilities in your favour, you should still undertake your usual research and due diligence prior to placing any bets. Moreover, sticking to your usual bankroll principles should be done too, no matter how sure you are that your bets will come off.

Allowing you to essentially move the boundaries to enhance your chances of success, this form of betting can certainly help you in your hunt for profit. But it is, however, important to exercise patience and composure just like in any form of betting.

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The Monty Hall Problem

Monty Hall Problem

In our latest blog article, we hone our focus towards the Monty Hall Problem and how it works.

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To give an explanation of this conundrum, Betfile offers an excellent summation, noting: “The ‘Monty Hall problem’ (as it has become known) is a great example of how, when presented with the task of choosing one favourable outcome against two unfavourable outcomes, we find it almost impossible to correctly address the likelihood of success.”

Named after a game show where the contestants were offered the chance to win a car if they picked the correct door to open of the three available to them, it’s an interesting theory.

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To begin, the player picks a door, but it doesn’t immediately open. Then, the host opens the door and the car isn’t there, meaning you then have two choices available. You then get asked if you want to switch doors. From here, the majority of people believe they have a 50/50 chance of winning, where in reality it’s better than this. In fact, you actually have a 66% percent chance of winning, despite this seeming strange.

The below table created by Statistics by Jim gives a fine reference, where he gives the outcomes of nine scenarios, with the final result ending in a 66% win rate.

Courtesy of Statistics by Jim

While it’s very hard to digest and challenges the way we think, the Monty Hall Problem has caught out many all over. In terms of betting, you can use these principles when working out value and the probability of your selections winning.

So basically if you enhance your awareness and research regarding your picks, you’ll be much better placed to come out on top. The principles of the Monty Problem can definitely help you achieve this.

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Premier League 2020/2021 Title Favourites

Premier League 2020/2021 Title Favourites

With the Premier League set to get underway in less than two weeks, this offers us a good chance to see who are the favourites to be crowned champions for the 2020/2021 campaign.

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Reigning winners, Liverpool, who ran out victors by a whopping 18 points over Manchester City, will certainly be right up there again. But having not bolstered the squad with any star names yet, in combination with how they finished the season quite poorly after lockdown, they come into the season as second favourites. With their 30-year wait for a top flight league now behind them, it’ll take a brave man to write off the quality laden Reds, who are so excellently coached by Jurgen Klopp. Although injuries to their magnificent starting lineup could prove troublesome, they have some gifted younger players coming into the team that will be eager to come in and make an impact. Currently priced at 2.80, this represents decent value, as all eyes will be on their transfer dealings with the colossal opening day clash with newly promoted Leeds United right around the corner.

Courtesy of Complete Sports

Next up are the favourites, Manchester City, who are priced at 1.80 to reclaim the Premier League after an unsatisfactory time of it last time around. Managed by the masterful Pep Guardiola, the Spaniard will be desperate to ensure his team hit the ground running especially after their devastating Champions League exit against Lyon. Adding quality young players in Ferran Torres and Nathan Ake, and apparently at the front of the queue to sign wantaway Barcelona star Lionel Messi, this shows their ambition to return to the top. Always brilliant to watch and unquestionably with the best squad in the league, watching how City fare will be intriguing, as the title battle is shaping up as a two horse race between them and Liverpool. Chelsea then come in as third favourites, with their impressive transfer dealings seeing them priced at 11, as Frank Lampard is hoping to build on his strong first season in charge. The likes of Manchester United (15), Arsenal (41) and Tottenham Hotspur (51) seem like outsiders at this stage, but will definitely provide stiff competition as they all are intent on returning to the upper echelons of the division. As the countdown to opening day comes ever closer and excitement grows, it looks like it’ll be a fierce duel between Manchester City and Liverpool at this stage, which will be compulsive viewing just as it was two seasons ago.

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Dutch Betting

Dutch Betting

An interesting topic to cover in for our next blog article, Dutch betting offers an intriguing option to delve deeper into.

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The way it works is by backing many selections in the same event. This sees you divide your stake into different bets, meaning no matter what selection comes out on top you still profit.

Obviously before placing a Dutch Bet, the right conditions need to exist for you to triumph and win regardless of the result. Key to this is having multiple betting accounts so you take advantage of the favourable odds needed to win.

While you need to undertake your due diligence and look around for the odds to be suitably priced, once you become efficient at this, you’ll see many opportunities come your way.

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Consisting of three different types of bet, which are simple, set amount and set profit, these are straightforward to understand. Simple sees your stake on each bet stay the same or be reduced, in order to ensure you win.

The set amount tactic sees you limit your bet to a specific amount. This is typically applied when you’re adding multiple bets into your bet.

Lastly, as the name suggests, set profit has the aim of ensuring you win a desired amount when you place your Dutch bets.

Although it can seem confusing and a lot of work, to make life easier you can use a betting calculator to figure out if Dutching will work on your chosen selections.

Even though it requires plenty of hard work and dedication, Dutching is a solid system if you’re willing to be patient and committed to the process.

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3 things: Baseball Betting Considerations

3 Things: Baseball betting considerations

Before placing any bets on baseball matches, there are many things you’ll want to take into account before jumping in. With many different elements to the game and things to learn, familiarising yourself with the rules and how the game is played is vital before you start.

