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5 Simple Steps To Place a Bet with Asian Bookies

Online sports betting is getting more and more popular in Asia. This is one of the major reasons why there are a lot of Asian sports bookmakers in the sports betting market today. However, placing your first bet can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never placed a bet before.

For experienced bettors, betting online is generally a straightforward process. Nevertheless, it is crucial to point out that Asian bookies have different betting layouts. In other words, you have to adjust based on the bet placement process of your chosen online sports betting platform.

online betting platforms

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To help you gain an understanding of the general online betting process for various sports bookmakers on the internet, we’ve outlined the most common steps below:


How To Place A Bet With Asian Bookies

Step 1

Placing a bet online is relatively a simple process. While most Asian sports bookmakers have unique bet placement procedures, every single one of them will require you to have a registered account in order to use the platform. Once you have created an account, you will then be one step closer to placing a bet on a particular sporting event.

register sports bookmaker

Step 2

Once you have successfully created an account, you will then have the option to fund it before you can place any bets. This can be completed by selecting your preferred payment method from the range of available modes of payment on the platform. Some of the most commonly used payment methods are debit cards and credit card transactions. Nonetheless, you have the option to choose among other methods such as PayPal, BitCoin, Bank Wire, Neteller, and Skrill depending on your chosen bookmaker.

sports bookies payment method

Step 3

After you’re done with the first two steps, you will now then be able to place a bet. The majority of Asian bookies help their customers find their most preferred betting market conveniently. You might be wondering what is the Asian list betting availability for sports when you’re searching for sporting events. As a bettor, you can easily locate them by simply browsing the list of available sports, which are commonly sorted in an alphabetical manner. You don’t have to bother searching for Asian bookies football in order to locate football sporting events.

sporting events bet

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Step 4

Once you have selected the sport of your liking, you will then be provided with a list of sporting events. This is where you can place your bet at. After choosing, you have the option to click on the odds and select the stake for that particular bet. Bear in mind that most Asian sports bookmaker platforms will only allow you to bet the funds that are in your account. So if you want to place bigger bets, consider doing further deposits in your account.

Note: Some websites will create betting slips when you place a bet.

online betting platforms

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Step 5

If you win the bet, you will get your winnings shortly after the sporting event ends. You will have the option to keep all of your winnings in your account. You also have the option to have them credited back to the payment method you chose to use.

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how to be a professional sports bettor

How to Be a Professional Sports Bettor

Picture yourself lounging around your house, watching your favourite sport, and you’re earning a huge amount of money. Sounds like a dream, right? But little do most people know, it is an actual job, and it’s the reality of a professional sports bettor.

Amateur vs. Professional Sports Bettors

Since we’re talking about reality, the truth about sports betting is that there’s a very small percentage of bettors who are actual full-time professionals. There’s also a smaller percentage of them making a great amount of money out of it.

Meanwhile, most people who try to be professional will fail because most of them are amateurs just looking for a good time.

So, if you want to become a professional sports bettor, you have to know the difference between an amateur and a professional.

For starters, amateurs don’t take the serious technical approach that the industry needs to thrive. They bet on hunches or feelings — mostly driven by a favourite player or team. Amateurs will want to bet because of the pleasure and entertainment they get from the act of betting itself.

Professionals, however, take a systematic approach to sports betting. It’s business for them and they treat it that way. Furthermore, they don’t rely on gut feeling — they place bets based on statistics and skills.

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“How Can I Become a Professional Sports Bettor?”

Easy there, eager beaver. You really want to become a professional sports bettor, huh? Well, if you’re dedicated to the craft, are intelligent in your decision-making process and love what you’re doing, there’s no reason you can’t make a good fist of it.

However, there are things to consider before you start your career in this field.

After all, every bet is essentially an investment and can have an impact on whether you’re a success or not, so you need to be wise and strict with yourself.

Think of it as a business

To start with, managing your bankroll is an integral component, as you need to ensure you have a set of principles and follow them fiercely. It’s all good and well to have a plan, but you must implement it at all times and make sure to not veer away from it. Otherwise, this can create poor habits that will hinder your chances of sustaining your professional betting status.

