football prediction tips

Effective Football Prediction Tips

Bookmakers have several techniques when it comes to football prediction. They often utilize these strategies to win big sums of money. Are you planning to do the same thing? If so, how do you predict football matches precisely and accurately? Check out these effective tips below:

1. Goal Expectancy

Any betting website will provide you with details about target goals in a match, which is extremely useful in football prediction. You can also access this kind of information on sports websites and discussion groups. Aside from that, it is also possible to look at the previews of the match. In these previews, experienced analysts will include all the relevant details about future outcomes of a football match.

home goals chart

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2. Home Ground Advantage

Based on statistics, the home ground advantage helps a team perform better than their opponent. Also, according to a Betting Expert website, a team that plays at home will earn +0.74 goal advantage. The same website displays figures for the last five seasons, where football clubs in the European leagues have a much better home ground results. They’ve had +0.37 opportunities at home goals which are higher than usual.

3. The Goal Differential

It’s common knowledge that the goal differential provides the best possible information about the match. In fact, the goal differential is the most available data in any statistical category. Nevertheless, goals tend to be rather random that’s why football matches often yield unpredictable outcomes.

4. The Football Team

Always keep in mind that the team is as strong as the weakest link. So, before you put your bet, you can check who’s going to play in the match. Also, try to gather as much data about them and determine whether they are playing better than the other team. The best players in the game will definitely give the team a better shot. But don’t overlook the new players in the league because they could even change the outcome of the game.

5. Goal Shots

Statistically, the more a player strives to score a point, the more chances he’ll get to score one. Every shot for a goal is different! Thus, you may need to consider the ball possession details for the team and their number of attempts and goal shots. If you look at the numbers, you will be able to see that teams with a higher share of possession will make better goals. Therefore, these teams will also have accurate data on goals.

Furthermore, learning the latest odds and new betting sites in 2020 can provide you with a great advantage. Start winning bets today by following these effective football prediction tips! Log in to your account now or create one if you don’t have one yet.


Horse Racing Exotic Betting

Horse Racing Exotic Betting

If you’re looking for something different than your standard straight horse racing betting, the exotic markets offer some added variety and fun for punters.

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Giving you the opportunity to back anywhere from two to four horses in the same race, this gives you some higher odds due to the lower likelihood of winning.

One of the most popular options is the Quinella, which sees you back two horses to finish in the top two places. A key feature of this is that it doesn’t matter which order the horses finish in, as long as they’re first or second you win.

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The Exacta then sees you pick the horses you believe will finish first and second, but for you to win you must get the order correct.

Another keenly used option is the Trifecta. To come out trumps in this category you need to accurately pick the top three in correct order, which is obviously very difficult but it pays highly.

The last selection type on our list is the First Four, which is extremely easy to understand, as it requires you to get the first four runners in order to triumph.

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Always exciting and potentially very profitable for punters, the aforementioned bet types offer many ways to turn your knowledge and nous into profit.

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Golf Betting

Golf Betting: Understanding the Sport and the Bet Types

Golf Betting: Understanding the Sport and the Bet Types

Betting on professional golf is one of the best ways you can earn money and, at the same time, enjoy the experience. Golf has a long history, and the support it has accumulated comes as no surprise when people get to see the sport in action, be it on television or during the events itself. 

The History of Golf

Golf Club EvolutionCourtesy of Best Betting Sites.UK

When it comes to golf, you know that clubs play a crucial role in playing it. Did you know that in 1502, golf clubs were made from wood? And it was not until centuries have passed do golfers make use of other materials such as graphite for the club.

Golf Balls HistoryCourtesy of Daily Infographic

Golf has come a long way. It was in the 1800s when it really started to become the sport that we know today. During the said period, it was also when golf balls had major developments. Initially, they were using wooden balls until balls made from boiled feathers and surrounded by leather replaced them. They were then nicknamed featherie by Allan Robertson, a professional golfer. After this, the guttie ball was invented, becoming more popular. Finally, they invented the Hasker balls and the current golf balls we use today.

