US Masters Betting Preview

With the US Masters having to be rescheduled to November from its usual April date due to the health crisis, it’ll certainly have a different feel to it.

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With Americans having won the last 10 major tournaments on home soil, it’s unsurprising they dominate the favourites list. Fresh from winning the US Open in September, the in form Bryson Dechambeau is the favourite in the betting markets at $9. Having never before been the favourite for a major, the pressure will be on for him to perform.

Seeing as 11 of the top 14 golfers in the world are Americans, other men in the hunt include Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Patrick Reed and Xander Schauffele.

Courtesy of Golf Travel

Last year’s winner, Tiger Woods, certainly isn’t fancied to take home the crown, but good value can be found on the star man for punters at $31.

Of the international contingent, Rory Mcllroy, Jon Rahm and Tyrell Hatton are all well and truly in with a chance of winning. It’ll be especially fascinating how McIlroy fares, for he’s desperately keen to add a Masters title to his list of achievements so he can complete the Grand Slam. Despite him being unable to win the world’s biggest golf event, the Northern Irishman is priced at a reasonable $13.

Interestingly, all of the last 10 winners were ranked 16 or higher, so it’ll be expected one of the big guns will come out trumps. With the action getting underway this week, golf fans the world over will be watching eagerly to see who can handle the pressure and weight of expectation to claim the coveted green jacket.

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Melbourne Cup Betting Review

While the race that stops the nation had a very different feel to it due to the health crisis, the 2020 Melbourne Cup was still an intriguing race.

Ostensibly leading from start to finish, Twilight Payment, ridden by Jye McNeil, won the coveted cup. Producing a brilliant ride in his first Melbourne Cup appearance, McNeil deserved immense credit for executing the race plan to perfection.

Maintaining the lead is usually no easy task, but Twilight Payment made it look easy, with the other horses unable to catch up. Priced at a whopping $27.20 to win and $8.10 to place, many bettors profited handsomely, including one lucky punter who won a staggering $130,000 on the Irish horse.

Courtesy of Wiki

Finishing second, third and fourth were Tiger Moth, Prince of Arran and The Chosen One respectively. With the quinella paying $97.20, the trifecta $1806.90 and the first four $38,939.90, a couple of bettors cashed in. Particularly notable was how one gambler won a first four bet to take home $64,418 and another won $40,497 on a same race multi.

In what was quite the upset, Twilight Payment amazingly beat the odds to triumph against a strong field to etch its name into history.

The race that always demands the attention of almost all Australians certainly delivered in spades this year.

AFL Grand Final an Interesting One for Bettors

Last weekend AFL’s Grand Final between the Richmond Tigers and the Geelong Cats was a memorable one.

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In a match where Geelong started impressively and raced out to a 22 point lead in the second quarter before Richmond impressively surged back to triumph, the AFL grand final was certainly an entertaining clash in Brisbane.

Made all the more exciting by the fact it was the first night Grand Final and first to be held outside of Melbourne due to the health crisis in Victoria, this added to the occasion.

Heading into the game Richmond were priced as favourites at $1.87 while Geelong weren’t far behind at $2.00. Winning by a 31 point margin in the end, punters could have got Richmond to win by over 25 points at a solid $4.20.

Courtesy of Wiki Comms

Excellent odds of $5 on Norm Smith Medal winner Dustin Martin, given for the man of the match, were also taken advantage of by many. Moreover, quite a few cashed in on Martin being priced at $1.65 to record over 20 disposals, which he did by getting 22 touches.

Geelong captain, Joel Selwood, beat the odds to record over 20 disposals too, as he was paying a hefty $3.25 that many took advantage of.

One lucky punter who bet a whopping $10,000 on Richmond to win the final back in September at $4.25 would’ve unquestionably been delighted at the outcome.

Having now won three of the last four Grand Finals, Richmond are unsurprisingly favourites to win again in 2021. Priced at 4.50, the Tigers will certainly be tough to bet, as plenty of bettors will already by backing them for glory next season.

