System Bets

System Bets: What It Is and How It Works

What is System Betting

Sports betting is a rising trend in the gambling world, especially for the millions of sports fans who make use of live sports data and its analysis. With a live sports API data feed, they would be able to make informed judgments and decisions before placing their bets. 

Because of the convenience that it brings, placing a wager has never been easy. The only thing that the bettor has to do is to choose the kind of betting they would like. 


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There are three main types or kinds of betting: Single, Express, and System.

Single bets are the most common form of betting. The punter has to predict a result, determine the desired stake, and then place the bet. If the prediction comes true, the bet will be won. The winnings will be calculated by multiplying the odds by the stake.

Express bets are also known as parlay or multi-bets. The punter will place bets on two or more outcomes using a single ticket. The total odds will be calculated by multiplying each of the individual selections to the odds. The payout is huge, but it also has a higher risk involved since all of the selections must be able to win. If one of them loses, you lose everything.

System bets are one of the most interesting types of sports betting. Just like express bets, the punter will place a minimum of three or more bets using a single ticket. Being able to use sports data feed will help you in this type of betting. This is because system bets will involve a combination of single bets and multi-bets that allow the bettor to wager on several results. The difference that it has with multi-bets is that the punter will still win even if not all of the selections are right. System bets remove the “all or nothing” approach that multi-bets have. What makes it also popular is that it increases the number of wagers that can be placed by grouping them into systems.


How System Betting Works


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When it comes to system betting, the first thing that needs to be done is to choose the number of events that you’ll want to place on your ticket or slip. The next step is to compute the potential return and profit. Check out the odds data feed to help you calculate and evaluate all the permutations. After doing all of those, you can place your bet and then sit back and hope for a good outcome. With your analysis and a little bit of luck, you might be able to win a huge payout. 

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Betting on Unfamiliar Sports

Betting on Unfamiliar Sports

Although it’s widely recommended that you avoid betting on any sports that you don’t have a strong existing knowledge of, there is some cases where it’s acceptable to bet on unfamiliar events.

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To begin with, if you’re just wanting to have a casual punt with your friends, then there’s no harm in having a bet on something that’s not your forte. Providing you do so in a responsible and smart manner, there shouldn’t be any issues having a bet for fun and some banter with your mates.


Secondly, if you feel you can learn the fundamentals of the sport you intend to bet on quickly, there shouldn’t be too much of a concern if you’re confident you can get up to speed. Maddux Sports’ explanation on where you could apply this approach offers a good insight. “For example, if you are a successful NBA or college basketball bettor it could make sense to give European basketball a try if you wanted to,” they noted. 

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“On the other hand, that same basketball bettor might find the transition to cricket betting rockier.”


Moreover, it also makes sense if there’s plenty of information and advice available on your chosen sport. This will subsequently allow you to make coherent and well calculated decisions if you do your due diligence.

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While it’s typically frowned upon for gamblers to launch into betting on events that they’re not accustomed to, the aforementioned reasons are justifiable ones to test yourself if you feel comfortable doing so.

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Types of Golf Betting

Types of Golf Betting

In the second part of our series on golf betting, we’re turning our focus to the different types of bets you can do.

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With most of the markets being fairly straightforward, it’s certainly not hard to get your head around them. To start with, the golf tournament winner is as easy it gets, for you simply just stake on who you think will win the tournament. 

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Each way betting on the player you believe will do well is also a sound option in golf, where you give yourself an extra chance if your selection earns a place. Seeing as many tournaments have in excess of 100 players, this method is a good option indeed to enhance your chances of winning. So when it comes to placing your bet, you’ll place half of your bet on the player to place and half on them to win.


Up next is hole in one betting, which is always a bit of fun for punters. Although not likely to happen, this rare occurrence still happens more often than you think and pays high odds, thus making it an exciting option to have a crack at it.

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First round leader bets are another popular choice among punters, with these allowing to win after the first day of action. If you know your stuff and can identify players who start rapidly then you can put yourself in a nice position to profit. 


Some other worthwhile options include top 10 and 20 finishes and top nationality betting, with these all adding to your many options. 


All things considered, there’s no shortage of markets for golf punters to test their luck on, with the sport never short of opportunities for punters to come out on top.

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Parlay Bet

What You Should Know About The Parlay Bet

What is Parlay Betting

When you go to a sports trading platform, there are so many types of sports betting to choose from. One popular form would be parlay betting. Using this kind of betting, bettors can place many wagers on the same ticket. They can bet on two or more moneylines or point spreads, for example, and earn a higher payout if all of their selections win. This bet is also known as an accumulator.


Parlay BettingCourtesy of Odds Shark


How does Parlay work?

A parlay bet works by wagering on several bets on one ticket. You can have several versions of the same bet on different games or combine different bets from various sports. If any of your picks ends with a push, your total profit will be lowered to what it would have been if the pick was not part of the ticket. If you win, on the other hand, you can gain a lot more profit than if you had bet on them individually. Losing is the opposite since if even any one of your picks loses, you will lose your full stake.


