Brokerage Services and Asian Bookies Provided by VOdds

As VOdds continues to improve our partners and services for our dear clients, here’s what you can get when you sign up with us.

Firstly, upon registration, you can choose the services that you want to avail from VOdds. These include Trading Platform, Sportsbooks Accounts, and UNITY API.



If you simply want to use VOdds as a sportsbook aggregator for your sports betting, our trading platform is right for you. 

With this, you can access the main dashboard where you can compare odds from the top Asian sportsbooks and create your order tickets for your next bets. Maximize the betting odds and lines, customize your watchlists, and a whole lot more!

But if you’re interested in how to request a Pinnacle account or how to access SBOBet and Singbet with us directly, then you should select sportsbooks accounts. With VOdds, you can access all these exclusively, wherever you are in the world!

This service will give you direct sportsbook access to these Asian betting sites that are usually only available for Asian countries. Simply send a request to our customer service and you will receive an email confirmation if you are eligible for the direct sportsbook account creation. We also have a generous welcome bonus for you if you choose this service.

Another amazing service that VOdds provide is UNITY API for sports betting automation. It consists of a price feed and a betting API which allows you to trade on Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball.

Using VOdds football API can help automate your bets and make betting on coinciding football leagues easier and more convenient.

You can choose either of these services or all of the above when you sign up with us if you really want to maximize our platform. If you want to know more about these features, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support or head on to our live chat feature for real-time support.

Top Asian Bookmakers in a Single-Wallet Platform

VOdds partnered with the best Asian bookmakers and football betting brokers to make sure that you’re getting everything that you need for your next bets. When you already have a verified account, you can go to My Account to check your settings and preferences.



Here, you can choose which of the bookmakers you’d like to trade with. It’s also a great betting strategy to read about trading risks with some sportsbooks to measure your risk-level in online gambling in general or subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates about void bets.


Pinnacle provides the most numbers of lines and offers high limits for every match. It is also one of the best Asian bookmakers if you’re into basketball and tennis betting.



SBOBet on the other hand, offers a wide variety of leagues with live and in-play betting. If you want to maximize low spreads, make sure to read historical data and their terms and conditions to avoid having abnormal bets.


Betfair is also one of the largest sports betting sites in the world. It’s the first betting company to sponsor an English soccer team, and now they have millions of customers all over the world.




Meanwhile, Matchbook is an online sportsbook that is designed for smart punters who want more value on their bets. Its low commission and convenient interface give customers greater value.


Singbet (Crown) provides the most competitive odds in the market especially for major football leagues, they provide a great list of pre-match and in-play events that are not available anywhere else.



WLG is a Chinese bookie that provides unique events. It is considered as an exclusive betting site because they only give special access to qualified customers, but with VOdds’ excellent network, you can definitely access them.



GA268 meanwhile, provides peer-to-peer betting for all kinds of markets. They also offer independent odds for popular football leagues like Champions League, and even less-popular leagues.


BETISN has very competitive odds in the football betting market. They have the highest limits for  major European football leagues, especially for La Liga and Premier League.


Penta88 is one of the top-rated sportsbooks with thousands of events per week. They have a wide coverage of all football leagues and other major international sporting events like the World Cup.




Broker1 is a really great bet broker, but it operates the same way as a bookmaker for VOdds as they offer their own stakes and prices for the most popular football events.

See what these bookmakers have to offer and continue betting on the ongoing basketball, tennis, and football events! You can view all these in one dashboard when you log in to your account and place bets on your chosen match.

How to Place a Bet or Create Order Tickets on VOdds

How’s your VOdds experience so far? If you’re still familiarizing yourself with the new and improved platform, read this blog to learn more about submitting order tickets, so you can start placing your bets on competitive odds on football, basketball, and tennis matches!

Aside from having a fool-proof betting strategy, here are the things you need to know about placing bets or creating order tickets. You can also jump on the specific topics below:

What is an Order List?

An order list presents a complete list of settled and unsettled orders that you have placed on the VOdds platform, it can be found at the bottom of your dashboard and you can drag it upwards if you want to see all of your orders.



You’re welcome to choose different types of bet order options to use such as Current Normal Orders, Future Normal Orders, Current Positional Orders, and Future Positional Orders. You can also use filters to search for specific leagues, ID, teams, or Asian bookies that you want to see on your dashboard.

Make sure that you know how to fund your account with zero fees and minimum deposit to start placing your bets.

If you click View Bet List (eye icon), it shows you the full bet details for an order. From there, you can view the Order Details to see the event’s start time.



How to use the Filter Menu?