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Soccer Predictions

Using Bet Statistics for Soccer Predictions

Those who have been in the sports betting industry know all about soccer predictions. These make betting experiences more fun and enjoyable for the punters, not to mention that soccer or football in the UK is one of the immensely loved sports out there. Soccer predictions give it even more of an impact since the game’s susceptibility to randomness changes things instantly. The bounce of the ball could determine the differences between wins and losses.

Soccer PredictionCourtesy of API-Football

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of soccer predictions, you need to keep in mind that randomness and luck are crucial in the outcome of your predictions. Soccer is one of the sports that is the most susceptible to randomness. For this reason, it will greatly affect the outcome of a match, a tournament, or even a whole season. Because of its low scoring nature, every difference in points count. 

Making Soccer PredictionsCourtesy of Cluster Pro

How do you use bet statistics for your soccer predictions? 

You need to focus on what you want to predict.

Don’t try to predict everything that might happen, such as the match’s result or whether both teams will score. You need to focus on one aspect of the game to achieve better results. You can bet on who will score, for instance, or how many shots a particular player can make. When you look at some of the best soccer prediction websites, you can see that bookmakers will offer plenty of resources to help manage the odds in any given market. Thus, don’t try to compete with them across the board and just target one specific market. You need to choose a niche market and then use your bet statistics to make informed predictions.

Remember that the past is just as important as the future, so use bet statistics and data.

This is because it is through bet statistics and data that they can make accurate soccer predictions. You can’t solely rely on your intuition or luck because data is crucial for your success. It will help you create a betting model that can be used to test your predictions. You have head-to-head results or the expected goals metric used in soccer analytics and betting.

Soccer predictions don’t always have to be exactly right.

They just need to be more accurate than that of the bookmaker and the rest of the market. So, whenever you have predictions for tomorrow’s soccer matches, you need to compare it against the odds. When you have a method for your soccer predictions, they need to be converted into probability and compared against the odds that are being offered. If you have an estimated probability that is higher than the bookmaker’s, this is called an edge. You can stake amounts relative to your edge.

Soccer predictions may be a fun way to bet, but it also could be quite tricky, so never underestimate it. That is why you need to have bet statistics and data to make accurate predictions.

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Bet Victor

How to be a Bet Victor Amidst the Evolving Sports Betting Industry

As the years pass by, the sports betting industry continues to grow. Tremendous changes have been made so that wagers in the UK and even around the world can enjoy all the aspects of betting, be it online or offline. With technology in place, there are so many things that this industry has to offer. 

Sports Betting TechnologyCourtesy of 800-Gambler

One of the features of sports betting that makes it hugely popular these days is that you can do it online. As can be seen from the infographic above, there are three factors of online sports betting that are encouraging many punters to choose this medium. First is because of the convenience it brings. Second, there are sportsbook apps where players can sign up, get easy access and be notified to be constantly engaged with their online betting. Last, many prominent organizations take to player-tracking technology such as the NHL and NBA to get their in-depth analytics. They use this advanced game analytics to allow newer and better betting options. 

World's Successful Bettors

Courtesy of 

Who doesn’t want to be part of the world’s most successful bettors? You can dare to dream and be like Billy Walters, who earned at least $300 million. Well, one of the ways you can take a step closer to this goal is by starting now and finding some of the best and credible sportsbook providers.

To make this easier for you, here are some tips to remember when choosing for your sportsbook provider:

Make Sure to Research and Read Reviews

When you research for a good sportsbook provider, one of the ways to check is by reading the reviews the company has received. If most previous customers have been satisfied with their services, this might indicate that they are reliable. Look at the reviews, both the positive and negative, and determine whether they can make their customers happy.

They Should Have Excellent Customer Service

Aside from customer reviews, one way to look at whether a sportsbook provider is worth it is by checking out the customer care services that they offer. This is a very crucial aspect since you want to be in a company that can give you reasonable customer care. You can check if they have 24/7 live chat support. This service means that you count on them to answer any of your questions and problems since you would be able to have access to them at all times of the day. 

