Stunning Sports Bets

Six Most Stunning Sports Bets Ever Placed

Just like sports itself, sports betting is so full of surprises as punters are known regular players of chance. Afraid of losing resources, some bettors go for the safer bets on favourites, while more daring ones place stakes on the most unbelievable odds.

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Here are six most stunning and fascinating sports bets ever placed and won

6. 50 Cent

He went insane when he bombed $1.6 million on a single fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather in a fine 2nd May. As some may know, the rapper had a beef with Mayweather, even claiming that the boxer cannot read a page from a children’s book without making a mistake. 50 cent still placed the stakes on Mayweather, despite everyone strongly expecting Pacquiao to win. Mayweather did beat Pacquiao that night.

5. Darren Yates

He bet £67.58 back in 28th September 1996 when popular jockey Frankie Dettori promised to win only two out of his seven races. That day though, Dettori won all of his seven races. To his surprise, Yate received £550,823 from that humble bet.

4. Floyd Mayweather

He proved that he is not just the a champion in the world of boxing, but in the betting business as well. In the NBA Eastern Conference Finals back in 2013, he allegedly placed $7.9 million on Miami Heat to beat the Indiana Pacers – an unlikely pick that time. It turns out that Miami won and earned $800,000 in profit.

3. Billy Walters

As everyone knows, is one ferocious monster in the world of sports betting. He further solidified this reputation when he placed $3.5 million on the underdogs New Orleans Saints against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLVI. When the favourites lost against the unlikely winners, Walters became $3.5 million richer.

2. Mick Gibbs

He was given a chance to predict the winners of 15 football games across Europe back in 2001. He then placed a bet of 30 pence with the demonic odds of 1,666,666. When 14 of the games went as Gibbs had predicted, a match between Valencia and Bayern Munich was Champions League Finale. When the game went to penalties, the German club won a trophy and Gibbs became £500,000 richer.

1. Fred Craggs

Just turned 60 year old when he placed a 50 pence bet on an eight horse accumulator with an odds of 2.8 million to one. The humble stake grew to £1 million after his bet won. Interestingly, the 60-year-old fertilizer salesman was not aware that he became an instant millionaire until he came back to the same bookmaker to place another stake.

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Sun Tzu quotes sports betting guide

Six Quotes from Sun Tzu to Guide You in Sports Betting

Over two millennia ago, an almost mythical Chinese general named Sun Tzu lived in a time when different authorities in China are at war with one another. In such an era Sun Tzu wrote a military treatise that will bestow valuable military wisdom on anyone who would read it.

History did put Sun Tzu’s book to test and it proved to be one timeless piece of ancient knowledge that came to influence the likes of great military minds such as Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, and even Douglas MacArthur.

Now famous as ‘The Art of War,’ Sun Tzu’s boundless words have been also applied in business strategies and tactics. In fact, the wisdom could also be of practical value for bettors as a guide in betting.

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Here are six maxims from Sun Tzu’s book that are of practical value for punters in their betting

To know your enemy, you must become your enemy

This means that in order for a punter to stand out from the others, he must first know how other bettors think. This is for the bettor to find where the true value lies, even when people or bookies think otherwise.. Keep in mind, the result of a bet is not always similar to a flip of a coin–win or lose. Bet winnings can still take place whatever the result of the match is. It is in the finding of the right markets or lines that gives the competitive advantage.

According as circumstances are favourable, one should modify one’s plans

This quote is valuable especially when odds change in the very last minute and the bettor must decide whether to adjust bets or not. This can be applied to multiple scenarios as well and when this happens, be sure to re-analyse if the approach used still makes sense to achieve winnings.

He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight

This maxim applies to situations when the bettor is left to decide which sports fixtures have value to place stakes on. Sometimes, emotions get in the way of our bets especially if the matches include our favourite teams/players. In these times, stay objective to know where the true value lies.

The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won

When is the right time to look for another game to place stakes on? When the bet has paid off.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win

Sun Tzu has left a valuable message for bettors in placing stakes. The smarter way to bet is to contemplate on the bet and ensuring victory first before placing it. The losing way to bet is placing the bet and expecting a pay off.

He who wishes to fight must first count the cost

In this quote, it is worth the time to remind bettors to be careful in every decision when placing a bet as resources are can sometimes be limited.  

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Europe’s Most Popular Sports to Bet on

Europeans have a notably strong sense of athleticism. People from all walks of life participate in sporting events, big or small. This European passion for sports transcends nationalities, ages, and different identities. This is also one of the main reasons why sports trading flourished in the continent’s market.

Trying to learn the ups and downs of sports betting? Check out Sports Betting: the Good and the Bad.

Some of the most popular sports to bet on in Europe


Betting on football has become greatly popular not just for Asian and European bettors but also around the world, providing one of the largest markets to bookmakers. Football betting has been popular, whether casually or professionally, as proven by the ever-emerging sportsbook sites in Europe. The world of football betting has really succeeded in the era of the internet. Another factor that contributed to the emergence of football betting is the remarkably huge number of people with passion for the sport.

VOdds is a sports trading platform that aims to be the best Asian sportsbook aggregator in the betting market. Thus, it is consistent in developing new features that will suit and satisfy its clients‘ needs. Not only does VOdds provide access to the best odds and prices available in the Asian handicap market, the platform also accommodates some of the most popular sports in Europe’s betting scene.