Providing yourself with as much usable information will quickly become a vital element of your analysis of your picks, as you need to be informed before putting any money down.

Statistics on a laptop

As a result, treating your betting as a business will make you sharper about where you put your money and what risks come with it. On top of that, you gain the ability to analyse whether or not a risk is worth taking the plunge.

Understanding the value of information

Being extremely knowledgeable about your chosen sport — or sports — is a must to accompany the afore. This subsequently means you’ll have your own information to call upon, which can be very insightful and useful.

Hence, as a professional sports bettor, you take advantage of all the information that you can get your hands on.

Whether news breaks that a certain valuable player gets injured days before his match, or looking at previous match records like, for example, if a team or player having a high standing last season goes up against someone from below the top 5.

Undertaking research using statistics, historical data, news surrounding your selections and by watching games can be beneficial to step up your game.

Confidence is key

You read that right.

Confidence is key to a lot of things, even to sports betting. One of the main reasons why bettors do not win as much as they want is sometimes psychological. When you doubt yourself, you start to lose confidence. Lack of confidence puts sheer pressure which leads to poor decision-making.

And do you know what happens next? You start to lose and it can inevitably turn into an excruciating cycle.

Once you’ve identified a selection you like that represents value and looks a winner, you need to have the confidence to go with it. You need to believe in your skills. Betting with conviction will allow you to take advantage of excellent opportunities to profit.

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

As you establish yourself and build your confidence, diligently record all your bets — both wins and losses — as this will serve as a wonderful tool for you to spot trends and see what’s working for you and what isn’t.

a man preparing to lift a heavy weight

On top of that, you’ll also be able to analyse how much profit you’re making through shrewd record-keeping. This allows you to have unbiased decision-making whenever you look at information about the best odds range that you succeed in.

Say you have enough data to see whether or not you gain profit from placing bets on handicaps, and see that you’re losing money on it. Hence, you find a weak point where you can choose to improve on or not bet on — both of which can help you decrease risks of losing.

Have the right skillset

Having the right skill set in sports betting means to equip yourself with betting strategies that can help you win more wagers. For now, we’ll run you through some of the most common betting strategies that you can apply to your new career as a professional sports bettor.

One-Sport One-Team

  • This strategy is best used if you’re still starting as a bettor. One-Team One-Sport is exactly what it is — you pick one sport and one team, and gain a deeper knowledge about its ins and outs. Through this, you get to save time spent on researching teams, matches, or rules, since you only have to focus on one.

Low-Risk Betting

  • In low-risk betting, you only place 1% or 2% of your bankroll into each match that you wish to bet on. This provides a lower risk of financial ruin that you’re probably not prepared for when you’re still starting as a punter.
  • If you have, for example, just £100 in your bankroll, then you might need to bet a little higher than 2% to meet the minimum bet of bookies. However, that will most likely only be around £20, which is still not much of a loss if ever you don’t win a few bets.

Betting Systems

  • Betting systems are patterns in betting that you follow when you encounter winning or losing streaks. An example of the most common systems is called the Labouchere, which you can read more about by visiting our blog.
  • One downside to betting systems, however, is that you need to invest a lot of time researching so that you don’t lose money trying to experiment.

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How to Avoid Being a “Mug Punter”

A Mug Punter is something that you wouldn’t want to be associated with, and definitely not the type of bettor you want to be called. These are people who do the opposite of what professional sports bettors do and, hence, have greater chances of losing wagers and/or have mediocre wins.

So, what makes a mug punter? Here are the common mistakes that you should avoid.

Trusting too much

There are tonnes of supportive punters all over the internet that can help you grow as a bettor. So, naturally, it’s good to seek advice from these people, especially if they have a proven track record.