Parlay Betting PayoutsCourtesy of Top Rated Betting Sites.Co.UK


How do Parlay Payouts work?

Most sports bettors in live betting platforms like parlay betting because they can pay a small amount of money and, in return, get the chance to win huge payouts. The payout structure is always crucial when making a parlay bet. Bettors need to know the best price for their wagers so that the more chances they lump into one parlay, the more sure they are that they are making the right lines. This is how payouts work. As can be seen from the infographic above, parlay bets are often offered at a standard of -110 bet, which is 1.91 decimal odds.

What are the benefits of Parlay Betting?

High Returns and Low Risk – this means that you’ll get to wager on your favourites without the risk of having to wager a lot of money. It also comes with a likely high return.
Make Use of Handicapping to the Fullest – For those bettors who are great at accurately handicapping a game, their talent would not be wasted on betting on which team will win only. You can put your knowledge to good use.
More Potential for Profit – When you make use of parlay betting, you are betting on real value regardless of the outcome, whether you win or lose. This is because some sports betting sites allow the cash in of parlay cards even before they have been completed. You can also make use of the best brokerage platform where many handicappers purchase bet tickets that have potential.
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Football World Cup Betting Popularity

Football World Cup Betting Popularity

The worldwide sporting calendar is full of huge events for gamblers to have a bet on. The football World Cup is unquestionably right near the top of the list due its worldwide appeal, the amount of countries represented and the vast popularity of the beautiful game.

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Upon reflecting back on the most recent edition of the tournament in 2018 and the numbers emphatically show how popular it was among gamblers. As per a study undertaken by Sportradar, they discovered that a whopping €136 billion was betted throughout the summer showpiece.

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Incredibly, it was also learned that a remarkable €382 million was wagered using online bookies, with a staggering €7.2 billion alone staked on the final. With such easy access for gamblers from the comfort of their own home and with so many fascinating matches in quick succession, it’s little wonder these numbers are recorded in the modern day.

Having monitored 550 betting organisations, the depth of their study is very impressive indeed, as they notably drew some interesting conclusions.

Courtesy of Thimm

To start with, they found the average match had a betting turnover of roughly €2.1 billion. Furthermore, Croatia was found to be a heavily backed team, as punters enjoyed their superb run to the final. It was also interesting to note that the bookmakers would’ve enjoyed the fact many matches went to extra time and penalties, thus ruling out all bets that were ending in the original 90 minutes of action.

All things considered, the 2010 soccer World Cup proved just what a massive drawcard the showpiece is, and just how popular the sport continues to be, as the action was exciting for both fans and punters.

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Golf Betting: Tournaments to bet on

Golf Betting: Tournaments To Bet On

Boasting a worldwide appeal and a very popular sport to bet on, golf’s certainly an interesting option for gamblers.

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In the first part of our series on golf betting, we’re going to start by looking at the plethora of tournaments out there to stake on.

Played all around the globe and with events typically lasting four days, punters are obviously spoilt for choice when looking at events to try their luck on. There’s no doubting the four majors generate the most intrigue, though, as The US Open, The Open, The Masters and the US PGA Championship are the prized crowns.

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Seeing as players want to test themselves against the best golfers around, earn the most money and gain the most ranking points, the PGA tour is the hottest ticket around. Based mostly in America with a few events scattered around the globe, this is usually what punters enjoy betting on most.

To round out the PGA campaign, they have the captivating Fed Ex Cup, which is basically a four part finals series to see who’s the best of the best.

Then, there’s the European Tour, which is also highly rated and sees tournaments based in many regions outside of Europe such as Asia and Africa. The ET also has a season ending series called the Race to Dubai.

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Other tours of note include the tour and the Challenge Tour, which are feeder tours into the PGA and the ET respectively.

In addition, there is plenty of interest in team and individual matchplay events such as the Ryder Cup, where Europe faces off with America. Other tournaments in this mould are the Eur-Asia Cup and the Presidents Cup (rest of the world vs. USA).

The women’s game notably offers many options too, where betting outlets offer vast options on LPGA tournaments and the ladies’ majors.

If you love your golf and your betting, there’s certainly no shortage of options from everyone from the casual to the professional gambler, thus making golf a superb sport to bet on.

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Betting On Losers

Betting On Losers

As gamblers, the usual train of thought is to bet on teams you believe will win. But there’s also many out there who go against the grain and favour betting on losing teams.

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While the point of betting on a team and then wanting them to win makes perfect sense, wanting a team to lose can be a hard concept to grasp.


Obviously just like with any form of betting you need to identify picks that represent value while still having a strong chance of winning. So it’s then all about finding good opportunities to exploit no matter if it’s betting on a winner or loser. 


This type of mindset is present in lay betting, where it can be simpler to back a team or a horse not to win. Looking at things plainly, it’s a sound idea to bet on a team losing if they’re in the midst of a terrible run of form. Indeed, in an article from 2005 by Kevin Pullein in The Guardian, he gave an interesting explanation on why betting on losing teams has a lot of upside. 


