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Analyzing Winning Streaks in Sports Betting

Winning Streak in Sports Betting

Winning and losing streaks are very common in the sports betting industry. Every sports bettor was able to experience hot and cold betting streaks somewhere down the road.

A winning streak is defined by the ability of a bettor to avoid losing over a given period of time. If you are an avid sports bettor, then you must be familiar with Billy Walters — a man perceived as the most successful bettor to have ever graced the world of sports betting.

Willliam T. Walters is famous for his tremendous winning streaks which reportedly extended for 30 years. For that reason, he was able to mint millions of dollars annually.

While many may have suffered from losing streaks, there are also a good number of sports bettors who have managed to taste the beauty of winning streaks.

winning probability chartCourtesy of Pinnacle

Researchers from University College London (UCL) discovered that winning streaks really do happen. According to the study, the more you win, the more you are likely to develop a good premise on how to place your bets strategically.

However, it was then further revealed that winning streaks are determined by more than just being skilled in sports gambling. Whether you believe it or not, one of the unjustifiable elements that can trigger a winning streak is luck.

You’ve read that right. Luck is like rolling a dice and getting the exact number you want. Of course, sports bettors need to be skilled when it comes to analyzing their bets, but luck is an effective sports betting solution if you want to secure good profits at the end of the day.

The growth of sports betting services in the online gambling market is evident in 2020. Not to mention, its compound annual growth rate is anticipated to rise by 11.4% until 2026.

online gambling forecast

Courtesy of Statista

While getting a winning streak does not solely rely on data, there are ways you can do to limit the chances of suffering a losing streak.

  • Evaluate Your Betting History
  • Focus on Targeting Your Favored Market
  • Create a Short-term Betting Goal
  • Avoid Emotional Sports Betting
  • Find a Reliable Sports Betting Provider

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emotional sports betting

Overcoming Emotions in Online Sports Betting

Emotional Betting in Sports Trading

Psychology reveals that we all have the capability to manipulate our minds when we consciously engage in certain habits. This is why many participants in online sports betting deliberately undertake habitual practices that can prevent their emotions to get the best of them.

The best sports bettors in the world are composed of individuals who are capable of setting their emotions aside when making betting decisions. So, if you want to become successful in online sports betting, maintaining a good balance is the key.

Sports Betting

Courtesy of eLearners

Online betting on sports requires one to be wise in money management. This is in relation to the fact that most people spend money without thinking about the financial implications of losing any bets.

To successfully attain an emotional balance, you might want to consider these things:

  • How much money can you afford to spend on betting?
  • How much do you plan to spend on a weekly or monthly basis?
  • What is the “regular” amount of money you will place on a standard bet?

How Much Are We Spending on Gambling?

gambling spending graph

Courtesy of Finder

The online betting industry has constantly been on a hot trend every year, leading the UK  sports bettors more engaged than ever. It is a clear indication that you have to change your bad betting habits if you don’t want to end up facing a financial dilemma.

gambling employee graph

Courtesy of Statista

Letting your emotions take over your sound judgment when participating in online sports betting will eventually result in failure or even potential bankruptcy.

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Many people unconsciously resort to emotional sports betting. For instance, if your team successfully made it to the Super Bowl for the first time in history, it is almost impossible to not become driven by the desire to see them win the championship.

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Cashing Out in Sports Betting

Cashing Out in Sports Betting

When To Cash Out A Bet

An often hotly debated topic in the world of sports betting, cashing out in live betting certainly divides opinion and sparks discussion.

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A development that’s come into focus in recent years, cash out betting gives you the chance to take home some winnings early or minimise your losses before an event is completed. Essentially, it’s a safety first option for a punter. A feature that’s available on almost all markets and sports, it’s definitely an aspect that’s on the rise and being marketed heavily in recent times.

Cashing Out in Sports BettingCourtesy of BetShoot

With so many operators out there with different ways of implementing their cash out process, you should do your research and gain all the information you need to make informed decisions, plus so you know the guidelines associated with cashing out depending on the bookmaker you’re using.

Cashing Out in Sports BettingCourtesy of Betfair

When deciding if cashing out is the right call, many punters will use statistics to see which teams perform better or worse in the second half of matches, which will go along way in determining your selections.

Cashing Out in Sports Betting

Courtesy of Tab

For some bettors, cashing out isn’t seen as a good option, for they want to see out their bets that they have put so much time and research into.