Types of Golf Bets

If you want to get your golf bets in, there are two ways in which you can do this: going to your local sportsbook to place your bets or making bets online. If you pick the latter, there are so many sportsbook websites you can choose from. But before that, here are some golf bets you need to consider:

  • To Win Bets – This is the most simple and is often available in many new sports betting websites. This is a bet as to who will win on a particular golf tournament. If you think that Tiger Woods is going to win an upcoming tournament, you can place a “to win” bet on him. If he wins, you win the bet. It is as simple as that. 
  • Versus the Field Bets – This is also a popular golf bet because it allows you to bet on everyone else except for certain golfers. This usually happens when there is one golfer who seems to be running away with a tournament. You’ll have the option of betting on anyone else to win except that denoted golfer. It doesn’t matter who wins as long as the denoted golfer doesn’t win.
  • Head to Head Bets – This bet is advantageous for those who know certain golfers or those who bet on golfers who might not be in the running to win the tournament. This bet is where a sportsbook will set a line between two golfers, and it will be completely independent of the tournament field’s overall results. Let’s say a sportsbook set a line between Player A and Player B on who will win a particular round. If Player A finishes higher than Player B in that round, you win the bet regardless of who wins the overall tournament.  

By keeping all these things in mind, golf is a fantastic sport that you will have fun betting on. If you want to be a better professional punter, you can check us out at VOdds. By opening an account with us, you’ll have access to everything you want as a sports bettor!

Sports Betting Strategy

Sports Betting Strategy: 3 Strategies To Keep in Mind

How To Strategise as a Sports Bettor

There is no doubt about it that with the legalization of gambling, it has paved the way for the increase of punters in the UK. Several forms of gambling can help give punters chances of winning long term profits, especially in sports betting.  

Sports Bettor TypesCourtesy of Provoke Media

  With the increasing demand for sports betting, punters can also be categorized into two groups: casual sports bettors and active sports bettors. If you have a more laid back approach to sports betting, then you are the former. A casual sports bettor uses betting as a form of entertainment and usually wagers with his friends or family. The latter, on the other hand, are those punters who take sports betting seriously. They aim to be professional sports bettors and use various tools such as free sports API to help them with their strategies and data. But setting aside the differences in motivations between the two types of bettors, you can see that they have a glaring similarity: they want to improve their chances of winning, which can only be done by having excellent strategies.  

Betting SportsCourtesy of Gambling Sites

  From soccer betting to baseball betting, you have several sports to choose from and to be able to win in any of those you can follow these strategies:

Strategy#1: Pick and Focus on One Team

There are several betting lines across multiple sports. Because of such variety, punters tend to wager on numerous bets on different teams. This is alright if you have a huge budget, but if you prefer to make informed bets, it is better to focus on only one team and one sport. The advantage of this strategy is that you’ll gain knowledge and insights that other bettors won’t have. You’ll reduce the time you’ll also spend on researching each matchup.

Strategy #2: Fade the Public

This is one of the common strategies in sports betting. It involves betting against the public. The punter first has to look at big-market teams, teams with star players, and more, and then spot teams that are overvalued on lines for the sake of the public. This is because it revolves around the idea that sportsbooks will shade lines that reflect what they think the public will do. It will, in turn, lead to some soft lines, where, if a punter goes against the public, they’ll gain an advantage.

Strategy #3: Make Use of Software and API

Online gambling has also led to many advances in strategies. Punters have it easy since they can get all the information that they need through software and sports betting API. These will give them the necessary sports data feed that they need, be it rankings, records, and team favorites or underdogs, among other things.  
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Matched Betting

The Convenience of Matched Betting

Understanding Matched Betting

Sports betting has been around for centuries. For as long as people play sports, bettors would end up placing their wagers on their preferred teams and players. It’s enjoyable, and they get to have a chance to win profits at the same time. 

Back then, it wasn’t such an easy thing to place bets, but nowadays, online betting has made everything accessible and available. These days you can see a lot of best sports betting websites you can visit as an avid punter.


Matched Betting BasicsCourtesy of Matched Betting OZ


With the ease that these websites offer, they have paved the way for better betting. One such type that has been earning recognition for its guaranteed profits is matched betting.

Matched betting, also known as double bets, is often used by punters to profit from bookmakers. They pit two bookies against each other when their predicted outcomes differ significantly. Thus, regardless of who wins, the punter is guaranteed to gain at least some profit.

How does it work?


Matched Betting StepsCourtesy of The Sure Bettor


Differentiating Back Bets and Lay Bets

When you place a back bet, it is when you are betting for a certain outcome to happen. The lay bet, on the other hand, pertains to the opposite. It is when you are betting against an outcome, and it can only be placed through betting exchanges.  

