Three Popular Sports to Bet on in Ancient Europe


As old as sports itself, sports betting also has a long history stretching to even the earliest cultures of Western civilization. Bets do not always involved currency during those times, but also pieces of land, property, and slaves. The proto-bettors have been placing bets even in the Ancient Olympic games, sword fights, duels, and other events of competition.

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Here are three popular sports to bet on in the olden days of Europe


The ancient Greeks are fond of this sport. Even the famous philosopher Plato is known in Athens for being a champion wrestler. Also known as Greek Palé, wrestling is one of the most prominent sport in the Ancient Olympic Games and champions are held with the highest attention and esteem.

Gladiator battles

This sport is probably the city of Rome’s biggest spectacle. People are already familiar with the two warriors fighting each other for their lives inside a huge arena while a noisy crowd cheers their favourites and heckles the other. Hugely popular during its heydays, gladiator battles are one of the most preferred markets for ancient European betting.

Chariot Racing

This is also a popular sport in Ancient Greece and is one of the biggest sport featured in the Ancient Olympic Games. This sport involves a chariot attached to four horses jockeyed by a man. Just like horse racing today, chariot racing might be one of the best athletic scenes to bet on back in those days.

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