Hamilton’s miracle 2018 German GP win


Lewis Hamilton’s win at the 2018 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim was nothing short of miraculous.

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Coming from 14th on the grid to claim victory, Hamilton justifiably remarked this was one of the finest wins of his career after the race.

Having never previously won a race from anywhere lower than sixth on the grid, he credited his past kart racing experience with how he was able to breeze through the field. “The kart I had was real old, it had been owned by five different families. I would always start at the back and would have to make my way through more experienced and faster karts and that’s where I learned to do it,” he recalled.

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With hometown favourite Sebastian Vettel appearing destined for victory, the German crashed out as wet weather arrived for the final section of the GP. The rain, in combination with Hamilton’s decision not to pit, saw him charge up the standings.

It must also be noted that team orders helped him, for Mercedes principal, Toto Wolff, instructed Hamilton’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas, to let the Brit win. Seeing as Bottas was aggressively trying to get past Hamilton, Wolff later said that he didn’t want to risk an accident and jeopardise the one-two finish, which is why he told the Finnish driver to back off.

The move paid off handsomely in the long run too, for Hamilton passed Vettel in the standings and subsequently went on to win the championship that year.

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In a race filled with drama and excitement, Hamilton’s brilliant drive that day will go down as one of his finest triumphs in the sport he continues to dominate to this day.

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