What are the benefits of understanding this kind of betting?

You will have the opportunity for sustainable profit every day, which means at least 365 days per year if you are dedicated and committed. It is also tax-free, which means that even if you get £50,000, there won’t be any taxes attached to it. You also have got nothing to lose because it is not such a complicated technique to learn and make use of.  

A Comprehensive Guide to Matched Betting


Matched Betting GuideCourtesy of Betting Top 10


Thus, as can be seen from the infographics above, matched betting is a simple yet effective way of betting. Anyone can try this method even if they are not that knowledgeable about sports betting. It revolves around following the required instructions to neutralise the risks and obtaining profits from bookmaker bonuses. 

For other techniques you can use, you can check out the following articles:

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Sportsbook Tips

Sportsbook Tips: Be Smart About Online Sports Betting

Sportsbook Tips: Be Smart About Online Sports Betting

One of the most popular forms of gambling is sports betting, which is when the bettor can gain an advantage over the sportsbook. This is not an easy thing to do because it requires a lot of careful planning and excellent analytical skills. If you want to get an edge over a sports bookie, you need to be smart about it.


The Booming Online Sports Betting Industry


Online Gambling MarketCourtesy of Live Casino Kings

As stated in the figure above, the global online gambling market is projected to reach $94 billion by 2025. This comes as to no surprise because of the immense changes that the internet has done over the industry in the past decade. Online gambling, particularly sports betting continues to be a rising trend.

Betting Age Group

Courtesy of L.E.K. Consulting

Sports betting is considered to play a crucial role in increasing sports engagement, mainly towards a younger audience. According to L.E.K., many of the gambling consumers who are in the 18 to 34 age group take in more weekly sports content than those who are non-gamblers. Moreover, these millennial sports gamblers have a +46% higher uplift in content consumption than the other age groups.   Keeping all of those things in mind, you need the following sportsbook tips so you can make the most out of sports betting:  

How To Be a Smart Bettor


#1 Find a Credible Site

When you look for sportsbooks odds, you need to choose a credible or trusted site where you can place your bets. You can look for reviews and do your research before you start betting so that you can avoid getting scammed. Learn more about it by reading this article: “How to Pick the Right Betting Online Sites.”


#2 Select Payment Options

The deposits and withdrawals that you’ll have to make will rely on the sportsbook that you will use. There are a variety of options available, from Bitcoin to Mastercard. All of these are secure and reliable. You just need to remember that there are required minimums and maximums for each payment method, and they are also subject to change any time.  

#3 Get Promotional Offers

Almost all sportsbooks provide promotional offers or bonuses. You can find a site that has enticing promotions and bonuses such as when you are given a welcome bonus when you set up an account.   

#4 Bet Smartly

Never be impulsive when it comes to sports betting. Start small when you place your first bet and only wager the amount that you can afford. Do not become an addictive gambler who’ll splurge all of his expenses when betting. Be smart and objective and always analyze first.  

#5 Understand the Sportsbooks Odds

Betting online is convenient but it will not be a success for you if you do not understand the different types of odds that will be listed on the chosen site. So, find the time to research and learn more about the odds before you can start your sports betting to increase your chances of winning.  

After understanding all of those tips, you will be on the right track when it comes to sports betting. If you are looking for a reliable site, VOdds is an Asian sportsbook aggregator that offers the best services and bets for the smart punter. You can check us out by registering today! 
Live Streaming

The Benefits of Live Streaming in Football Sports Betting

Benefits of Live Streaming in Football Betting

According to the Industry Research, the Global Live Streaming Market is expected to reach $ 60 billion by 2026. The said industry is on the rise, especially with the help of technology and the internet. Because of this, various sports betting websites have seen its potential and have added live streaming as one of their features.   

Live streaming can be in various forms. It may be through television or online. This medium has opened a lot of opportunities for punters. Live football betting is a great example of one of the most sought after types of sports live betting.


Why Live Streaming


Courtesy of Neil Patel

When it comes to a bet on sports, football is at the top of the list. With millions of avid fans, many have turned to live football betting because of its various benefits. It gives them the freedom to place their bets during the actual sporting event, which is in contrast to the traditional betting where you have to place it beforehand.   