The Filter Menu allows you to search for a league or a match that you want to see on your Odds Panel. You may type in a specific league or a match through the Filter Menu and it will show filtered events and matches related to your searched keyword. For example, if you want to check on EPL matches, simply search “English Premier League”.



How to place a bet and submit an Order Ticket?

To start placing your bets, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the events, odds, and outcome that you want to bet on
  2. And an Order Ticket will pop out on your dashboard
  3. Input the stake (bet amount) and odd that you’d like to place
  4. Check the consolidated odds, min/max, stake, average odds, user stake, and active odd selected
  5. If you’re happy with your choices, click Place Order to submit your ticket


How to use Current and Future Normal Order

On VOdds, you can choose from the different order types and betting options.

Current Normal Order is an instruction to place a bet on a selected bet type for your original stake, on specific odds. Then, VOdds will estimate the best available odds for your order. Upon your confirmation, we will then immediately execute the order.

All bets placed will be at equal to or better odds than the original betting odds. VOdds might not only be able to fulfill the request if the odds changed significantly between the execution time and the time that the order is placed.

Once you successfully submit an order, then we can review it through the Order List, and once the event is finished, we will automatically compute your win/loss.

Future Normal Order is where you can place bets on an event whose odds are not yet available. VOdds will carry out your order once the specified odds are available. You will also be able to specify how long the order is good for through the “Good Till” function.

Many traders who need to bet only on specific prices normally use Future Order. This is also useful for quantitative analysts who use a set of predetermined prices to trade. Additionally, in-running traders find it advantageous to enter or exit a trade using this order type.

Same with Current Normal Order, once you click OK then your order ticket will be confirmed. Just make sure to double check if the information on the “Good Till” column is correct. Your win/loss will also be automatically computed after the events.



How to use Current and Future Positional Order

When you bet using positional order, it consists of an Opening Positional Order and a Closing Positional Order. Essentially, you make a single bet on a selection and subsequently close it with a corresponding opposite bet. For now, only the selected major leagues and cup pre-game matches are available for Positional Orders.


You can choose either Asian Handicap (HDP) and Total Goals (OU) for your positional orders. This is to ensure that sufficient liquidity is available to users and that all matches are low-spread.

Current Positional Order must be opened and subsequently closed anytime prior to 5 minutes of the scheduled kick-off time and these types of orders are not available for in-running games.

It is essentially a bet on the odds movement of an event. If the odds move sufficiently in favor of your current selection, then your Positional Order would be profitable. Otherwise, if the odds move against your selection, then you will not gain any profit.

You can check if an event is available for positional order trading by checking if there is a chart icon ( wallet icon ) displayed on the first line of the match in the Today and Early events. Not all lines of an event are available for positional order.

When you are happy about your bets, simply submit your order ticket and VOdds will automatically close your ticket once executed.

Future Positional Order on the other hand consists of an Opening Positional Order and a Closing Positional Order. You may already place bets on odds that are not yet available, and then VOdds will carry out the trade once the odds are available.

The menu for Future Positional Order can be seen below the Future Normal Order menu. Make sure to check for the “Good Till” validation selections and if they are “cancelled” or through “second”, “minute”, “hour”, and “day”.



How to edit and close Order Tickets

When using our platform, you have the option to edit or close your order tickets upon your discretion. If you decide to cancel or close your order, click on Stop Order Ticket and then a Closing Order Ticket option will pop-out for confirmation that you really want to close your order ticket.

See how it works? Everything is customizable and editable based on your preferences! Log in on your VOdds account or register now and be on your way to become a more profitable bettor!

€/£200 Welcome Bonus Extended! Bet On Major Football Leagues


The recent football (soccer) matches are getting more and more exciting as we’re nearing the Championships!

Whether you’re betting on the English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga season 2021/22, you can earn more aside from your winnings, with VOdds’ extended Welcome Bonus of up to €/£200!

When placing bets on coinciding football leagues, it’s really an advantage to use only the best online betting sites for football updates so you’re ahead of your game. With many different online bet websites out there, choose the ones that give you top of the line sign up offers, odds formats, and betting markets.

With VOdds all-in-one platform, you can get all these perks and special access to the best bookmakers for winning odds!

Updates on EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga 2021/22

EPL Game Updates and Scores


EPL Standings


There are a lot of things happening in the middle of the season especially for the English Premier League (or known as EPL), where Paul Pogba had an injury, and news saying that he might never play for Man Utd again. The World Cup winner might only be able to come back in January but not for Man Utd anymore.

Aside from this issue, there are a lot of other things going on in the major football leagues especially the EPL. Despite that, fans and punters from different parts of the world are still excited to watch each match and so far, Chelsea has shown resilience as they lead the top spot of the EPL 2021/22 even after ending with a draw against Burnley.