Take Note of their Payment Options

You might want to find the safest online sports betting platform for your payment options. Since you’ll be betting online, you must have secure and accessible methods of payment for your wagers. Many sportsbook providers offer different payment options such as e-wallets, debit or credit cards, bank transfers and more. 

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Hedging Your Bets

Hedging Your Bets

Hedge betting is a strategy that many have heard of but one that is often not explored thoroughly, so this makes it a good topic for our next blog article.

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Hedge betting is essentially a way of giving you some insurance to avoid a loss from occurring from your initial bet. This means you bet on another outcome to happen that you initially didn’t bet on.

While it seems strange, its purpose is to guarantee you win no matter the result and subsequently build your bankroll. Obviously an integral part of the process is if the sportsbooks have the necessary odds on offer for your hedge bet to be viable.

This leads us to the different types of hedge bets. To start with, many will hedge due to changes surrounding the match you intend to bet on. The reasons include weather changes and star players being ruled out. Then, if you believe these things warrant placing a hedge bet then you can certainly do so. For these aforementioned reasons, you can also place a hedge bet in-play to act as insurance if a key player gets injured early on as an example.

Next up is hedging for guaranteed profits, where you’ll place a bet when the odds of your original bet have heavily increased. Inherently when this occurs, the odds of the other team triumphing rise, thus potentially making it viable to place a hedge bet if you’re not confident in your first bet.

Hedging futures bets is another vital option, for you can ensure that you’ll profit. Seeing as futures bets like who’ll win events in a variety of sports events, tournaments and championships are usually at favourable solid odds, you can definitely guarantee profits.

You can also hedge bet on parlays/accumulators that you’ve placed, which further adds to the variety of ways hedge betting can be used.

Once you feel like you’ve got your head around hedge betting and are comfortable with all its mechanics, you can give it a try. As you familiarise yourself with its workings, you’ll then improve your judgement when and when not to place a hedge bet.

All in all, if you’re willing to spend the time learning the ropes of the system, hedge betting is certainly a decent option for any bettor.

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Football Accumulators

How You Should Bet on Football Accumulators

If you’re into football, you might have heard of the accumulator, and if not, well you are in for a treat because it is one of the most famous types of football bets. For those who want to delve into the world of sports betting, this might be something you should try.

Person Betting
Courtesy of Full 90 Football

What is an accumulator bet?

A common mistake that most people have when using the word accumulator is that they refer it to any bet with multiple selections. This should not be the case because, to put it simply, an accumulator bet is a multiples bet. It is a bet that has at least four selections. This means that a wager with two selections is not an accumulator bet. It is actually called a doubles bet. You also have a trebles bet for a wager with three selections. 

How does it work?

Football accumulators are an excellent choice for those who want to win big by betting less. But it could also come with risks since a football accumulator bet must contain a minimum of 4 selections. For it to be a successful bet, every selection in the accumulator must win.

Accumulators Selection

Courtesy of Lay Back and Get Rich


If any of your selections don’t win, then you will not receive any winnings. For instance, you choose four separate teams to win their matches on a certain weekend; every one of those football teams must win. If only three won and one team is a draw, you will still lose your stake. 

The football accumulator bet might seem tricky but, believe it or not, bookmaker sites like bet365 make it as humanly as possible to place accumulator bets, and they also offer fantastic rewards. For these reasons, it is still a popular bet today.

If you want your football accumulator bet to be successful, having sports betting strategies or tips might be helpful. You can check out these articles:

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Teaser Betting

Teaser Betting

Relatively easy to understand and simple to use, Teaser Betting offers an interesting topic for our next blog article.

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While similar to a multi bet, where you still choose two or more bets and obviously have to win all bets to profit, it’s commonly believed teaser bets are easier to win. The reason for this is that in teaser betting you may alter your over/under and points spread totals between four and 10 points.