When streaming the match live, punters have real-time access to information and data that can influence their bets. They can make use of technology to be up-to-date about what is happening to the game. This is considered an advantage because they would be able to keep up and decide whether the odds are in their favor. A key thing to also take note of is that in live sports betting, bookmakers often also change the odds based on the events that take place on the game. That’s why live football betting also requires the punter to have a comprehensive knowledge of the sport and the overall tendencies of the games.


Live Stream Benefits

Courtesy of Go-Globe

Live betting is known for the excitement that it brings to the punters, but they must not let their emotions get the best of them. Experiencing the game for themselves requires them to strategize and have a set of plans to maximize their chances of winning the highest rates. Bettors need the right data and know the stats of the teams involved and the matches that they have played before making their bets. 

For more tips on becoming a smart punter, check out the following articles: 

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sports betting rules

Three Sports Betting Rules To Follow

Effective Sports Betting Rules

If you want to make a career out of sports betting, you need to learn how to win your sports bets.

Although it may sound simple, the reality is it’s not that easy to accomplish.

So to help you finally get that win, here are some important sports betting rules to follow:

1. Learn and Understand The Concept of Value

This is the greatest and most significant factor that you always need to take into account. As a sports bettor, if you don’t have any knowledge about the concept of value, then it’s better to leave betting to other people.

For instance, you might be confident that a 1.33 favorite is not going to lose but are the odds being offered have any value? Before you jump into the boat with the other amateur bettors, you need to consider if the probability of winning is better than the odds in place.

sports betting odds

Courtesy of Gambling Sites

2. Don’t Lose Your Focus

Never allow losing streaks to throw you off track. If you want to succeed in sports betting, you need to develop immunity against misfortunes. Staying in the game with a clear mind can help you analyze your decisions more effectively.

Similarly, you should also avoid celebrating too much when getting a winning streak. Too much excitement may lead you to become overconfident with your sports bets, resulting in poor gambling decisions.

3. Know Your Sport

When engaging in sports betting, you have to know the sport you’re placing your bets on. For example, you can’t just bet on football without knowing its trends.

sports betting chart

Courtesy of Statista

As a rule of thumb, you need to capitalize on sports that you’re familiar with. While there are a lot of bettors that take advantage of the sports that they love to watch, it’s not too late to explore other games.

The fact that sports betting is popular globally implies that there are unlimited chances of making a living or even a career out of it.

betting round chart

Courtesy of Australian Research Gambling Centre

Log into your account to place your sports bets online and start applying these rules to your game today. Don’t have an account yet? Create one quickly!


betting winning streak

Analyzing Winning Streaks in Sports Betting

Winning Streak in Sports Betting

Winning and losing streaks are very common in the sports betting industry. Every sports bettor was able to experience hot and cold betting streaks somewhere down the road.

A winning streak is defined by the ability of a bettor to avoid losing over a given period of time. If you are an avid sports bettor, then you must be familiar with Billy Walters — a man perceived as the most successful bettor to have ever graced the world of sports betting.

Willliam T. Walters is famous for his tremendous winning streaks which reportedly extended for 30 years. For that reason, he was able to mint millions of dollars annually.

While many may have suffered from losing streaks, there are also a good number of sports bettors who have managed to taste the beauty of winning streaks.

winning probability chartCourtesy of Pinnacle

Researchers from University College London (UCL) discovered that winning streaks really do happen. According to the study, the more you win, the more you are likely to develop a good premise on how to place your bets strategically.

However, it was then further revealed that winning streaks are determined by more than just being skilled in sports gambling. Whether you believe it or not, one of the unjustifiable elements that can trigger a winning streak is luck.

You’ve read that right. Luck is like rolling a dice and getting the exact number you want. Of course, sports bettors need to be skilled when it comes to analyzing their bets, but luck is an effective sports betting solution if you want to secure good profits at the end of the day.

The growth of sports betting services in the online gambling market is evident in 2020. Not to mention, its compound annual growth rate is anticipated to rise by 11.4% until 2026.

online gambling forecast

Courtesy of Statista

While getting a winning streak does not solely rely on data, there are ways you can do to limit the chances of suffering a losing streak.

  • Evaluate Your Betting History
  • Focus on Targeting Your Favored Market
  • Create a Short-term Betting Goal
  • Avoid Emotional Sports Betting
  • Find a Reliable Sports Betting Provider

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