However, one mistake that you can make as a newbie punter is to rely too much on other people’s advice. It can be tempting, especially when people from communities feed you with details about why a match is a “sure-win.” Unfortunately, not every tip you come across is true. Worst comes to worst, you come across a scamdicapper and get persuaded enough to wager every penny you have in your bankroll.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that these people have no control over the games. So, whatever promise of guaranteed wins they give you, there is still a chance that they could be wrong. Moreover, should you choose to take their advice, know that you can’t hold it against them.

Hence, the only person that you can really trust is yourself, so it’s good to develop your confidence first before placing big bets. You can start with reading match previews from trustworthy sources and see how they analyse a match. After that, you can gather more information to see if their recommendations are reasonable or credible.

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Trying to be a Jack-of-all-trades, but never a master

One of the biggest mistakes — if not the biggest — that most rookie punters make is trying to master every sport that they can bet on.

Keep in mind that there are numerous sports and betting strategies out there, and you can’t learn them all. A real, professional sports bettor focuses on mastering one sport and learning the best betting strategy that works with their chosen sport.

Trying to learn everything at once can only make you a so-so (at most) in each sport and strategy you are trying to learn. If you want to be a professional, you have to be a master. So, focus and try to apply the “One-Sport One-Team” strategy that we mentioned earlier, and work your way from there.

Not Trusting Value Bets

Value bets are wagers that you place on odds that you believe to be the most feasible win, based on probability, statistics and other supporting information. Therefore, these are the type of bets that you should be making.

Mug punters don’t see the worth of value bets because they think it tedious to conduct thorough research on the details of a match. They put their trust on gut feeling, so it’s either they go with what the crowd sees as a “100% win” or bet on their favourite team.

Since value bets basically mean relying on your knowledge about a specific sport, you have to be unbiased when gathering information about a match, probabilities and odds. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is having a biased opinion about the outcome of a game, and looking for information to support your bias.

Overreacting to Recent Stats or Trends

man covering his face

We can’t emphasize it enough that you should always gather enough data before placing a bet. Now, where your research can go wrong is when you overreact to recent trends.

Say a particular team has been doing great in the previous season or games, that doesn’t mean that you should instantly place a bet on their win on the next match. Don’t overestimate wins and winning streaks, and don’t underrate teams that come off from a loss.

Unrealistic Expectations

Mug punters are in perpetual thought that if they get lucky enough, they can get instantly rich when one of their bets turn out to be a win. However, that will lead to nothing but more losses, disappointments, or worse, debts.

The first thing you need to do is to work on strategies to break even. Develop that skill and work your way into getting more wins through smart bets. A realistic figure that you can use as a goal is to win between 52% to 55% of your total bets. Anything above that, and you can now consider yourself as a profitable sports bettor.

Finding the Right Bookmaker

With the growing popularity of sports betting, you can find literally hundreds of thousands of bookmakers online. However, just like succeeding in this field as well as mastering a skill, finding the right bookmaker can be just as hard. It takes time and a great amount of research to find one that suits you.

In finding the right bookmaker, you will have to start asking questions like ‘what markets do these bookies offer?’ ‘what’s so unique about this bookmaker?’ ‘do they have any restrictions?’ and lastly, ‘is this trustworthy and reliable?’

One of the most important aspects of becoming a professional sports bettor is using a bookmaker that consistently offers the best odds.

man holding binoculars

Furthermore, just like in casinos, there are some bookmakers that block or restrict your account when you get too good and win too often. So, if you want to be successful in betting, you need to find a bookmaker that welcomes winners and won’t restrict or limit anyone that makes money from betting.

Aside from finding a bookmaker that is suitable for you, you can also opt for sportsbooks aggregators. Now, what is a sportsbook aggregator?

A lot of bettors tend to create multiple accounts in various bookmakers in order to compare the best possible odds for their sports bets. With a sportsbooks aggregator, you would not have to register for numerous accounts because they give you a list of the best odds and highest limits from a variety of bookmakers.

Moreover, some aggregators, like the VOdds sports trading platform, allow you to place bets, make withdrawals and deposits, directly from their platform.

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It’s Not a Cakewalk, but It Can Be Rewarding

Before going full time, practising and refining your skills is a great idea to see if you believe turning professional is the right move for you.

