Baseball Betting

4 Baseball Betting Tips To Help You Bet Successfully

One of the most popular American sports since the 19th century is baseball. It has improved substantially over the years, and now its popularity even goes beyond the USA orders. Now you have professional leagues all over the world, from Asia, Central America to Europe. For this reason, many fans and sports bettors are grappling for all the baseball betting tips they can get a hold of. 

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The most famous leagues you’ve probably heard of are the Major League Baseball (MLB), Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), and the South Korea KBO. With so many baseball games being played each season, the sport is a natural for betting, and it also creates a greater need for baseball betting tips. 

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A popular type of baseball betting that most punters make use of is the parlay bet. This is when you combine two or more individual bets into one wager. This gives you a bigger payout than if you were to bet on the plays separate from each other. But, the downside for this is that you have to make sure that all of the individual bets must win because if even one team loses, your entire wager is considered a loss.

What are the baseball betting tips you can utilise?

Tip #1: Don’t Waste Money

Of course, no one wants to lose their money when they make bets, but some people have the tendency to bet on those that do not have value. Avoid making bets that aren’t likely to come off or won’t earn anything even if they do. 

Tip #2: Choose Your Bet Type

The parlay bet is not the only betting type you can choose. You also have a multitude of options such as point spread, money line, or over/under bets. Determine what kind of market you prefer and specialise in it.

Tip #3: Do Your Research

Sports betting requires you to do your research. Before the start of the games, you can get help from credible and convenient platforms. You can have sports data on the VOdds platform. This will give you the necessary information and statistics of the teams you want to bet on.

Tip #4 Choose the Right Bookmaker

One of the essential baseball betting tips you should remember is to pick the right bookmaker. Not all bookers will offer the best baseball odds for your bet, which is why you need to choose a platform that will give you the most benefits.

You can pick VOdds. This platform provides valuable tools and information for the punter, sports trader and more. With VOdd’s Application Program Interfaces, you can easily automate and customise your sports trading based on your preferences. So, be it VOdds football API or baseball API, it will seamlessly integrate into your computerised betting strategies.

So, set up an account with them today and be prepared for the next baseball games and events to come!

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Basketball Betting Tips: How to Make the Most Out of March Madness

There isn’t a more exciting time for sports bettors and basketball fans than whenever March Madness comes along. The college basketball’s annual tournament in March has always been one of the ultimate faves of many when it comes to sporting events. In fact, recent studies have shown that many office workers lack productivity because of distractions from the games. With its immense popularity, no wonder many are looking for some basketball betting tips to help them out. 

NBA Season SafetyCourtesy of Safest Betting Sites

Although the pandemic has been impacting many sporting events in more ways than one, many are doing their best to overcome it under the circumstances. The NBA has started its season already and with safety measures in check, as seen from the infographic above. So, we can all rest assured that hopefully, all of this will be over by the time March Madness comes knocking on our doors. 

March Madness Courtesy of Bang the Book

So, what are the basketball betting tips that you need to know to win at March Madness?

Don’t Overthink It

Most bettors often think that just because it’s March Madness, everything should be different. That is not the case. Although the stakes are higher and the brackets are unique, the individual sports bets you make on regular games and the ones you make at the tournament are just the same. Don’t get confused. You don’t have to make predictions about the winners of games that you don’t know who is playing. You can do what you usually do, such as making money line bets on game-winners or making future bets on who will win, among others.    

Make Use of Hedge Betting

During the NCAA March Madness tournament, most sports bettors often wager future bets. If, for instance, you bet on a huge underdog and truly believe that they are going to win, you can leave things as they are and let your bet ride out. However, most people will lock up some potential profit if their preferred team makes it late into the tournament. In this way, you can guarantee some profit. This is what’s known as hedging, which is when you place a bet against yourself to ensure that whoever ends up winning, you will still win some money.   

Avoid Betting on Too Many Games

As they say, quality is better than quantity, so it is best that you don’t bet on far too many games. We all know how March madness offers 67 games, so you better not be betting on all of them. Learn how to pick games for value. This is because winning at sports betting is not just about picking the winners but also finding games that have value. You need to be strategic about your bets and have more wins instead of losses. 

March Madness is really an exciting event, and if you want to be able to ace it, there’s even a better solution: you need to hone your skills and experience by choosing to bet among the many different sports on VOdds!

The VOdds platform offers so many things for the sports bettors. They don’t just cater to basketball betting, but you can also bet on football games on VOdds. So, register with them today and be more ready than ever when March Madness comes! 