It also didn’t take long for Manchester City to catch up in the top spots. Meanwhile, Liverpool is really climbing up the ranks as well, as Mohamed Salah already scored 10 goals so far. 

Updates on La Liga Fixtures


La Liga Standings


Even when Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) both left Spanish football to join Paris Saint-Germain, their La Liga teams remained strong and competitive during the whole season.

Karim Benzema already scored 10 goals so far for Real Madrid as well as Vini Jr., scoring 7 goals for their team. However, it was Real Sociedad who had the upper hand in the recent matches.

Sevilla and Atletico Madrid also showed that they are great competitors especially with Luis Suarez scoring 7 goals for Atletico Madrid. Raul de Tomas also had 7 goals so far for Espanyol but his teammates really have to up their game to rise up from Top 11.

Updates on Serie A Italian Matches


Serie A Standings


Meanwhile in the Italian league, Serie A, AC Milan missed the chance at the top spot after a 1-1 derby draw against Inter Milan, allowing Napoli to keep their place this season.

AC Milan’s fans are really giving their all-out support and still hoping that their team gets the championship title by the end of the 2021/22 season.

Even though Lazio is top 5, Ciro Immobile already scored 10 goals for his team making them also a tough match for their competitors. Meanwhile, Giovanni Simone and Duván Zapata are both showing great skills as they scored 9 and 8 goals for their teams, Verona, and Fiorentina consecutively.

With the twist of events, it’s really exciting to be betting on Serie A Italian matches and see who will emerge as champions by the end of the season.

Bundesliga Matchups Season 2021


Bundesliga Standings


Bundesliga, on the other hand, is experiencing a lot of challenges still surrounding COVID-19 as many players still get infected. There are also some untimely injuries and muscle issues that caused Florian Wirtz of Bayer Leverkusen and Nico Shclotterbeck of SC Freiburg’s pull out.

Four players from Bayern Munich were also pulled out due to COVID-19 health issues, including Niklas Süle, Joshua Kimmich, Serge Gnabry, Jamal Musiala, however they still showed great results as Bayern Munich is ranked top 1 this season and thanks to Robert Lewandowski who single-handedly scored 13 goals so far. The minimized number of players, though, might affect this winning streak.

Erling Haalan is posing a threat to Bayern as he scored 9 goals so far for Dortmund making it hard for other teams to catch up.

Despite all this news, it is still definitely heart-raising to watch these major football leagues as they’re nearing the finals in early May 2022.

Make sure that you have wide betting options if you really want to earn while watching your favourite teams. Use sports betting sites with great odds guaranteed and a lot of offers for your next sports bets.

Grab your €/£200 welcome bonus today if you haven’t yet, and be on your way to becoming a successful football bettor!

Zero-Fees and Available Payment Methods on VOdds 2.0

As you familiarize yourself with the new and improved VOdds sports trading platform, get to know how to add funds to your account as we have widened the range and introduced the most convenient payment methods for betting on sports.

Using a single-wallet platform for betting on multiple Asian sportsbooks is very helpful as you can see all of your transactions in one page. That’s one of the advantages of sports betting online, you can instantly transfer funds in a real time payment system, talk about convenience!

Registration Form

With VOdds, you can swiftly top up your account with any of our available fund transfer methods. Upon registration, you will be asked which funding method you’d like to use for your account.

Once your account is verified, you can always update or choose alternative funding methods at any time, just contact our customer support. Currently, our available currencies are EUR or GBP, but we will soon be adding USD, USDT, and RMB.

As a security feature, you will receive email notifications for all kinds of deposit and withdrawal transactions in your account.

Here are the list of available payment systems that you can use on VOdds:

1. Bank Wire

One of the most common things to do for any deposit and withdrawal transactions is to go to a bank. But with the technological advancements that we have today, financial institutions made it easier with online banking via mobile apps or websites.

It is secure to use bank transfer especially if your online bank has two-factor authentication or other security measures to ensure that your deposit and withdrawal transactions are done safely.  In VOdds, we accept SEPA transfers which usually take 1-5 working days process time while SWIFT transfers are not supported.


2.  Skrill logo

Skrill is a digital wallet that provides a fast, simple, and secure way of transferring money to your VOdds account. The company was established in 2001 in the United Kingdom, and now they’re available in 120 countries. Skrill is more widely used in European countries. Basically, you have an online wallet where you can send money and withdraw winnings instantly.


3. Neteller logo

Neteller is one of the most widely-used e-wallets when it comes to sports betting. It was founded way back in 1999 in Canada, but since 2004, they have been operating in the Isle of Man. As a reliable transfer service, Neteller has earned the reputation for processing transactions as quickly as possible and with tight security.