“In the Premiership and Football League during the last 10 seasons, fewer than half of all teams who had won their previous six games won the next one, and fewer than half of all teams who had lost their previous six games lost the next one,” he explained. “Many of those teams on winning runs would have been genuinely good, and vice versa.”

Courtesy of Betting Metrics

If you keep up to date and analyse the form of many teams you’ll quickly be able to see reasons why a team is having a poor run of results, thus meaning you could be well placed to profit. 


Although it goes against the norm for many, betting on losers can certainly be profitable if you’re astute at spotting trends and applying your regular principles.

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Football Goalscoring Betting

Football Goalscoring Betting

With many football leagues around the world gradually returning to action after enforced lay offs, many punters are glad to see their beloved teams return.

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With this comes many opportunities for punters to use their knowledge and put their skills to the test in a variety of markets. There’s no doubting the goalscoring markets offer some interesting options.


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While you can use your general knowledge when betting, it’s best to accompany this with some quality research and analysis. The obvious place to start is looking at which players are in excellent form. Then, as you dig deeper, you can look at some more advanced metrics.


These include things like how many Expected Goals a player is recording per game, how many actual goals per game they’re scoring and how many shots on target per game they’re launching. Checking on aspects like if your player takes penalties and set pieces is also wise to investigate too.


In addition, looking at how many total chances a team generates per game, how effective they are at set pieces and how many chances the opposition concede per game is useful too before locking in your selections. Checking past matches and how a particular player performs against certain teams can also give an additional edge.

Courtesy of Honest Betting Reviews

You can obviously tailor your findings depending on the markets you’re looking at. The most popular options are anytime goalscorer or first goalscorer, with the latter being far more difficult to predict but paying higher odds.


While you won’t always win in the goalscorer markets, it’s important to not get disheartened if results don’t go your way. Just keep remaining patient and doing your research and you should come up trumps sooner rather than later in this fun, exciting type of betting.

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Types of Bets

4 Common Types of Sports Bets

4 Common Types of Sports Bets

The whole process of betting on sports can be overwhelming for new punters. With so many types of sports betting that should be learned, it can cause a lot of confusion. That is why understanding the difference between all the sports bets available is necessary in order to have successful results.   


Sports Bets

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The sports betting market is constantly growing, and that is why bookmakers offer a range of bet types to encourage punters. The value of these offers all depends on the kind of bet and the sporting event. Some bets work well with football, while there are bets that are great for basketball. It will all rely on statistics and your strategy as a bettor.  


Sports Bets TypeCourtesy of Legit Gambling Sites


If you are a beginner, In order to understand betting on sports games, you need to learn about the common types of betting:

Moneyline Bets

These are one of the simplest types of sports bets. This is when you only wager on who will win the game or event. That is the only thing that you’ll have to do because it won’t depend on how the team or player wins, or the points, runs or goals. The only criterion that has to be met is that you picked them to win. 

Spread Bets

These bets are also known as points spread or handicap betting. This is also a popular type of betting where it allows the punter to wager on the team that they think will do a better game than what the sportsbook expects. It won’t depend on who will win or lose the game, but who will be the one who outperforms the other.

Parlay Bets

These are one of the trickiest types of bets, but nothing is more rewarding than having a successful parlay bet. It combines two or more individual bets, and the only way to win is if all of the bets are winners. If a single one loses, then the entire wager will fail. The great thing about this bet is that you’ll get higher returns than if you had made single bets.

Over/Under Bets

These are also called total bets. These types of bets will allow you to wager for both teams because it involves betting on the total number of points, goals, or runs scored by them in a game. There is a specified number where you can either bet on over or under. Thus, in this wager, you are betting on the flow of the game or event.

There are many other types of sports betting that you should learn, but in the meantime, you should consider those mentioned common sports bets, especially as a new punter.

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Clean Sheet Betting

While clean sheet betting is not the first market that springs to mind when thinking about sports betting, it’s unquestionably an avenue worth exploring.

Also applicable to sports like ice hockey, where it’s called a shutout, this method of wagering can be quite fruitful if you undertake your due diligence.

Insert Image 1

Before placing any bets, it’s important to support your potential selections with some research. A great place to begin with is by looking at any injuries or suspensions to key personnel that can impact the probability of a team keeping a clean sheet. Checking current form and recent historical data between two opponents is also worth investigating to see if any usable data can be found. Observing home and away form can also give you an edge.

Insert Image 2

Taking a deeper dive into some detailed statistics can serve you well too, for this allows you to check on things like goals per game, shots per game, chances created and conceded per game, expected goals for and against per game and how many clean sheets the team you’re looking at has actually kept.

Insert Image 3

Observing the styles certain teams deploy should be used to investigate how attacking or defensive they are, which can play a crucial role in seeing how well equipped they are to keep clean sheets and hold out their opposition.

Simple to use and very accessible, if you’re willing to spend the time to patiently and thoroughly explore all the factors that can influence your wager, this market is definitely worthwhile looking into.

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