While it’s not as straightforward as it looks becoming a pro, if you put in the work and have an unyielding commitment to ensuring you make coherent decisions, for the right person it can be an excellent career choice.


Horse Racing Bets

What are the Different Types of Horse Racing Bets?

Horse racing betting has been around the world for centuries. Most punters love the rush of watching horses come down that little bit of stretch and the jockey pushing the horse outside and making a last-minute charge for the lead. You can hear the fans scream and see the jockeys rejoice because there’s nothing like live horse racing to give you that adrenaline rush. So, with the excitement that comes with this sport, many punters are looking for various types of horse racing bets for their wagers.  

Horse RacingCourtesy of Express.Co.UK

Regardless of whether you have been to the track or not, you know that horse racing and sports betting go hand in hand. With bookmakers providing high odds and the best offers, no one can resist the appeal of this kind of sports betting, more so when you have different types of horse racing bets, you can choose from.   


Horse Betting TypesCourtesy of Free Bet Deals

Gone are the days where you have to head to the track to place your bets. Nowadays, you have online horse racing betting wherein you can get a live sports score API, which gives you real-time data for your bets. With its convenience, all you need to do is find the right bets among the various horse racing betting options.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

If you want to know the types of horse racing bets you can use for your wagers, here are some of the major types of bets:

Win, Place, Show

These three are known as the common types of horse racing bets. For each bet, you’ll have to pick a horse, and if they finish the race in the right position, you’ll win. So, in the case of a win bet, if you pick a horse that wins the race, you win the bet. For place bets, if you bet on a horse to finish first or second place, you also win the bet. Lastly, for show bets, you pick a horse, and if they finish in one of the top three positions, you also win the bet.

Exotic Betting

Aside from the common types of horse racing bets, you also have exotic bets. These types of bets are when you bet on more than one outcome at a time. There are different types of exotic betting, which will involve various parameters and conditions. To help you out, here are some of them: 

1) Quinella

This bet involves wagering on two horses in the same race to finish either in first or second place. It won’t matter which horse gets first or second as long as they belong in the top two.

2) Exacta

Exacta bets are the same as quinella bets except for the fact that it matters which order the horses will finish the race. This means that if you picked that a certain horse will place first and the other will place second, they must finish the race in that exact order.  

3) Trifecta

The trifecta bets are also similar to the exacta bets. But, in this type of exotic bet, you’ll have to pick horses that will be in the top three according to the exact order you chose to win the bet. 

4) Superfecta

This type of bet is also similar to the trifecta. In this case, you will not pick the top three horses but instead the top four horses. Remember that they must finish in the exact order that you choose so that you can win the bet.

Don’t forget these types of horse racing bets if you plan to wager on major events. For those who are also looking for a bookmaker that has an odd API, choose VOdds. We have all that you need for your horse racing bettings. You can check out more of our services and promotions by registering an account with us today! 

Ice Hockey Betting

The Different Types of Ice Hockey Betting You Should Know

When it comes to ice hockey, it is commonly prevalent in Canada and the U.S. You’ve got college teams and even representatives for the Olympics. It’s not an easy sport, and you can compare it to American football on ice. As players skate through the ice, they make sure to have control of the puck and at the same time be wary of their opponents since this sport involves body contact. Collisions are bound to happen. That’s why the anticipation for these games can also be relatively high. Most fans and punters are competitive when it comes to ice hockey betting. 


Hockey By GenderCourtesy of Designs by Spike

As a sports trader, there are many options for you in ice hockey betting. You need to choose the right type of bet so that you can be successful in your predictions. NHL games are one of the best ways for you to gamble. Many sportsbooks provide the best offers for ice hockey punters.  

Gambling and NHLCourtesy of 800-Gambler

To help you out, check out some of the following ice hockey bets:

5 Types of Ice Hockey Betting


This is one of the most popular ice hockey betting types. When you bet on the moneyline, you are wagering on who will win the game. If you bet on the underdog, this can give you substantial winnings if they can pull off an upset. Moreover, we suggest looking at the save percentage and goals-against average for the goalies. This will help you decide which team to bet on.  