3 NFL Betting Tips You Should Know About

3 NFL Betting Tips You Should Know About

NFL betting has come a long way over the years. NFL football has been one of the most popular sports to wager on in the United States. In fact, with the steady stream of states legalising sports betting in the country, the NFL seasons could be bringing an influx of punters in the online sports betting industry.

NFL InjuriesCourtesy of The Pinkerton Law Firm, PLLC

With bodies being hit and on occasions bones being broken, NFL football is not an easy sport. But, wagers and football fans can’t help but be on the edge of their seats as they watch the game. Undoubtedly, the NFL is not for the faint of heart, but you can feel the excitement in the air when the seasons are about to start. 

US NFL bettingCourtesy of 800-Gambler

There are many ways that punters can wager on NFL games. To help you out here are some of the NFL betting tips and strategies you should know about:

1) Utilise Money or Bankroll Management

Before you start to bet on the NFL season, you might want to set aside a certain amount of money that you can bet with and can afford to lose. This is what will be known as your bankroll. You can have a weekly, monthly or full season bankroll if you want. The general rule for NFL betting is that you only use 2 to 5% of your bankroll for each bet. In this way, you can make $60 to $150 wagers on each game. Avoid increasing the size of your bets as you start winning. Be smart about your wagers since the NFL is a long season, and you can gain profit over the succeeding games.  

2) Find Weekly Edges and Capitalise them

Don’t make the mistake of playing every game in the NFL each week because that’s a disaster waiting to happen. You need to look for weekly edges in the NFL lines and make your bets based on that. Avoid forcing bets just because you want to make it more exciting. If you want to be successful with your bets in the NFL season, you need to make a few good plays each weekend. 

3) Do Line Shopping

If you want to make the best out of the NFL season, you do line shopping. This involves checking various sportsbooks and comparing the lines on the plays you want. So, if for instance, you like the Patriots, before you place your wager make sure to check other sportsbooks and one of them might have Patriots listed in a more favourable offer for you. One way to make this convenient is by checking out sportsbooks with NFL football API. This will make it easier for you to check out data and information about your preferred teams. 

So, if you want to start your NFL betting, you can check out our sportsbooks with VOdds API integration! If you don’t know what an API is, it’s time to get acquainted because your sports betting will definitely become easier and convenient with its help. Register with us today and know all that you can about APIs, NFL betting tips and more!

NFL Over/Under Betting

NFL Over/Under Betting

Before placing any Over/Under bets in the NFL, you’ll want to back up your inclinations with some quality research.

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A very easy to understand type of betting that’s so simple to use, this doesn’t mean you should just put your money down without doing your due diligence. So prior to deciding if you’ll go on the over or under for cumulative points in an NFL game, here’s some of the factors that should be considered.

To start with, you can do your own analysis on the teams that are playing another and look back at their recent history to see if any trends appear. From here, you can then look into down conversions, field goal percentages, rushing yards, completions, points allowed per game and interceptions. In doing so, you should be able to extract some good information.

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While it’s obviously hard to predict these accurately, using the data available is definitely valuable, as this is where the odds are initially calculated from.

When you’re ready to place your bet, you’ll want to search around for the best odds, as you’ll want to maximise your profits from your selection. Then, you can check for any line adjustments before kick off to see if there might be a reason for this, which could deter you from your potential selection.

Watching the teams you plan to bet on can give you some additional insight, as styles of certain sides are important factors towards the way a game unfolds.

A fun, popular and straightforward way of betting on the NFL, over/under betting is great for both beginners and seasoned punters. Just make sure to not neglect checking the data before betting.

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Bayern Munich Favourites to win the Champions League again

Bayern Munich favourites to win the Champions League again

Fresh from winning last season’s Champions League in swashbuckling style, Bayern Munich are unsurprisingly favourites for the 2020/21 edition of the coveted competition.

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Kicking off their campaign against the typically tough to beat Atletico Madrid next week, this will offer a stern test for them, as they’re in a group that also contains RB Salzburg and Lokomotiv Moscow. While it’ll offer them a good challenge, the Bavarian giants will be expected to progress comfortably beyond the group stages.

Opponents will however be encouraged by Bayern’s mixed start to the Bundesliga, where they’ve conceded many goals and even lost 4-1 to Hoffenheim. Having let in eight goals in their last three league matches against the aforementioned Hoffenheim, Hertha Berlin and Arminia Bielefeld, teams have been able to expose the treble winners of last season.

With some issues to iron out with their high defensive line, their opponents will hope to capitalise on any openings afforded to them.

