Betting Scandals: Bruce Grobbelaar

Betting Scandals: Bruce Grobbelaar


In what was one of the most high profile betting scandals in English football, the match fixing scandal involving Bruce Grobbelaar was unquestionably a forgettable incident.

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An excellent goalkeeper, who was fondly remembered during his hugely successful 13 year Liverpool career, which saw him win the European Cup, six First Division titles and three FA Cups, this saga tarnished his legacy heavily.

The story surrounding him taking bribes first broke in 1994 when The Sun acquired secretly taped evidence of him admitting to accepting bribes to fix matches. Along with fellow players John Fashanu and Hans Segers, the trio were found to have been discussing match fixing with a Malaysian business named Heng Suan Lim.

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Accused of throwing three matches, Grobbelaar’s reputation was quickly in tatters as a result of the accusations, with him reportedly making hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings from his antics.

Grobbelaar immediately pleaded not guilty, claiming he was merely gathering evidence to take to the Police. And after two juries, he was found not guilty and cleared of any wrongdoing. The former Zimbabwean international then followed up by suing the Sun for libel, as he was awarded £85,000.

Not content with this verdict, The Sun then appealed the ruling. While The House of Lords couldn’t completely prove the exact allegations, they did, however, find enough proof to illustrate his dishonesty. Grobbelaar was then forced to pay the paper’s legal costs, which totalled £500,000.

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Seeing as Grobbelaar was not in a position to pay these costs, he subsequently filed for bankruptcy. When speaking on the issue, his comments made for intriguing reading. “Despite me walking from court an innocent man, The Sun got what they wanted in the end. What sticks in my throat was the way it was done. I never knew the system; they did,” he stated.

Although this scandal will never be forgotten, it’s been positive to see him turn to coaching and enjoy some success from behind the touchline as he’s looked to put the match rigging drama behind him.

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