Puck Line

This betting type is like the run line in baseball. You have a hockey puck line, and the wagers depend on a 1.5 goal spread. You can either lay 1.5 goals with the favourite team or take 1.5 goals with the underdog team. 


When you choose hockey totals, your bets will depend on the total number of goals scored in the game. Punters can wager on the total goals, and it can be over or under the number given by oddsmakers. Usually, totals are set between 5 and 6.5, but it all depends on the teams playing and the goals. 

60 Minute Line

For this ice hockey betting type, it’s the same as moneyline, but the difference is that it includes the tie option. The results will consist of 3 periods, which means you can bet that Team A will win in 60 minutes or bet that Team B will win in 60 minutes or lastly bet that there will be a tie. This comes with an additional risk which is if the game goes overtime. So, if your bet prediction shows that it could go overtime, it’s better not to choose this betting option.


This is when you place a bet on multiple outcomes, and these should all be correct for you to win your bet. Parlay bets are one of the riskiest ice hockey betting types. This is because you need each outcome to be correct for your entire bet to win. However, it does provide greater rewards. 

As an avid ice hockey sports trader, you should choose VOdds for your online sports betting. From in-play betting to Skype betting, we offer various services for you punters out there! So, join us by registering now!

NASCAR Betting

What is NASCAR Betting?

When it comes to high-speed sport, you are probably thinking of car racing, specifically NASCAR. This is known as the premier stock car racing series in the world and has been keeping many fans and punters at the edge of their seats. For those that want the action and excitement, NASCAR betting is the type that can give them the rush that they want, especially if you can experience it through a 24/7 live betting platform. With the right bets, punters can make some serious cash. 


NASCARCourtesy of Odds Shark

What is NASCAR?

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR is among the top-tier auto racing series. Examples of its popular series include the Xfinity Series, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, and the Gander Outdoors Truck Series. 

In the Cup series, NASCAR drivers are given points depending on where they finish and the number of laps they are in the lead. Moreover, the NASCAR schedule has two parts. The first one consists of 26 races and the second will be the Chase, which is a series of 10 races that determine the champion. The top 16 drivers of the first part will be the ones participating in the Chase.  


NASCAR vs Formula 1Courtesy of Red Bull USA


In NASCAR betting, you can bet on not just who is going to win the race. When it comes to sports gambling for NASCAR, many online sportsbooks offer a variety of options for the bettor. Here are some of the best bets that can help you get more profitable opportunities in NASCAR betting.

Types of NASCAR Betting  

1) To Win Outright

This is probably the most common and one you are familiar with. The “win outright” bet is when you wager on who will win a race. You’ll pick your driver, and if he finishes in first place, you’ll have made a successful bet. You can also bet on multiple drivers to win, and if one of them takes the checkered flag, you’ll still win your bet. 

2) Pole Position

This NASCAR betting involves your knowledge of who is the fastest driver if the race track is empty. With the pole position bet, you can wager on the driver that will have the fastest qualifying time. So, make sure to choose the right driver to win the bet.

3) Fastest Lap Time

From its name, the bet is self-explanatory. This involves wagering on which driver will have the single fastest lap from a given race. The “fastest lap time” bet is also independent of the outcome of the race, which means that regardless of who will win the race in the end, as long as your chosen driver has the single fastest lap, you’ll win your bet.

4) Podium Finish

Have you ever made a prediction that you are unsure of in NASCAR betting? Well, the podium finish is the right choice for you. This is the type of bet wherein the driver you choose only needs to finish in the top three so that you’ll win the bet. So, your pick does not have to win the race as long as he is in the top three positions.

NASCAR betting is quite fun, and if you are planning to use some of the bets mentioned above, you should check out our services at VOdds. We provide Asian Handicap betting and more for our punters. Open an account with us today!