All things considered, there’s certainly situations when cashing out comes in handy and times when it’s best to be avoided. It all ultimately comes down to your ability to pick when the right time is to make your decision and whether you like using it.

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Home Field Advantage Benefits

Does Home Field Advantage Make a Difference

With home field advantage being a crucial thing to take into consideration when betting on any sport, there’s certainly many reasons why this can give you some great profits.

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Obviously playing in familiar surrounds gives the home side a huge advantage, for they know the ins and outs of the surface and feel extremely comfortable in front of their home crowd. In addition, the home crowd’s noise level and size can really spur their team on and help their performance reach an extra level. An intriguing thing that bettors need to research is that when a team moves into a new stadium how it usually takes them a while to hit their stride.

Courtesy-of-PinnacleCourtesy of Pinnacle

The fact the home side doesn’t need to travel is a big positive too, for the impact of traveling can have a detrimental effect on performance when parlayed with playing in an unfamiliar environment.

Courtesy of LineupsCourtesy of Lineups

Weather conditions can also give home teams the edge, especially in situations when the visiting team have to travel to a team that’s home ground is at a high altitude.

Interestingly, a study came to the conclusion that home teams can often benefit from favourable refereeing decisions such as getting more penalties and the away side getting more red cards too.

Courtesy of Advanced Football AnalyticsCourtesy of Advanced Football Analytics

A key thing to consider whenever you’re placing your bets, home team advantage can definitely give you the upper hand, as there can be so many factors that give the home team an edge.

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Three Betting mistakes to avoid

Three Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Whenever you begin your journey into the world of sports betting, there’s some mistakes you’ll want to avoid making if you’re to give yourself a shot of being a success. Here are three crucial errors you’ll want to avoid.

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  • Not using a bank management plan

One of the easiest mistakes many people fall into is not using a bank management plan. If not implemented, punters can quickly fall into many bad habits such as going big on certain events and chasing your losses.

Having a sound bank management plan adds structure and discipline to your wagering, thus allowing you to make coherent choices so you don’t run down your bankroll rapidly and bet beyond your means. Using a bankroll management system from the beginning will also put you on the path of getting into good habits and realising why this is such an important thing to utilise.

Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Courtesy of Sports Insights

Ensuring you remain in control and exercise sound judgement, a staking plan is a must for any bettor.

  • Chasing your losses

An extremely common mistake that most bettors have committed is chasing your losses. Usually occurring immediately after a bet is lost, this is definitely something you’ll want to avoid as most of the time you’ll just bet on the next event in an attempt to regain the money you’ve lost. Inherently, this will lead to a poor decision and one that will ultimately end in another loss, which only compounds issues for you.

Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Courtesy of Sporting Charts

By using a bank management plan (as mentioned above), this is a much better way to go about your betting and is a simple solution to avoid falling into the trap of chasing your losses.

  • Not searching for the best odds 

Taking your time to thoroughly search around for the best odds is definitely a worthwhile thing to do. After all, with so many bookmakers fighting for your business, it makes perfect sense to see which outlets are offering you the best odds in order to maximise your profits.

This usually means opening up accounts with different bookies, which can be a tiresome process, but something that’s undoubtedly worth doing in the long run.

Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Courtesy of Sporting Charts

Another piece of information to take on board is to keep checking odds and don’t settle on bookies that have served you well in the past, for your aim should be to make the most possible when staking your hard earned money.

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Clean Sheet Betting Explained

Clean Sheet Betting Explained – What Does it Mean?

While clean sheet betting is not the first market that springs to mind when thinking about sports betting, it’s unquestionably an avenue worth exploring.

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Also applicable to sports like ice hockey, where it’s called a shutout, this method of wagering can be quite fruitful if you undertake your due diligence.

Clean Sheet BettingCourtesy of Reddit

How to Start Clean Sheet Betting

Before placing any bets, it’s important to support your potential selections with some research. A great place to begin with is by looking at any injuries or suspensions to key personnel that can impact the probability of a team keeping a clean sheet. Checking current form and recent historical data between two opponents is also worth investigating to see if any usable data can be found. Observing home and away form can also give you an edge.

Clean Sheet BettingCourtesy of Fantasy Bet

Taking a deeper dive into some detailed statistics can serve you well too, for this allows you to check on things like goals per game, shots per game, chances created and conceded per game, expected goals for and against per game and how many clean sheets the team you’re looking at has actually kept.

