Europe’s Most Popular Sports to Bet on

Europeans have a notably strong sense of athleticism. People from all walks of life participate in sporting events, big or small. This European passion for sports transcends nationalities, ages, and different identities. This is also one of the main reasons why sports trading flourished in the continent’s market.

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Some of the most popular sports to bet on in Europe


Betting on football has become greatly popular not just for Asian and European bettors but also around the world, providing one of the largest markets to bookmakers. Football betting has been popular, whether casually or professionally, as proven by the ever-emerging sportsbook sites in Europe. The world of football betting has really succeeded in the era of the internet. Another factor that contributed to the emergence of football betting is the remarkably huge number of people with passion for the sport.

VOdds is a sports trading platform that aims to be the best Asian sportsbook aggregator in the betting market. Thus, it is consistent in developing new features that will suit and satisfy its clients‘ needs. Not only does VOdds provide access to the best odds and prices available in the Asian handicap market, the platform also accommodates some of the most popular sports in Europe’s betting scene.

At VOdds, there are thousands of leagues available in which punters can bet on. Among those are the Big Five such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1. Heaps of the lesser-known leagues are also available in the platform.


Tennis is considered to be the next most popular sport in the world of European betting next to football. The rise of online gambling has seen a turnover on tennis betting increase to billions every year. Tennis betting is among the most entertaining and popular sports in the world. To get started, bettors must know the rules of the sport and understand the various styles of play that can also affect the outcome of the match.

Several betting markets are available at VOdds for events such as the Grand Slam tournaments, WTA, ATP Tour, Davis Cup, and more. Major events such as these are the ones that bettors await.


As one of the world’s most common and watched sports, betting on basketball is also extremely widespread. Since the game is a fast-paced competition that often hypes up the world, it makes for an incredibly enjoyable and profitable betting experience for sports bettors. Like football and tennis, there are several different leagues and organizations that offer various kinds of excitement to fans and sports bettors alike. One of the most popular is the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball  (NCAA) in the United States, which is also known as college basketball tournament.

Betting on basketball is also one of the simplest forms of sports betting and is a great place for beginners to get started and for professional punters to make some serious earnings.

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2019 World Sports Event Calendar

After an action-packed 2018 which saw countless of sports events such as the Asian Games, US Open, the FIFA World Cup, and so much more, the sports scene experienced both successes and failures, excitements and disappointments, and a whole lot of happenings that made 2018 a rollercoaster ride.

In this article, VOdds sports trading platform listed down the major sporting events available that are expected to take place in the new year and what sports fans should all look forward to as 2019 rolls in.

AFC Asian Cup (Football)

Date: Jan 5 – Feb 1

Place: United Arab Emirates

African Cup of Nations (Football)

Date: Jun 7 – Jun 30

Place: TBA

Australian Open (Tennis)

Date: Jan 14 – 27

Place: Melbourne, Australia

Super Bowl (American Football)

Date: February 3

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

FA Cup Final (Football)

Date: May 18

Place: Wembley Stadium, London

French Open (Tennis)

Date: May 26 – Jun 9

Place: Paris, France

UEFA Champions League Final (Football)

Date: June 1

Place: Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, Spain

Women’s World Cup (Football)

Date: Jun 7 – Jul 7

Place: France

NBA Finals (Basketball)

Date: June TBA

Place: USA/Canada

Wimbledon (Tennis)

Date: Jul 1 – 14

Place: London, England

US Open (Tennis)

Date: Aug 26 – Sep 9

Place: New York, USA

FIBA World Cup (Basketball)

Date: Aug 31 – Sep 15

Place: China

AFL Grand Final (Australian Football)

Date: September 28

Place: Melbourne, Australia

Davis Cup (Tennis)

Date: Nov 18 – 24

Place: TBA

*Updated as of February 1, 2019.

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