MLB Betting Types

MLB Betting: Get to Know the Basics and Its Different Types

Do you want to know one of the sports that provide a lot of action to bettors? It’s Major League Baseball. That’s right. This is a famous sport, not just in the United States but across the globe as well. It consists of 162-game seasons for each team, and with 30 teams in Major League Baseball, online sports betting has never been more fun for punters as they choose many options for their MLB betting.

Major League Baseball

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Aside from American football, baseball remains to be a sport that’s well-loved in the U.S. You’ve got millions of dollars earned through it. Punters are avid fans of it, and Major League Baseball just makes them want more of the sport.

MLB Betting

Courtesy of 800-Gambler

With the increasing demand for the sport, MLB betting is one of the most sought after types of online sports betting. You’ve got bookmakers providing bets at great rates for punters. That’s why a lot of them make sure to pick the right betting strategy. Below are some of the popular bets that they make.

The Different Types of MLB betting

Of course, Major League Baseball comes with many events to bet on, which is why you have several types of MLB betting you can make. They’ll give you new and exciting methods of leveraging your predictions. 

1) Run Line Bets

This is one of the common types of MLB betting. You’ll have to pick a game-winner. However, they must either win by a specific number of runs or lose by less than a specific number of runs. This is close to spread betting in football that many football betting sites offer. In order to win the bet, in MLB betting, the run line is always 1.5 runs, and the team favourite has to win by more than 1.5 runs. On the other hand, the team underdog must lose by less than 2 runs in order for you to win. 

2) Moneyline Bets

This is simple, just like the one mentioned above. With moneyline betting, you’ll have to choose a winner, and you’ll win the bet if they win. You won’t have to worry about run lines. But, it is also better to keep in mind that the more possibility that a team will win the game, the less the bookmakers will pay you for a correct pick. They’ll give better payouts when a team is less likely to win a game.  

3) Proposition Bets

These are bets on whether or not a certain thing will happen. For instance, which team will make the first hit? Or who will score first? So, these are propositions, and if you choose the right option, then you’ll win the bet. Although this might seem simple to you, we suggest that with prop bets, you need to bet on those that require skill to predict. 

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Online vs In Person Sportsbook

The Difference Between an Online Sportsbook and an In-Person Sportsbook

There’s no denying the fact that in the past few months, online sports betting has become much more appealing than in-person betting. But, despite its increasing popularity due to the pandemic, online sports betting has always been more advantageous than in-person betting. This is because online sportsbooks have come a long way with the help of technology, such as sports API. This has made it easier for sports traders and bettors to punt on betting markets effectively.

Online BettingCourtesy of Ultra Jon


The benefits of an online sportsbook have surpassed that of an in-person sportsbook. That’s why you can see most brick-and-mortar sportsbooks these days that are trying to make use of online sports betting by creating their own mobile platforms. Who can blame them when there are so many perks that come along with it?


Online vs In-Person BettingCourtesy of The Sports Geek


As seen in the infographic above, online betting is completely different from in-person betting. They do things differently, and if you compare them, you can see that the former has more edge. 

Online Sportsbook vs. In-person Sportsbook

To have a better understanding of their distinctions, as a punter, you should consider the following:

1) Costs

With an online sportsbook, you can save on more costs as opposed to an in-person sportsbook. Everything happens online, which means that you no longer have to go outside and spend money on transportation or fuel. 

2) Convenience

As opposed to brick and mortar sportsbooks, online sportsbooks are made for convenience. All punters have to do is bet in the comforts of their homes. They can even get real-time odds and bets by looking at betting sites on their smart devices.

3) Line Shopping

When you bet on in-person sportsbooks during major sporting events, more often than not, you’ll have to wait in line because most punters will also have the same idea as you. If you don’t want to wait in line, it’s better to bet online. You won’t be at risk of missing a line or being shut out of a game. You can also shop for lines by just browsing through betting sites!  

So, considering all of these differences, you might want to start your sports betting online! At VOdds, we provide some of the best services for punters and not to mention the fact that we offer sports trading API as well. There are so many possibilities that online sportsbooks provide. Grab the chance and open an account with us now!

Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting: What It Is and Its Betting Options

Did you know that cricket is known as the second most popular sport in the world? That’s right. This sport has its roots dating back to 18th century England. This is one of the oldest sports out there, and it is still very popular. That’s why you have punters who are cricket betting enthusiasts. You have favourite cricket teams across the globe, from India, Australia to South Africa.

Cricket FactsCourtesy of BetXchange

With its ever-increasing followers on the Indian subcontinent, it is said that an average punter has an opportunity to bet on cricket online for 365 days a year! If you take a look at the list of fun facts above, you can see how IPL cricket is dominating the country.

Guide to CricketCourtesy of Behance

The cricket of today is considered to be unrecognisable from that of its humble beginnings in England. There is still a bat, a ball, and two sets of stumps. You also have 11 players per side. But, it is no longer the traditional red-ball cricket played with the players in white clothing. Now, you have the T20 smash-a-thon that is the IPL with a white ball, coloured clothing and players and cheerleaders being sold to franchises for millions of dollars.

What is Cricket Betting

There are a lot of ways that you can bet on cricket. Most bookmakers and even a sports trading platform that focuses on this sport provide various cricket betting markets. These markets give punters the chance to find a range of value betting options. Here are some of the best cricket betting markets: 

1) Match Outcome and Series Winner

This is considered the most popular market for cricket betting. For limited matches, you have only two possible outcomes in which either side can win. On the other hand, for test matches, you have a third possible outcome: the draw. Moreover, when you bet on a series outcome, you can bet on the likely winner and the overall exact series score.

2) Leading Run Scorer and Leading Wicket Taker

This cricket betting market is closely intertwined with the match and series outcomes. It’s because, within such outcomes, bettors can wager on leading run-scorers and wicket-takers in each innings and match. This is a profitable market because trends usually show.

3) Man of the Match

We all know that in any sport, certain players will stand out. Man of the match is a cricket betting market often used for players such as a batsman who can make quick-fire hundreds. It could also be a bowler that can take multiple wickets. 

4) Number of Boundaries

This is when you bet on the number of boundaries such as a total number of fours or sixes scored. You can have a team match up wherein one side will have players that can hit sixes easily while the other side can include batsmen that can hit fours. 

Are you looking for a betting platform or a bet aggregator that can help you with cricket betting? You can register at VOdds. We offer Asian handicap betting and more. So, what are you waiting for? Become a professional punter with our help!

What is UFC Betting

What You Should Know About UFC Betting

One of the most nerve-racking yet exciting sports experiences that most punters love is mixed martial arts. With so many different fighting organizations in the world, one of the most popular ones would be The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or commonly known as UFC. This is the premier organization for MMAs or mixed martial arts. This is the big stage where every aspiring fighter wants to see themselves in, so it is not surprising that UFC betting is fast becoming a favourite type of betting.

UFC 2020Courtesy of Canada Sports Betting

As you can see in the infographic above, the UFC in 2020 has been quite busy. In 5 countries, it hosted at least 38 major events. You’ve got prominent fighters battling it out. And not to mention how many punters were disappointed by Khabib Nurmagomedov’s retirement after his fight with Conor McGregor. His undefeated run will forever remain a legacy. These events and so much more has made UFC betting popular with punters.

UFC ChampionCourtesy of MMANYTT

Becoming a UFC champion is no easy feat. The UFC title is one of the most prestigious awards that MMA fighters can obtain. With different disciplines, ranging from jiu-jitsu to wrestling, it’s a gritty and bloody sport. However, because of these fighters’ dedication and perseverance, many love watching the events and betting on their preferred player.

So, if you want to start your UFC Betting journey, here are different types of bets you can check out:

Different Types of Bets for UFC Betting

Various bets are available for you as a punter in UFC betting. Most sportsbooks online offer many betting options you can choose from. Moreover, although most successful professional UFC sports bettors bet on fight winners, it does not mean that there are no other options. Some bets will help you leverage a specific prediction to make more money. 