4. Jeton logo

Another electronic wallet that we recently added on VOdds is Jeton Wallet for instant payments, it is an international payment system officially registered in England and more popular across Europe. You can use Jeton on VOdds as our processes are automatic when you use this funding method on the platform.


5.  ecoPayz logo

Providing an end-to-end account and card-based payment solutions, ecoPayz is also newly added on VOdds to provide you a swift payment option to fund your online betting account. It was founded in 2000 and widely used in the UK and 202 other countries. It is currently restricted in 48 countries including the United States. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are secure and processed automatically when you use it on VOdds.


6. Bitcoin logo

Undoubtedly, Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular to use on sports bets. It is the most reliable way to move your digital money safely, wherever you are in the world. BTC is considered very secure when transferring any amount of money online. You can use Bitcoin on VOdds with zero deposit and withdrawal fees.


7. Tether logo

Another cryptocurrency available on our platform is Tether (USDT). Its value does not fluctuate and has the same value as the US dollar which is in 1 to 1 ratio. It also has extra layers of protection and is secured with encryption factors. You can use it on VOdds with free deposit fees.

How to Fund My VOdds Account?

With VOdds, you can have free deposit and withdrawal fees with any of these funding options. The rates will be updated from time to time, so make sure that you check our FAQs regularly.

How do I make a deposit?

Submit New Deposit Request

To fund your account, log in using your username and password. Then simply click the wallet icon (  wallet icon  ) on the top right corner, it will lead you to a form where you can click Submit new request and then choose Deposit.

Deposit Request

You’ll need to fill out the deposit form with the required information (amount, promo code, etc.) for you to submit your direct deposit or request for a deposit. The funding method is automatically filled out with what you have chosen upon registration.

Deposit Request Form

It’s important to make use of our latest promotions so you can have discounts and rewards, you can check out our list of best sports betting deposit bonuses.

There are definitely no deposit fees for all, but the minimum deposit is €/£5 for e-wallets and €/£10 for wire transfers.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

To withdraw your winnings,  you have to do a similar process, click the wallet icon (   wallet icon  ) and then the Submit new request, then you can choose Withdrawal.


Submit New Withdrawal Request

You’ll also need to fill out this form and input required details like the amount you’d like to withdraw, and your documents for verification.


For enhanced account security, you have to upload your government ID and an Address Document (bank statement, utility bills) or proof of your home address that you provided when you registered on VOdds. This is to ensure that you are the one withdrawing your money.

Withdrawal Form

For withdrawal transactions using bank wire, it usually takes about 1-5 days for the whole process, but for e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, it usually takes only a few minutes and a few confirmations.

Withdrawal Form

All customers are entitled to one (1) FREE withdrawal per month and succeeding withdrawals within the same month are charged with the fees shown in the table above. For BTC and TRC20, there are no withdrawal fees at all. As payment methods for online betting sites expand, make sure to check our emails and FAQs for more updates!

How To Create and Switch Between Watch Lists | VOdds 2.0

Monitoring league matchups are important yet time-consuming. That’s why our ‘Watch List’ feature is an all-time favourite, so we didn’t forget to improve it on the latest update of our sports trading platform. 

Now, you can use the new and improved process of creating Watch Lists! Analyzing and viewing your sports data or betting odds matches are much easier and organized because of these updated features on VOdds.

If you are new to VOdds, here’s how you can use our Watch List to easily view live in-play odds for your favourite leagues or matchups in separate tables. 

How to use our Watch List?

Tracking matches and betting odds is easy. VOdds platform provides default Watch Lists for you to use:

  • The Favourite tab shows games and odds you marked as favourites. To add an event to this list, click the star icon on the matches you want to monitor closely. 
  • The Live tab shows games with in-play odds available.
  • The Today tab shows the pre-match odds for the games scheduled that day.
  • The Early tab shows the odds for upcoming games. 


See our complete guide for VOdds 2.0 dashboard to learn more about its updated look. 

You can also set up your own betting watch lists. Aside from getting pre-match odds ahead of the game, you can also see and bet instantly once a bookmaker changes their line. 

This way, you can fully experience the advantage of wagering on live sports matches using top online sportsbooks. To create your own Watch List, simply follow the instructions below.

How to create my own Watch List? 

Step 1 – Add Watchlist

Click the Watch List button on the top right corner of the VOdds dashboard then add a new one by simply clicking the “+ Add new watch list”. 


Watch List Drop-down

Add new watchlist

Step 2 – Search for your favourite sports leagues/matches

Type in words on the Search bar to filter results based on leagues or matches. It will be placed at the top for easier query.


