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MansionBet is Now an Official Sponsor of Greyhound Racing in 2021


The U.K. has been one of the few countries which conduct dog races such as greyhound racing. Because of this, MansionBet grabbed the opportunity to become a sponsor for more than 800 greyhound races this year. This is to strengthen their partnership with Arena Racing Company or ARC for short.

The deal with ARC stipulates that MansionBet’s branding is to be displayed across all four of ARC’s greyhound tracks. It starts on the 11th of February, which will hold a greyhound race at Newcastle. It will continue on at Sunderland, Birmingham’s Perry Bar and Nottingham.

According to MansionBet’s Head of Integrated Marketing, Dana Broker, “Having invested a lot of resource into radically improving our greyhound offering in 2020, and becoming a contributor to the British Greyhound Racing Fund, the decision to sponsor tracks across the U.K. is a natural step forward that will allow us to engage with an audience of one of our most popular markets. 

“We look forward to engaging with our customers whilst supporting the sport through our sponsorships.”

With this new development, trusted online betting sites are more excited than ever to provide offers for their greyhound racing punters. 

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Greyhound racing is a competitive sport wherein greyhounds, a special breed of dogs, are trained for racing and coursing games. These dogs will race around an enclosed track. This racing sport has been popular because of the endurance and agility that greyhounds show. Some countries consider the race a fun and recreational pastime. However, several countries like Ireland, Macau, Spain, Mexico, the U.S. and the U.K. consider greyhound racing as a major betting sport.

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Because of its popularity in these countries, you can find many betting sites that provide the best bookmaker sign up offers. With several greyhound events held throughout the year, punters will have their fill of greyhound racing. 

What are some popular greyhound racing events?

There are many prestigious greyhound racing events, here are some of them:

  • English Greyhound Derby – This race takes place in June or July, and the prize money for the final race is worth more than £200,000. Also, it is often held at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium.
  • Scottish Greyhound Derby- This race takes place in April, and it has prize money of more than £50,000. Most greyhounds compete on a 480m track. 
  • Irish Greyhound Derby – This race is sponsored by Boyle Sports, and it has prize money of more than £200,000. Also, it take places at Shelbourne Park in South Dublin with over 550 yards.

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