At VOdds, there are thousands of leagues available in which punters can bet on. Among those are the Big Five such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1. Heaps of the lesser-known leagues are also available in the platform.


Tennis is considered to be the next most popular sport in the world of European betting next to football. The rise of online gambling has seen a turnover on tennis betting increase to billions every year. Tennis betting is among the most entertaining and popular sports in the world. To get started, bettors must know the rules of the sport and understand the various styles of play that can also affect the outcome of the match.

Several betting markets are available at VOdds for events such as the Grand Slam tournaments, WTA, ATP Tour, Davis Cup, and more. Major events such as these are the ones that bettors await.


As one of the world’s most common and watched sports, betting on basketball is also extremely widespread. Since the game is a fast-paced competition that often hypes up the world, it makes for an incredibly enjoyable and profitable betting experience for sports bettors. Like football and tennis, there are several different leagues and organizations that offer various kinds of excitement to fans and sports bettors alike. One of the most popular is the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball  (NCAA) in the United States, which is also known as college basketball tournament.

Betting on basketball is also one of the simplest forms of sports betting and is a great place for beginners to get started and for professional punters to make some serious earnings.

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2019 World Sports Event Calendar

After an action-packed 2018 which saw countless of sports events such as the Asian Games, US Open, the FIFA World Cup, and so much more, the sports scene experienced both successes and failures, excitements and disappointments, and a whole lot of happenings that made 2018 a rollercoaster ride.

In this article, VOdds sports trading platform listed down the major sporting events available that are expected to take place in the new year and what sports fans should all look forward to as 2019 rolls in.

AFC Asian Cup (Football)

Date: Jan 5 – Feb 1

Place: United Arab Emirates

African Cup of Nations (Football)

Date: Jun 7 – Jun 30

Place: TBA

Australian Open (Tennis)

Date: Jan 14 – 27

Place: Melbourne, Australia

Super Bowl (American Football)

Date: February 3

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

FA Cup Final (Football)

Date: May 18

Place: Wembley Stadium, London

French Open (Tennis)

Date: May 26 – Jun 9

Place: Paris, France

UEFA Champions League Final (Football)

Date: June 1

Place: Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, Spain

Women’s World Cup (Football)

Date: Jun 7 – Jul 7

Place: France

NBA Finals (Basketball)

Date: June TBA

Place: USA/Canada

Wimbledon (Tennis)

Date: Jul 1 – 14

Place: London, England

US Open (Tennis)

Date: Aug 26 – Sep 9

Place: New York, USA

FIBA World Cup (Basketball)

Date: Aug 31 – Sep 15

Place: China

AFL Grand Final (Australian Football)

Date: September 28

Place: Melbourne, Australia

Davis Cup (Tennis)

Date: Nov 18 – 24

Place: TBA

*Updated as of February 1, 2019.

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All in one Sports Trading Platform

VOdds: The Best Site for Profitable Sports Betting

All-in-one sports trading platform

In today’s world where competitive leagues and matches are aplenty, having a sports trading platform that gives access to the best lines is tantamount to gaining earnings at any given time. VOdds is one such platform that provides clients winning features upon registration. You need not open multiple tabs just to keep track of available odds from bookmakers. VOdds has got all that in the dashboard. Here are other reasons why you should take into account this site if you want to take betting into another level.

It offers quality and efficiency

Both recreational and experienced punters can bet on multiple sportsbooks at chosen stakes in one account. This extends betting opportunities for users who can compare from different sites. You won’t need to go through a lot of sign-up/log-in processes. Imagine the convenience it brings to the table. Get your hands on the best prices for several games and complete transactions using a single wallet.

The site has the best Asian sportsbooks in line

Access to real-time odds and limits comes with solid connections to some of the most competitive and in-demand Asian bookmakers in the market. VOdds has a continuously expanding list of highly-regarded books that includes:

    • SBC
    • BetISN (ISN)
    • IBC
    • SingBet/CROWN
    • IWIN168

You can handily place your preferred bookmakers in your account settings.

Reliable Customer Service

Downtimeespecially if it’s for maintenance or system upgrade, as is most often the caseis inevitable. But VOdds’ 24/7 dedicated customer service won’t keep you hanging. They have various communication channels such as:

    • Live Chat
    • Skype (vodds-support)
    • WhatsApp

You can also follow VOdds’ social media profiles for the latest news/updates on sports and betting.

Social Media Accounts: ( Instagram, or Twitter)

Order Options

Bet to your heart’s content with these selections:

    • Normal Order –  an order for a specific odds/stake to be carried out immediately.
    • Positional Order – an order where users can exit position once odds are favourable. Profit/Loss can expertly be managed with such things as “Stop Loss” and “Limit Win” functions.
    • Future Order- a type of order especially helpful for traders who have a pre-determined prices and odds.

Pick a bet, put in your stake, and the process is done. Afterwards, you can just sit back and see the players go at it.

Exclusive API service

Experienced bettors or syndicates can integrate their betting strategies and configurations with the sports betting API, UNITY. Low latency price feed and Redmine technical support help in making trading either automated or customized into client’s own proprietary product and easy to manage.

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