Search Bar

Step 3 – Filter by Event Type

Select Filter by to choose the type of bet. Choose one from Full-time Handicap (FT HDP), Half-time Handicap (HT HDP), Full-time Total (FT TOTAL), Half-time Total (HT TOTAL), as well as Full-time 1X2 (FT 1X2) and Half-time 1X2 (HT 1X2).

For the Event Type , Select one from All, Regular, or Special.


Filter by Event Type

Event Type


Step 4 – Filter by Market Type

Narrow down your query by Market Type. Choose one from:

  • All for all events.
  • Live for all the In-Running events.
  • Today for all the events whose start time is from 12:00:00 PM on the current date to 11:59:59 AM on the following date.
  • Early for all the events whose start time is after 11:59:59 AM on the following date.


Event Type (All, Regular, Special)


You can also narrow it down by Match Start Time. Fill in the start and end dates to generate the matches. 


Calendar Step 3


Afterwards, tick the boxes of the respective tournaments you want to add to the Watch List. 

Tick also the box on the lower right corner if you want to automatically include new matches in the specified sports league or matchups.


Tick all boxes - Add watchlist


Step 5 – Submit

Input any Watch List Name you like then hit the Submit button. You now have your customized watch list.




It will be added automatically to the Market drop-down menu and you can see the filtered sports leagues when you click on this view.

How to view, edit, or delete Watch Lists?

To view the default or customized watch lists, click on the Market drop-down menu beside the search bar. And click on your chosen watch list. You can now easily check your favourite games in a filtered view.


View, Edit, Delete Watchlist


And if you want to edit or delete a watch list head on to the Watch List drop-down menu, above the search bar, and click on the pen or cross icon on the side.


Add watchlist tick boxes

Experience VOdds 2.0 for yourself!

Log in to your VOdds account today and create multiple watch lists to help you focus on your favourite sports leagues and matches. You can opt to log in on their mobile sports betting platform for convenience too! Register now and learn how to maximize your account by reading our VOdds’ online sports betting guides.


Managing Your VOdds Betting Account

There are many advantages to using Asian sportsbook aggregators like VOdds, but the most important is that we provide efficient betting services. 
That’s why VOdds regularly updates its platform to match your evolving betting needs.
Explore all the features it has to offer – both old and new. To start, learn how to manage your sports trading account by scrolling down or jumping to these topics: 


What’s inside ‘My Account’?

If you are already using our sports trading platform this should be easy for you. But for those who are new to the platform, ‘My Account’ is placed on the navigation bar, between FAQs and Announcements, where you can manage your account information, view reports of your trade, and set betting preferences.

What is inside My Account

The sidebars on the My Account menu are:

  • Account – allows you to change  your password and access. 
  • Report – allows you to view full details of your previous activities and transactions including settled and unsettled orders.
  • Settings – gives your account statements. This includes all orders and bets, as well as requests which we have been unable to accept.
  • Fundings – shows your chosen online banking method.
  • Terms of Use – shows you our full General Terms and Conditions. 


How to change account password?

Select Credentials on the sidebar menu. Under the Username/Password section, click the Change button. Fill in the required fields and click Save Change to update your password.

Account Password


How to view and update account information?

Click Personal Details on the sidebar menu to view and update your email and registered mobile number. This information must be kept updated as this allows us to contact you regarding your account. It serves as an additional layer of security to ensure that you initiated transactions on your account. 

Personal information


How to see settlement order by statement date?

Under the Report sidebar menu, select P&L Report and input the date range of your interest and click View. A quick summary of your stake, as well as the Profit/Loss for each statement date within the specified range, will be shown. 

To see all the details of each result, click the View icon in the Action column and the information will be shown in a new window.

Profit and Loss Report


How to see orders without win/loss status yet?

Select Unsettled Orders and input the date range of your interest and click View. A list of unsettled orders will be displayed in a new window. 

Unsettled Orders

How to view all transactions on your account?

View it in Transactions where details of any payments or adjustments made to and from your account are saved. 

Simply select the date range and click View. A quick summary of your transactions will be shown.  To see all the details of each result, click the View icon in the Action column and the information will be shown in a new window.



How to view your past activities?

Click Past Activities and select the date range and click View. A new window will be launched where you can review and download all the past activities on your account.

The information displayed includes all your activities such as login, logout, all orders requests, and pending transactions.


Past Transactions


How to set my trading preferences?

Select Settings to determine your default odds format, sport, order ticket, amount of stake, expiration date for Future Orders, as well as betting limits.
The most important thing to complete is selecting which Asian sportsbooks you want to trade with. Read this guide so you can start betting online using the best Asian bookmakers in the market.


Sportsbook Preferences


How to fund my account?