Clean Sheet BettingCourtesy of Average Opposition

Observing the styles certain teams deploy should be used to investigate how attacking or defensive they are, which can play a crucial role in seeing how well equipped they are to keep clean sheets and hold out their opposition.

Simple to use and very accessible, if you’re willing to spend the time to patiently and thoroughly explore all the factors that can influence your wager, this market is definitely worthwhile looking into.

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Betting tips for beginners

Five Betting Tips For Beginners

If you’re new to the world of betting and are keen to familiarise yourself with some useful information, there are some important things to be aware of.

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Below are five key points for beginners to look out for

Learning the ins and outs

Although it doesn’t sound as fun as jumping straight into your betting, taking the time to learn all the fundamentals is a must. This will allow you to get up to speed with all the terms, different markets, different bet types and everything you need to know before you stake your hard-earned money.

With so much to digest and take in, it’s crucial you undertake this process thoroughly, so you can gain all the necessary knowledge to hold you in good stead to know precisely what you’re doing. In addition, by coming to terms with all this information, this will quickly determine how committed you are to becoming a success.

Using a bankroll management strategy 

Managing your bankroll is an absolutely integral component for any bettor. After all, if you want to be a profitable bettor who makes coherent decisions, this is a must so you stick to your principles and don’t exercise poor judgement.

Another reason why you should be considered in your approach is so you avoid betting beyond your means, as you don’t want to use money allocated for other aspects of your daily life.

Whether using a fixed or variable staking plan, remaining in control and disciplined are vital guidelines to follow. By doing so, you’ll know exactly how much to stake on each bet, which should, in turn, ensure you’ll have a strong future as a gambler.

Stick to sports you know

While it can be easy to bet on any sport due to the plethora of options available out there, it’s wise to stick to the sports you love and know. This will allow using your knowledge to give you an edge, as you’ll be able to call on your strong information reserves.

Moreover, it’s always more beneficial when researching your selections if you’re actually interested in the sport you’re wagering on.

Keep records

Keeping records is a fantastic idea, for this will allow you to track all your wins and losses so you can continually monitor your progress. You’ll subsequently be able to analyse what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong to draw conclusions to better yourself.

The best way to do this is by using a betting spreadsheet, which provides you with everything you need to track all the important details. While a brilliant thing, it’s useless if you don’t put in every bet and use it properly. With this in mind, if you’re diligent and serious about honing your craft, the positives of record-keeping can be huge.

Choose the right bookmaker for you

Once you feel ready to start betting, finding the right bookmaker for you is a key piece of the puzzle. Because of the tremendous amount of bookies available to choose from, you’ll find you’ll have no shortage of options. Despite this being a good thing, it can also be a problem as you’re spoilt for chance, thus making it hard for you to narrow it down.

Doing some research will help you see what’s best for you, meaning you can see which one appeals to you most. Some vital things to look out for are what special offers or programs are available? What restrictions are there for withdrawal and deposit options? Is their help network user-friendly? Is their interface easy to navigate? Do they offer live streaming options? Can you bet in-play? And obviously which ones are the most trustworthy and reliable?

While it can be an exhaustive process settling on the right option for you, this is a must so you can rest easy knowing you’re dealing with a bookmaker that will enhance your betting experience.

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professional sports bettor

Things to Know Before Becoming a Professional Bettor

While being a professional sports bettor sounds like a fantastic way to make a living, the reality is that it’s far from easy to turn your hobby into a career. 

But if you’re dedicated to the craft, are intelligent in your decision-making process and love what you’re doing, there’s no reason you can’t make a good fist of it.

What to Do Before Trying to become a Professional Bettor?

To start with, managing your bankroll is an integral component, as you need to ensure you have a set of principles and follow them fiercely. It’s all good and well to have a plan, but you must implement it at all times and not veer away from it, as this can create poor habits that will hinder your chances of sustaining your professional gambling status. 

professional sports bettorCourtesy of smart sport stats

After all, every bet is essentially an investment and can have an impact on whether you’re a success or not, so you need to be wise and strict with yourself.

Being extremely knowledgeable about your chosen sports is a must to accompany the afore. This subsequently means you’ll have your own information to call upon, which can be very insightful and useful. In addition to this, undertaking research using statistics, historical data, news surrounding your selections and by watching games can be hugely beneficial. 

professional sports bettorCourtesy of Betat

Providing yourself with as much usable information will quickly become a vital element of your analysis of your picks, as you need to be informed before putting any money down

Betting systems: Fibonacci. D’Alembert.