The fact they lost Thiago to Liverpool, plus Philippe Coutinho and Ivan Perisic, who returned back to their parent clubs after loan spells, is a blow. It must be said, though, they’ve kept the majority of their squad together while adding some quality reinforcements, so don’t expect too much of a drop off.

Bringing in the likes of Leroy Sane, Marc Roca, Bouna Sarr, Douglas Costa and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting has bolstered the squad nicely, though. Indeed, with fixtures coming thick and fast, they’ll certainly need the extra quality and depth to maintain their high level.

Priced at 5.00, the favourites will certainly be the team to beat in this term’s Champions League, even if they have shown some chinks in their armour in the early stages of the season.

On the hunt for another treble, Hansi Flick’s amazingly talented and entertaining side will certainly be a fearsome adversary for anyone.

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NFL: Betting On Unbeaten Teams

NFL: Betting on unbeaten teams

While it’s all good when an NFL team gets on a winning run and rides the wave of success, it can be quite the challenge to predict when they’ll slip up as a punter.

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When trying to predict if a team can sustain their success there are some key factors to take into consideration. To start with, the strength of their opposition needs to be looked at. When researching this, you can also look at the underlying statistics to see if any conclusions can be drawn from the team you plan to stake on. You can also check how they match up with teams that play in certain styles to gain some insight.

From here, you can figure out where their weaknesses and strengths are. You can also accompany your statistical findings by actually watching the games, which can give you some additional insight.

Courtesy of Predictem

It’s obviously important to see if the team on the winning streak has been lucky and winning despite being outplayed. How many matches they’ve had at home can be a factor too, especially if their streak has been in the opening handful of matches.

Moreover, if a team is covering the points spread, this can be a solid indicator of how a team is faring.

Another point to look out for is to not get drawn in by all the talk and hype surrounding undefeated teams, which can influence your decision. Instead, it’s best to stick to your research, knowledge and bankroll strategy so you still make coherent decisions.

With all this in mind, the above suggestions should help you make informed decisions on NFL teams and if they can keep up their unbeaten runs.

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advantages of betting software

The Advantages of Using a Betting Software

Trying to run a sportsbook on your own can be a staggeringly difficult job, especially if you don’t have the right resources to do it smoothly and efficiently.  And, as many bookmakers have learned in an unfortunate way, without any means to keep things going smoothly, you’ll soon start losing clients, and this can potentially result in complications that will eventually lead to the end of your sportsbook.

One way to guarantee that the sportsbook operates as smoothly as possible is to get the right kind of betting software. Almost all bookmakers will benefit from the use of such software since it can be extremely helpful when it comes to handling bookings effectively.

betting software

Courtesy of Bet Banky

Here are some of the important advantages to remember:

1. Automated

There are a lot of sports competitions going on on a daily basis, and millions of bets are being made and paid out every day. It’s extremely difficult to take and list a vast number of bets manually unless you own a massive sportsbook. That’s why utilizing betting software can be a beneficial tool to use as it gives you full control by doing everything automatically.

2. Accessibility

With betting software, what you only need is a browser and a high-speed internet connection. Not to mention, these elements are widely accessible on multiple devices and almost everywhere in the world, which makes the utilization of betting software easy and convenient.

3. Complete Control

One of the key benefits of using betting software is that you can integrate your business into a single controllable network that provides you with the opportunity to run everything automatically. If you do it manually, there’s a huge probability that you’ll make costly mistakes.  But by using all in one betting software, you will have access to a simple and reliable system that automates key activities and enhances efficiency and accuracy.

4. Convenience

Many big companies also have innovative technologies that can help improve the user’s experience. Not to mention, you can also engage in sports betting software that enables you to watch thousands of live sporting events from various sports and new markets on a monthly basis.

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football prediction tips

Effective Football Prediction Tips

Bookmakers have several techniques when it comes to football prediction. They often utilize these strategies to win big sums of money. Are you planning to do the same thing? If so, how do you predict football matches precisely and accurately? Check out these effective tips below:

1. Goal Expectancy

Any betting website will provide you with details about target goals in a match, which is extremely useful in football prediction. You can also access this kind of information on sports websites and discussion groups. Aside from that, it is also possible to look at the previews of the match. In these previews, experienced analysts will include all the relevant details about future outcomes of a football match.

home goals chart

Courtesy of

2. Home Ground Advantage

Based on statistics, the home ground advantage helps a team perform better than their opponent. Also, according to a Betting Expert website, a team that plays at home will earn +0.74 goal advantage. The same website displays figures for the last five seasons, where football clubs in the European leagues have a much better home ground results. They’ve had +0.37 opportunities at home goals which are higher than usual.