The Funding Methods will only show your chosen payment option. If you want to make a deposit or request a withdrawal, follow this deposit/withdrawal guide.  If you want to change your payment channel, you may contact customer support.


Sportsbook Preferences


Experience what’s new yourself!

Log in to your VOdds account today to bet using the newly improved betting dashboard or register now if you don’t have one yet! Learn how to maximize your account by tuning in on our online sports betting guides.


Complete Guide to Your VOdds 2.0 Dashboard | See What’s New

When you log in to our VOdds sports trading platform, the main page or interface that you’ll see is your dashboard. 

It is the greatest tool for sports bettors of all experience levels to stay on top of their trades. And as one of the top online betting sites, it stays true to providing you with everything you need in one place so you can start betting right away. 

So make sure you know all about its updated look by reading this ultimate guide for our Asian betting platform dashboard. Jump to specific topics by clicking the links below:

Credit Bar

The Credit Bar is still placed at the top right corner of your VOdds dashboard. However, the labels are now shortened and aligned to the numbers for easier reading. 

Credit Bar

  • Currency shows either EUR (€) or GBP (£).
  • Credit shows your available account balance. 
  • Unrealized Profit and Loss (UPL) shows how much profit or loss could be realized if the position were closed at the time. The Profit/Loss does not become realized until the position is closed.
  • Maximum Potential Loss (MPL) shows the estimated loss for a closed position.
  • Margin shows the credit that VOdds deducts from your credit when you open a Positional Order.
  • Profit/Loss shows the total amount of winnings and losses.
  • Outstanding Amount shows the total stake of all Normal Unsettled Orders and Future Normal Orders. 
  • Odd Format shows either Europe or Hong Kong odds


How to show/hide Credit Bar?

Simply click the Credit Bar for it to expand or collapse. You can also click the inverted triangle beside Odd Format to tick which details you want to see in the Credit Bar.

Show Credit Bar Arrow


Other Features on Navigation Bar 

The navigation bar has also undergone a few icon enhancements. The wallet and announcement icons are different from before. Get familiar with each of the icons here:

Navigation Bar


  1. Football matches and odds.
  2. Tennis matches and odds.
  3. Basketball matches and odds.
  4. The Wallet icon is where you submit a deposit or withdrawal request. Read our guide on how to deposit/withdraw to find out more. 
  5. The Help Button icon will redirect you to our FAQ page.
  6. The Account Settings icon is where you update your account information and other trading preferences. Learn how to manage your account here.
  7. The Announcements icon shows  you our latest promotions and platform updates.
  8. The Light Settings icon is where you can switch between light and dark mode. 
  9. The Language Settings icon is where you can change the language to either English, Chinese, or Russian.



Odds Panel

VOdds strives to give all the data you’ll need to win without overwhelming you. That’s why the Odds Panel now only shows the best lines and odds for each event.

Odds Panel - Lines, Odds

Once you find an event you want to bet on, simply click on it to see the best lines for Full-time (FT) and Half-time (HT). Other available odds will be shown if you select the main line for each betting market.

Click on your chosen price to open the Order Ticket. For more information on how to place order tickets in our dashboard, please read our Normal, Positional, and Future Order betting guide.


How to sort the matches and odds?

Matches and odds

We have rearranged the football matches to be neatly organized. There are also now six ways to sort the details on the Odds panel.

  1. The Favourite tab displays games and odds you marked as favourites. To add or remove a game from this list, click the star beside a specific event/match.
  2. The Live tab displays live events/matches with live betting odds available.
  3. The Today tab displays games scheduled today.
  4. The Early tab displays the odds for upcoming games.
  5. The Market drop-down menu to view other Special Markets available and the Watchlists you have created.
  6. The Search Bar displays games and odds based on the keyword you entered. Choose whether to include it in the Favourite tab or a specific Watchlist.


For instructions on how to create your Watch List, please follow our detailed guide here.


Order List

The Order List is the panel at the bottom of your sports betting dashboard. It has been minimized to make it concise and easier to read. 

It displays all the settled and unsettled orders that you have placed on VOdds. You can filter orders by All, Normal Orders, and Positional Orders tabs or by inputting the ID, league, or team name on the search bar.

Unlike before, we remove the tab for Future Order. Instead, it’s now included on both the Normal and Future Orders tabs. Simply look at the “Good Till” column to identify which bets are Future Orders.

Adjust the height by clicking on the three default view buttons on the left or dragging the panel up and down. It’s also collapsible so you can hide the panel fully if that’s what works for you. 

Order List


Order List Actions

For convenience, the Order List has a few key features to help you view details and take action on your orders.