Once you’ve identified a selection you like that represents value and looks a winner, you need to have the confidence to go with it, as trusting yourself and betting with conviction will allow you to take advantage of excellent opportunities to profit.

professional sports bettor

Courtesy of Footy Data

As you gain more confidence and establish yourself, if you’ve diligently recorded all your bets, this will serve as a wonderful tool for you to spot trends and so you can see what’s working for you and what isn’t. Moreover, you’ll also be able to analyse how much profit you’re making through shrewd record keeping. It’s also a good way to remain disciplined and so you stick to your staking principles.

Before going full time, practicing and refining your skills is a great idea to see if you believe turning professional is the right move for you.

While it’s not as straightforward as it looks becoming a pro, if you put in the work and have an unyielding commitment to ensure you make coherent decisions, for the right person it can be an excellent career choice.

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Fibonacci Betting System Explained

The Fibonacci System (How It’s Used for Betting)

Following on the theme of covering betting systems, the next topic in this series will focus on the Fibonacci betting system.

Based on the mathematical model, this strategy has been transferred over into many forms of gambling. For the purposes of this article, however, we’ll hone our attention in on soccer.

Being another form of negative progressive betting, the Fibonacci sees you increase your stake when you lose just like the D’Alembert systems and Labouchere systems. The key difference is that you add the losing stakes of your previous two bets together to give you the stake for your next bet. The graphics below provide a fine example of this, with a key piece of information being when you win you go back to your original stake.

Fibonacci System, Courtesy of Baccarat System

Courtesy of Baccarat System

Some punters use soccer head-to-head betting and some prefer to only bet on draws, but whatever you choose, it’s best to begin with small stakes, especially if you’re learning the ropes. This will subsequently allow you to handle losing streaks so your bankroll doesn’t get decimated during a bad run. Many wagerers recommend only betting on markets that are even paying bets or above, so you can maximise your earnings.

Fibonacci System, Courtesy of MyBookie

Courtesy of MyBookie

Although there’s definitely a chance you’ll enjoy some great wins, this strategy can be very hard to sustain and is one that will be tough to be successful at in the long run.

One of VOdds’ partners in Pinnacle actually posted a nice article on the Fibonacci. In their summary of the system and its application to soccer, they depicted it aptly, stating: “As with other progressive betting systems such as the Labouchere system, the ideas work perfectly when provided with an unlimited bankroll and unlimited limits. When real-world constraints are considered, however, Fibonacci succumbs to the same fate as all real-world betting – the unknown.”

Fibonacci System, Courtesy of BaccaratCourtesy of Baccarat

Upon keeping all of the aforementioned in mind and considering it carefully, while the Fibonacci can be a fun system and okay to use a portion of your bankroll on, it’s probably not the wisest move to go all in on, for a bad losing run can quickly crush your bankroll.

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D'Alembert Betting Theory Explained

D’Alembert Betting Theory Explained

One of the easiest to understand and most straightforward betting systems, the D’Alembert system offers punters an interesting way to go about their wagering.

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The way this form of negative progression betting works is by increasing your stake if you lose your bet and decreasing your stake if you win. Before getting started you need to decide what your starting betting amount will be. This figure should be somewhere between 2% and 5% of your bankroll. Once you’ve determined your starting point, you’re good to go.

D'Alembert Betting Theory, Courtesy of Betting Expert

Courtesy of Betting Expert

Using an example is the best way to explain how this system works. Say if you start with a $20 bet and you lose, you then increase the stake of your next bet by one staking unit up to $40. If another loss occurs, you’ll then move up to $60, as this process continues until you win.

D'Alembert Betting Theory, Courtesy of Winning Strategies

Courtesy of Winning Strategies

When you win your bet, the rule is that you then decrease your stake one unit, with one unit obviously being the lowest bet possible, which should allow you to start profiting with two consecutive wins if losses are suffered.

D'Alembert Betting Theory, Courtesy of Super Big WinCourtesy of Super Big Win

The fact it gradually increases the stake allows you more chances to recover from losing streaks, but there’s still some flaws attached to this system. The main reason caution needs to be taken when applying this system is that if you go on a horrendous losing streak, your bankroll will be in ruins and in a state that you won’t be able to recover it.

So while this popular and simple to use plan is fun and can be profitable, it’s quite difficult to enjoy long term success, for a severe losing streak has the potential to decimate your bankroll quickly if things don’t go your way.

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