5 Betting Destinations in the World


Most people opt to bet online ever since the emergence of online sportsbooks and casinos. However, there’s always something special about a ‘brick and mortar’ betting the just can’t be replaced. The glamour, the dealers, and the thrilling atmosphere make it an exhilarating experience.

Of course there are some places that are recognised for providing a one-of-a-kind betting experience.

If you love to bet and are looking for the ultimate betting experience, make sure to add these places on your list!

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Top Betting Destinations from All Over the World

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the world’s most popular gambling hub with over 50 casinos. It’s always at the top of the list of anyone who wants to gamble. The main one is a 4-mile stretch called ‘The Strip.’

You can even find top-notch sportsbooks here, which is a great since Nevada is one of the only two states in America that allows offline sportsbooks. No matter what kind of bet you want to make, you can simply find it in Vegas.

Macau, China

It may not be as popular as its neighbour, Hong Kong, but Macau is one of the best places to visit in Asia if you’re into gambling. It’s the only city in China where gambling is legalised, and since the Chinese love betting, the industry has definitely boomed.

However, sports betting in Macau is controlled by just one sportsbook. You can place your soccer or basketball bets at just 10 outlets called the Macau Slot. Furthermore, this Chinese city is also home to the largest casino floor in the world, The Venetian.

London, England

London is a gambler’s paradise because it doesn’t have any anti-gambling laws like the United States. Anyone over the age of 18 can bet on pretty much anything. You’ll have no problem finding a sportsbook anywhere you go.

However, London also has the reputation of being extremely high quality. Some casinos are so exclusive that they are not open to the public.

Paris, France

Paris is famous for a lot of things, but not really as a betting hub. However, did you know that Paris is home to some of the most first-rate casinos? Paris attracts many high rollers looking for an exclusive betting experience. While online betting is illegal in France, the traditional land-based betting is a thriving industry.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo may be the second-smallest country in the world, but it’s the ultimate betting destination in Europe. Monte Carlo is also one of the richest places in Europe and its reputation for gambling comes from casinos that were built in as early as the 19th century, specifically the famous Casino de Monte Carlo.

While Vegas can be loud and eccentric, Monte Carlo is lavish and classy, which attracts the most sophisticated bettors. Don’t be intimidated by its reputation of luxury though, Monaco has something for everyone. However, despite being the home to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, sports betting is actually not allowed.

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