This summation from The Lines offers a good example, as it states: “Winning multiple bets, no matter the point spread is never easy. However, the adjusted lines should help bettors find a little more confidence in their bets. The payout from the sportsbook for a teaser is lower than a parlay since these are anecdotally easier to win.”

Usually used in NFL and Basketball betting, the key numbers in NFL are 4, 4.5 or 5 points and Basketball is 6, 6.5 or 7 point margins. So if your team/teams are on a -10 points spread and you’re not confident you could instead take the -5 to give you an improved chance of winning.

Courtesy of Crossing Broad

Even though the odds will decrease when you skew the possibilities in your favour, you should still undertake your usual research and due diligence prior to placing any bets. Moreover, sticking to your usual bankroll principles should be done too, no matter how sure you are that your bets will come off.

Allowing you to essentially move the boundaries to enhance your chances of success, this form of betting can certainly help you in your hunt for profit. But it is, however, important to exercise patience and composure just like in any form of betting.

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Juventus Season Preview

Juventus season preview

Despite winning the Serie A title last season under Maurizio Sarri’s guidance, the club opted to sack the Italian due to their poor Champions League showing in favour of bringing in former star Andrea Pirlo.

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Having not coached at the highest level, Juventus will be hoping the respect Pirlo will demand due to his remarkable playing career can get the best out of the players.

Gunning for their 10th straight title and to challenge hard for the Champions League, it’ll be fascinating to see how he fares and how he sets out his team. Securing some impressive new signings in the form of Arthur, Weston McKennie and Dejan Kulusevski, they’ll be hoping this will rejuvenate the squad.

Dealing with some big departures such as Gonzalo Higuain, Miralem Pjanic and Blaise Matuidi, losing this experience and quality in midfield especially will take some replacing.

Crucially, Pirlo’s got a strong support team around him in the form of Igor Tudor, Roberto Baronio, Antonio Gagliardi and Paolo Bertelli, which should massively help him.

Seeing how Cristiano Ronaldo performs under the former legend will offer much intrigue, as they’ll be heavily relying on the Portuguese superstar to inspire them to glory.

Courtesy of Wiki

Meanwhile, on the defensive end, they should be a tough nut to track, with Wojciech Szczesny in goal being flanked by the likes of Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci, Matthijs de Ligt, Merih Demiral and Alex Sandro.

With the likes of Inter Milan, Lazio, Napoli and Atalanta set to provide fierce competition, Juventus certainly won’t have it all their own way despite being priced at a short 1.90.

One thing’s for sure, though, all eyes will certainly be on Pirlo, eagerly awaiting how he goes in his first campaign with the mighty Juventus.

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The Monty Hall Problem

Monty Hall Problem

In our latest blog article, we hone our focus towards the Monty Hall Problem and how it works.

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To give an explanation of this conundrum, Betfile offers an excellent summation, noting: “The ‘Monty Hall problem’ (as it has become known) is a great example of how, when presented with the task of choosing one favourable outcome against two unfavourable outcomes, we find it almost impossible to correctly address the likelihood of success.”

Named after a game show where the contestants were offered the chance to win a car if they picked the correct door to open of the three available to them, it’s an interesting theory.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

To begin, the player picks a door, but it doesn’t immediately open. Then, the host opens the door and the car isn’t there, meaning you then have two choices available. You then get asked if you want to switch doors. From here, the majority of people believe they have a 50/50 chance of winning, where in reality it’s better than this. In fact, you actually have a 66% percent chance of winning, despite this seeming strange.

The below table created by Statistics by Jim gives a fine reference, where he gives the outcomes of nine scenarios, with the final result ending in a 66% win rate.

Courtesy of Statistics by Jim

While it’s very hard to digest and challenges the way we think, the Monty Hall Problem has caught out many all over. In terms of betting, you can use these principles when working out value and the probability of your selections winning.

So basically if you enhance your awareness and research regarding your picks, you’ll be much better placed to come out on top. The principles of the Monty Problem can definitely help you achieve this.

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