Moneyline/ Match Bets

This is the most basic UFC bet that most punters pick. The Moneyline/ Match Bet is a betting option wherein you pick the winner of a fight. This is simple to understand. If A is fighting B, and you bet that A will win, all A has to do is defeat B. If A does, you win your bet. It doesn’t matter how your picked fighter will win or what round they win in, as long as the fighter has the victory, you’ll win your bet.

Over Under Round Bets

With Over Under Round Bet, you get to wager when you think the fight will be done. For instance, you can bet on whether or not a three-round non-title fight will finish before or after 2.5 rounds. If you choose that it ends under 2.5 rounds, the fight must be done before the two-minute and thirty-second marks of the third round. So, no matter who will win, what you are betting on is the duration of the fight.

Prop and Victory Bets

Proposition bets or prop bets are those proposed bets where you bet on whether or not it will occur. For instance, you can bet on which fighter will throw more jabs. The loss or victory of the fight won’t influence this bet. So, even if A got knocked out, if A threw more jabs than B, you will win the bet. On the other hand, victory bets are those wagers for how a fight will end. You can bet on whether it ends by submission, KO or TKO.

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Avoid Gambling Addiction

How to Avoid Gambling Addiction

Anyone from all walks of life is not safe from gambling addiction. It might start as something that’s fun or a harmless diversion. But, if not done right, it could ultimately lead to an unhealthy obsession with severe consequences. From sports betting to pokers, a gambling problem can negatively affect yourself and those around you. Although it can be a source of enjoyment or entertainment, over time, some people develop an addiction that can ruin their lives. For punters, this is one of the pressing problems that they have. Where does one set a boundary between safe and healthy gambling and with one that’s not?

Gambling in UKCourtesy of UK Addiction Treatment Centres

What is a Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction or compulsive gambling is a progressive illness. It could begin when someone places a bet for the first time, or it could gradually progress into an addiction. The problem varies for each person, but compulsions often develop more quickly in people who continuously gamble. There are several signs that show when normal enjoyment of gambling transitions into a problem. That’s why the earlier it is determined, the better the chances for recovery. It might be hard to overcome, but many people have managed to treat it with professional help. 

Sports Betting AddictionCourtesy of 800-Gambler

What can you do to prevent gambling addiction?

Acknowledge Your Addiction

The most important step to recovery is realising that you have a problem. It will take you a lot of courage, more so when you have already lost a lot of money and have destroyed relationships along the way. But it’s not too late. You should not give up because many have been in your shoes and have broken from the unhealthy habit. Keep in mind that you have the ability to rebuild your life. 

Learn to Cope Healthily

Most times, those who like to gamble do it because they want to escape from their unpleasant feelings. Through gambling, they can soothe their emotions, unwind or socialise. But, because of this, it could turn into gambling addiction. There are ways to cope with what you are feeling in a healthier and more effective way. You can exercise, spend time with your friends, take up new hobbies or do things that make you feel relaxed and happy.  

Have a Support Network

When it comes to battling with any addiction, it’s not something that you can fight alone. You need to have a strong support system, such as your friends and family. If your network is limited, you can try making new friends or reaching out to your colleagues. You can also opt to join a sports team or other clubs. Or, a helpful one would be joining a peer support group. You can find programs where former gamblers can provide you with invaluable guidance and support.

Seek Professional Help

There are mental illnesses that are often associated with gambling addiction. From depression, anxiety to stress, these can trigger compulsive gambling. Remember that even if you cure your gambling problem, mental illnesses are something that will remain part of your life. That’s why you need to get help from a professional to get the right treatments. 

Not everyone suffers from a gambling problem. Take, for instance, professional punters who make a living out of sports betting or other forms of gambling. They know how to cope with the risks that gambling might, at times entail. It’s all about discipline and control.

For those who want to practice safe gambling, you can find a reliable platform with VOdds. Our API data, such as the soccer odds API can help you easily find deals and offers for your betting needs. Betting odds football would become an easy matter with our assistance. We also always advise our punters to practice safe gambling. For more information and updates about us, make sure to register now!