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Once you’ve done the above, below are three things to look out for.


Once you feel ready to go and confident you have the knowledge to begin betting, a great place to start is by considering the travel schedule of teams. Using MLB as an example, and grueling travel can play its part, for teams can be jaded and not feel on top of their game for certain matches.

Courtesy of The Grueling Truth

To do so, you need to analyse their recent match schedules and what time their games are on, as some extra rest can be key. Moreover, taking into account if one team has played an extra innings game and the location of this clash are also something that should be taken note of.

Starting Pitchers

Getting off to an excellent start in any sport is key, and baseball is no different. This makes having a strong roster of starting pitchers key, for they can give you the ideal start you’re looking for from which teams can build from.

This therefore makes the starting pitcher an absolutely integral element of the game, with many bettors choosing which teams to bet on based purely on who the starting pitcher will be.

Obviously undertaking your research on this and doing your due diligence is key before betting, as you don’t want to overlook other factors that can impact your bet too.


Seeing as different umpires have their own subtly varying ways of operating, this can work in your favour if you are shrewd at identifying certain characteristics.

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Seeing as some umpires have tighter or looser strike zones, this can impact what pitches are considered strikes and which aren’t. This can advantage or disadvantage pitchers and batters quite heavily so spotting such patterns can be crucial.

A good example to use is if a pitcher is calling less strikes, this can lead to more hitters getting on base and more runs overall being scored.

While it seems like an inconsequential factor, it can actually play quite a role in proceedings.

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Sports Trading Strategies

Sports Trading and Trading Strategies To Utilize

Understanding Sports Trading

When you think about traditional bookmaking, it has been around for more than a century. Punters have been placing many bets on sports since years ago. It was also in the 1900s when online gambling came into the picture, and as is often the case when it comes to technology, it paved the way for the creation of a new way of sports betting. During the 2000s, Betfair was born. This is a betting exchange that facilitated peer-to-peer betting. Because of it, today’s punters can now find some of the best trading platforms to earn a profit.  

Online Gambling HistoryCourtesy of MMA for Money

Through a trading platform, punters could take on the role of the bookmaker if they wanted to. They can set their own prices and wait for their selection to be matched. They also become sports traders. Sports traders are just like stock traders, but instead of buying and selling shares of a company, they instead sell bets on sporting events.

Investment Vs TradingCourtesy of Pinterest

What is Sports Trading?

Sports trading revolves around “backing” and “laying” sports betting odds for a profit before the sporting event comes to an end. When you say backing, this is considered as betting while laying is bookmaking. The aim of sports traders is to lay low and back high. In this way, they can earn profit either in-play or even before the event. 

If you now have a better understanding of sports trading, find a no fee trading platform, and you can make use of these trading strategies to help you out:  
  • Do Your Research and Be knowledgeable – When it comes to trading, you must know about the sport and market you have chosen. This will give you an edge against the rest since you’ll know what will help you stay ahead of the curve. This can be being informed about team selection, head to head stats, and injury news, among others. 
  • Make Use of Back to Lay – This is one of the popular trading strategies, wherein you have to find a horse/team/player to back the price that will latterly fall for many reasons and then laying them at the new price so that you can guarantee a return despite the result. You can often use this in football markets and horse races.
  • Laying the Draw – This trading strategy is convenient for sports that have three possible results. By laying the draw, you should pay attention to the price for a draw that is fluctuating based on the action on the pitch.
  • Scalping – This strategy will require you to have a considerable bankroll to make price fluctuations and make the market work for you. It is trading minuscule odds movements. You need to have a keen mind if you want this strategy to be successful. 

Whichever way you go on about your sports trading strategies, make sure that you know everything regarding the sport and market. You also need to find a trading platform for beginners, especially if you are just starting out. 

You can check us out at VOdds. Our sports trading platform is one of the best there is where you can comfortably and conveniently make your betting exchanges. Open an account with us and be on the road to becoming a professional sports trader! 
The Importance Of Pitcher Research In Baseball

The importance of pitcher research in baseball

An element of baseball betting that should never be overlooked, the importance of pitcher research can’t be underestimated.

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Considering what a key influence pitchers can have on matches, it makes perfect sense to analyse this, for it can have a huge role in whether you succeed or fail. If done correctly, it’s important to note how you can then apply your knowledge to a large array of types of betting.

Courtesy of The Grueling Truth

With so many statistical and data resources available online for punters to take advantage of, you can find out so many different stats you can use towards determining your selections. You can then uncover how certain hitters fare against them, if they perform better home or away and follow an array of metrics to support your potential bets.

It’s crucial to keep monitoring the numbers as the season progresses to see any trends in performance of certain pitchers and pitching units as a hole.

Courtesy of Online Gambling

Watching the games to accompany the numbers is also worthwhile so you might be able to spot some patterns or get a gauge on if what you’re thinking is a good choice.

Although it can be an extremely time consuming task to persistently keep checking pitcher stats and performance levels, if you’re committed and have patience you’ll be well on your way to gaining an edge and profiting.

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