Action Buttons

  1. The View Bet List button shows the full bet details of your order.
  2. The Close Positional Order button closes your Positional Order when clicked. Otherwise, VOdds will automatically close your Positional Order 5 minutes before the scheduled game kick-off time.
  3. The Actualize Position button closes a Positional Order.
  4. The Order Log button shows the full order process and all actions taken for an order.
  5. The View Forecast Grid button shows the Asian handicap odds table per HDP game.


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fresh new look on VOdds

Meet VOdds 2.0 for Smarter and Better Trading Experience!

VOdds has been one of the most trusted Asian handicap betting platforms for a while now. But the new and improved VOdds platform is here to bring you a better trading experience and a smarter way to bet! 

The newest VOdds redesign is built on the latest technology and has some incredible features that make it unbeatable. 

Check this blog for a quick tour of our new features or you can try it yourself. Simply log in or register your first sports betting brokerage account and receive up to €/£200 on your first deposit. Hurry, before this exclusive offer expires.

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What’s New on the Trading Platform?

Get Started Quickly

We’ve made the new site faster, easier to use, and more intuitive than ever before.

The website is now easier to navigate thanks to its sleek, modern design. If you scroll down, you will effortlessly see more information about VOdds.

The design is not only visually appealing and interactive, but is also informative. Icons, logos, as well as short descriptions are provided making it easier for you to understand how each feature works. 

Mobile Sports Betting - Faster Trading with VOdds

Plus, VOdds now adapts to any screen size so you can bet using any of your devices with ease.

The main page now only has two tabs to effectively highlight the bookmakers and services that we offer. Details like Promotions, FAQ, Affiliate, Blog, how to contact us, and available payment methods can now be easily seen at the bottom of the page.

You can change the language by clicking the globe icon on the top right corner. English, Chinese, and Russian are currently available, and more will be added in the future. Next to it are buttons for logging in or creating an account. 

Aside from creating a betting account to use the trading platform, you can now efficiently avail other services like our sports betting API and request access to a direct bookmaker account using a single registration form.

How to register for online sports betting account?

Highlights of our New Dashboard

We know that you love all the information you have in your dashboard. So we took that from the old design but made sure they are now displayed in a more modern and minimalist interface.

This way, everything is displayed on a single screen more neatly. This makes it easier for you to see the odds and compare betting lines in one look without overwhelming you with information.

Here are some of the new features you need to know about:

Dark & Light Mode for Eye Protection

For added convenience and comfort, the new dashboard has two light settings. You can toggle between light and dark mode using the button at the top right corner.

Football, Basketball, and Tennis Sports Betting

When betting using dark mode, you do not have to worry about glare from the computer or mobile screen. This is especially important for late-night users of the platform who are in front of their screens for hours on end. 

In case you don’t have the time yet to explore the new design, you can switch to the classic design for the meantime with just a click. 

Online football betting site | VOdds old design

However, we advise you to be familiarized with the updates to take advantage of the new user interface and improve your trading experience.

What do you think?

These are just some sneak peek of VOdds’ new look. We’ll be frequently adding new, exciting and interesting features to our sports trading platform and helpful resources to guide you through the process of transition. 

We would love to hear your thoughts – please get in touch with us at [email protected]

If you do not have an account yet, you may create an account today so you can start using a reliable sports betting broker partnered with the best Asian bookmakers. 


Fair Exchange Terms & Conditions (50% Deposit Bonus)



  1. The offer is only valid for customers of Fair Exchange.
  2. You must have settled bets of up to 5 times your initial deposit amount before your bonus is credited to your account and your winnings can become withdrawable.

For example, if you deposit £/€200, the total amount you have wagered must be at least £/€1,000, subject to bets having been settled. The turnover requirement will be calculated using the absolute amount of all wins and losses of settled bets.

  1. The maximum stake per event and per bet will be limited to your deposit amount. For example, if you deposit £/€200, you will be able to place a single bet of £/€200 or multiple bets totaling up to £/€200 in an event. This restriction will be lifted once you complete the turnover requirement and bonus is credited to your FairExchange account.
  2. In addition, all qualifying bets placed in achieving the Turnover requirement must be between the odds of 2.25 and 1.80 (euro odds).
  3. You will receive a bonus of 50% up to £/€ 100 of your initial deposit once the turnover requirement is met.
  4. This offer only applies to bets placed via FairExchange website.
  5. If the turnover requirements for this offer have not been met within 90 days of the offer commencing, any balance will be forfeited.
  6. All qualifying bets must be settled before the promotion’s expiry.
  7. If you cancel your bonus after you enter the promotion or before you complete the turnover requirements, the offer shall be forfeited.
  8. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. You can only have one active bonus at a time. FairExchange reserves the right to limit the eligibility or cancel any offer to any customer.
  9. This offer is limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g. SKRILL, NETELLER, etc), and shared computer (e.g. public library or workplace).
  10. In case of canceled, voided, rejected, or non-runner bets, stakes will be put back into the original wallets and wagering progress is reverted.
  11. If any terms of the offer are breached (or there is any evidence of multiple bets placed by a customer from any other promotional offer resulting in guaranteed customer profits regardless of the outcome), FairExchange reserves the right to reclaim the bonus or void any bets funded by the promotion.
  12. These terms and conditions operate in conjunction with FairExchange General Terms and Conditions.