3. The Goal Differential

It’s common knowledge that the goal differential provides the best possible information about the match. In fact, the goal differential is the most available data in any statistical category. Nevertheless, goals tend to be rather random that’s why football matches often yield unpredictable outcomes.

4. The Football Team

Always keep in mind that the team is as strong as the weakest link. So, before you put your bet, you can check who’s going to play in the match. Also, try to gather as much data about them and determine whether they are playing better than the other team. The best players in the game will definitely give the team a better shot. But don’t overlook the new players in the league because they could even change the outcome of the game.

5. Goal Shots

Statistically, the more a player strives to score a point, the more chances he’ll get to score one. Every shot for a goal is different! Thus, you may need to consider the ball possession details for the team and their number of attempts and goal shots. If you look at the numbers, you will be able to see that teams with a higher share of possession will make better goals. Therefore, these teams will also have accurate data on goals.

Furthermore, learning the latest odds and new betting sites in 2020 can provide you with a great advantage. Start winning bets today by following these effective football prediction tips! Log in to your account now or create one if you don’t have one yet.


Horse Racing Exotic Betting

Horse Racing Exotic Betting

If you’re looking for something different than your standard straight horse racing betting, the exotic markets offer some added variety and fun for punters.

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Giving you the opportunity to back anywhere from two to four horses in the same race, this gives you some higher odds due to the lower likelihood of winning.

One of the most popular options is the Quinella, which sees you back two horses to finish in the top two places. A key feature of this is that it doesn’t matter which order the horses finish in, as long as they’re first or second you win.

Courtesy of The Great Tip Off

The Exacta then sees you pick the horses you believe will finish first and second, but for you to win you must get the order correct.

Another keenly used option is the Trifecta. To come out trumps in this category you need to accurately pick the top three in correct order, which is obviously very difficult but it pays highly.

The last selection type on our list is the First Four, which is extremely easy to understand, as it requires you to get the first four runners in order to triumph.

Courtesy of Horse Betting

Always exciting and potentially very profitable for punters, the aforementioned bet types offer many ways to turn your knowledge and nous into profit.

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Golf Betting

Golf Betting: Understanding the Sport and the Bet Types

Golf Betting: Understanding the Sport and the Bet Types

Betting on professional golf is one of the best ways you can earn money and, at the same time, enjoy the experience. Golf has a long history, and the support it has accumulated comes as no surprise when people get to see the sport in action, be it on television or during the events itself. 

The History of Golf

Golf Club EvolutionCourtesy of Best Betting Sites.UK

When it comes to golf, you know that clubs play a crucial role in playing it. Did you know that in 1502, golf clubs were made from wood? And it was not until centuries have passed do golfers make use of other materials such as graphite for the club.

Golf Balls HistoryCourtesy of Daily Infographic

Golf has come a long way. It was in the 1800s when it really started to become the sport that we know today. During the said period, it was also when golf balls had major developments. Initially, they were using wooden balls until balls made from boiled feathers and surrounded by leather replaced them. They were then nicknamed featherie by Allan Robertson, a professional golfer. After this, the guttie ball was invented, becoming more popular. Finally, they invented the Hasker balls and the current golf balls we use today.

Types of Golf Bets

If you want to get your golf bets in, there are two ways in which you can do this: going to your local sportsbook to place your bets or making bets online. If you pick the latter, there are so many sportsbook websites you can choose from. But before that, here are some golf bets you need to consider:

  • To Win Bets – This is the most simple and is often available in many new sports betting websites. This is a bet as to who will win on a particular golf tournament. If you think that Tiger Woods is going to win an upcoming tournament, you can place a “to win” bet on him. If he wins, you win the bet. It is as simple as that. 
  • Versus the Field Bets – This is also a popular golf bet because it allows you to bet on everyone else except for certain golfers. This usually happens when there is one golfer who seems to be running away with a tournament. You’ll have the option of betting on anyone else to win except that denoted golfer. It doesn’t matter who wins as long as the denoted golfer doesn’t win.
  • Head to Head Bets – This bet is advantageous for those who know certain golfers or those who bet on golfers who might not be in the running to win the tournament. This bet is where a sportsbook will set a line between two golfers, and it will be completely independent of the tournament field’s overall results. Let’s say a sportsbook set a line between Player A and Player B on who will win a particular round. If Player A finishes higher than Player B in that round, you win the bet regardless of who wins the overall tournament.  

By keeping all these things in mind, golf is a fantastic sport that you will have fun betting on. If you want to be a better professional punter, you can check us out at VOdds. By opening an account with us, you’ll have access to everything you want as a sports bettor!