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Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 26 Nov 2020

There are thousands of online betting sites to choose from nowadays, and it’s quite difficult to select which one works best for you.

It’s very time-consuming to register to multiple betting accounts just to test which one has great odds and best prices. That is why we maximize the use of Sportsbook Aggregators or Sports Trading Platforms.

VOdds is an aggregator managed by Ole Group International B.V., a Curacao registered company that can give you the best odds as it also serves as a SBOBet online broker. It can give you direct accounts for Pinnacle and Singbet (Crown) as well.

How Sportsbooks Aggregators Work

How Sportsbooks Aggregators Work

Aggregators serve as a single-wallet platform for multiple sportsbooks so you don’t have to create different accounts. These trading platforms collect odds from their partner sportsbooks and help punters to line shop for odds with convenience.

Aside from these, they can provide live betting and live streaming for your chosen sports and give different promos.

There are some downsides as well. One of which is the different betting risks.

If you are a long-term punter, you might already know how to work your way around the sportsbooks through your preferred aggregator.

But for first time punters, make sure that you know which books you are working with so you won’t lose huge sums of money.

There are certain risk levels when betting with multiple sportsbooks. For example, some sportsbooks tag abnormal bets based on their own policies. Although you won’t lose your money, it might mean that you won’t get the money that you supposedly have won. 

Even when you use an aggregator, these wagers are still the responsibility of the punter. Make sure to research a lot and read our blogs about trading risks and how you can manage them.

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Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks 12 Nov 2020

Advantages of Using a Sportsbooks Aggregator

Based on our updated observation in the past two weeks, these are the changes in trading risks with our partner sportsbooks.

You can bet safely on your Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and other football events by using these sportsbooks: Matchbook, PIN88, BET-ISN, SBC, Betfair, and GA288. 

Although on extremely rare occasions, there have been instances of PIN88 voiding bets, especially in tennis and basketball. The official reason furnished is “In accordance with our General Terms, we have cancelled winning wagers from the below players due to line manipulation.”

Meanwhile, Singbet (Crown) has a low risk at voiding Pre-Game bets and medium risk at voiding In-Running bets. We’ve noticed a slight increase in voided bets during the past two weeks compared to the previous period.

Books such as Shibo and SBOBET have been observed to have voided bets massively both Pre-Game and In-Running in the past few weeks. If you want to maximize SBOBET betting odds, make sure to prepare for abnormal bets.

WLG, on the other hand, was previously in the low-risk level but based on our updated data, they have also tagged a lot of bets as void in the past two weeks.

Updates from this article are based on the recent month’s data and are accurate as of 26 November 2020.

Stay on the loop about SBOBet odds, Singbet odds, and Pinnacle odds with our blogs and keep yourself well-informed for your sports betting journey.

If you want to adjust your Sportsbook Preferences based on the risk level you’re willing to take, head over to your VOdds account! Sign up if you don’t have one yet.

trading risks 12 nov

Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 12 Nov 2020

Betting, in general, has different risk-factors, that is why we always advise new bettors to wager only their bankroll and have enough research before placing any bets. 

If you’re already a long-term bettor, you might notice that some sportsbooks are known to void bets in some scenarios such as pre-game, in-running, or after a sporting event; we also call these abnormal bets.

Having your bets voided can be annoying and these are only examples of risks involved in sports betting that you may encounter whether you are a newbie or an expert.

Void bets and abnormal bets occur on a case-by-case basis. For example, you placed a bet on Singbet sportsbook betting platform and it got canceled based on their assessment that it might have violated some of their rules or they think it’s invalid.

Some bookmakers in the United Kingdom, like other European countries, deter winning punters from their books by restricting their bet limits, while some Asian bookmakers choose to do so by canceling winning bets themselves.

Any kind of bet can be voided or invalid depending on the sportsbook and the situation. Risks also vary when bet is made pre-game or in-running.

Void or abnormal bet also means that your stake will be returned to your account by the sportsbook, so technically, you won’t win any money but you won’t lose it either.

VOdds values its customers and we want you to be informed about the certain risks involved in trading and how you can manage them. To arrange your sportsbooks preferences based on the risk-level you’re willing to take, simply go to your account and select the books that you want to trade with.

Some books are known to mark bets as abnormal, depending on their own rules and regulations. As a sports trading platform, our experts have observed some of our partner bookmakers and their practices in voiding bets.

Although bets are placed via VOdds, we are not responsible for the refund/payment of any abnormal bets since we are a sportsbook aggregator, just like a betting broker.

An aggregator or a bet broker acts as a middleman and we are only here to help you access multiple bookmakers in a single-wallet platform.

The bookies are the ones to refund your void bets based on their individual terms and conditions.

VOdds Partner Bookmakers

Based on our data, if you want to be on the safer side and enjoy the same price competitiveness but without getting your bets voided, we suggest dealing with Matchbook, PIN88, ISN, SBC, Betfair, and GA288. These sportsbooks neither classify bets as abnormal nor do they void bets.

If you want to take advantage of the high odds and liquidity that Crown (Singbet) sportsbook software and WLG provide, you may do so at your own risk. For pre-game bets, it is noticed that Singbet targets bets whose odds have dropped significantly. 

If you want to know how to bet on Singbet from the UK without experiencing these issues, you can get direct access from VOdds.

For in-running bets, their practice is to void the bets after the match, after results are already known. Meanwhile, WLG has a history of voiding bets, and sometimes it is voided days after the bet has been graded as a win.

On the other hand, Shibo and SBOBET have high risks of voiding bets after a sporting event has concluded.

It is observed that only winning bets are voided and it is done after the match results are finalized. Both sportsbooks are also very high risk on pre-game and in-running voiding of bets so you might want to take extra caution.

Information from this article is based on recent month’s data and accurate as of 12 November 2020. We will be posting blogs regularly for the awareness of our dear clients.

So, if you want to adjust your Sportsbook Preferences based on the risk level you’re willing to take, head over to your VOdds account today! Feel free to sign up if you don’t have an account yet.