Updates on the Current Football Game Fixtures

As we’re midway into the championships of the English Premier League (EPL), Bundesliga, La Liga, and Serie A in the 2021-22 season, there are a lot of questions and speculations on who will be crowned champions for these major football leagues.

With the VOdds sports trading platform, you can get live football betting odds and fixtures of current football matches from several different leagues all in one place. 

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Register an account today and get up to €/£200 on your initial deposit!

What you need to know about the Premier League

With the EPL, it might be a tough one to predict since you’re betting on Premier League champions and MVPs coming from different teams in England.

Even with issues regarding the players’ status and conspiracy theories in COVID-19 vaccinations, the matches still continue as millions of fans keep watching at the comfort of their own homes, thanks to online live betting. As of this writing, the top Asian handicap betting favorites to compete in the EPL finals are Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, and Everton since they scored the most this 2021-22 season so far. 

However, as football betting tipsters always say, don’t just bet according to your hunches.

When betting on the English Premier League winner, odds & betting lines are very important to look at. You should also use a fool-proof betting strategy like using a betting spreadsheet to make more informed bets.

Here’s the latest EPL standings as of October 13, 2021:

English Premier Leage 2021/22 Football Club Standings

Courtesy of Sportskeeda

What you need to know about Bundesliga

In Germany, Bundesliga is the most sought-after football league. And so far in the 2021-22 season, Bayern Munich is getting the upper hand with 16 points in total. But Leverkusen is definitely a strong opponent since they also have 16 points as of this writing.

The youngest player in the whole Bundesliga, Jamal Musiala, can’t believe his fame as he registered 11 goals and four assists for Bayern Munich since his debut last season. Musiala is also the youngest football player in Germany’s history to ever appear at major finals.

To bet on Bundesliga, it is important to check which teams are favorites.

Just like with any other sport, it’s vital to research about the history of each team and the players, check out recent injuries and suspensions, and look out for plot twists within the matches.

Here’s the latest Bundesliga standings as of October 13, 2021:

German Bundesliga 2021-22 Football Club Standings

Courtesy of Sportskeeda

What you need to know about La Liga

For the first time since the pandemic, La Liga stadiums will be filled to  100 percent capacity for a test period of one month (October 2021). With mandatory masks in place, major matches are expected to be flooded by enthusiastic fans. 

But even if you’re not in Spain or any part of Europe, you can still enjoy watching and betting on La Liga through sports trading platforms that give the best experience.

When using VOdds for La Liga matches, make sure to select top Asian bookmakers that you’d like to see on your dashboard. You can select bookies based on your preferences and risk levels you’re willing to take.

Last season’s winner, Atlético Madrid, is in the top two so far in this 2021-22 season, making it difficult for Real Madrid even if they’re taking the lead with three consecutive wins and 17 points in total.

Here is the latest La Liga standings as of this writing:

La Liga 2021-22 Football Club Standings

Courtesy of Sportskeeda

What you need to know about Serie A

Meanwhile, Italy has Serie A that really excites and intrigues football fans from all over the world. One of the current highlights is Napoli surprising everyone with seven consecutive wins totaling 21 points so far in the 2021-22 season.

Napoli’s 22-year-old striker, Victor Osimhen, shows how strong and deadly he can be when it comes to football.

Many football tipsters were also surprised with the recent turn of events in Serie A since almost all of them were predicting that Juventus will reclaim the championship title or that Inter Milan will keep their crown. But this might not be the case if Napoli continues their winning streak.

If you want to know where to watch Serie A online, research about live streaming channels in your country or check out any sports bookmakers aggregator if they have it on their platform.

Here’s the latest Serie A standings as of October 13, 2021:

Italy Serie A 2021-22 Football Club Standings

Courtesy of Sportskeeda

Whether it’s EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, or any other football fixtures, it’s best to use a single-wallet platform like VOdds so you can monitor your wagers in coinciding matches. Bet on your favourite leagues conveniently and hassle-free! Open an account with VOdds or log in today and grab your welcome bonus.


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