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Six Most Stunning Sports Bets Ever Placed


Just like sports itself, sports betting is so full of surprises as punters are known regular players of chance. Afraid of losing resources, some bettors go for the safer bets on favourites, while more daring ones place stakes on the most unbelievable odds.

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Here are six most stunning and fascinating sports bets ever placed and won

6. 50 Cent

He went insane when he bombed $1.6 million on a single fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather in a fine 2nd May. As some may know, the rapper had a beef with Mayweather, even claiming that the boxer cannot read a page from a children’s book without making a mistake. 50 cent still placed the stakes on Mayweather, despite everyone strongly expecting Pacquiao to win. Mayweather did beat Pacquiao that night.

5. Darren Yates

He bet £67.58 back in 28th September 1996 when popular jockey Frankie Dettori promised to win only two out of his seven races. That day though, Dettori won all of his seven races. To his surprise, Yate received £550,823 from that humble bet.

4. Floyd Mayweather

He proved that he is not just the a champion in the world of boxing, but in the betting business as well. In the NBA Eastern Conference Finals back in 2013, he allegedly placed $7.9 million on Miami Heat to beat the Indiana Pacers – an unlikely pick that time. It turns out that Miami won and earned $800,000 in profit.

3. Billy Walters

As everyone knows, is one ferocious monster in the world of sports betting. He further solidified this reputation when he placed $3.5 million on the underdogs New Orleans Saints against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLVI. When the favourites lost against the unlikely winners, Walters became $3.5 million richer.

2. Mick Gibbs

He was given a chance to predict the winners of 15 football games across Europe back in 2001. He then placed a bet of 30 pence with the demonic odds of 1,666,666. When 14 of the games went as Gibbs had predicted, a match between Valencia and Bayern Munich was Champions League Finale. When the game went to penalties, the German club won a trophy and Gibbs became £500,000 richer.

1. Fred Craggs

Just turned 60 year old when he placed a 50 pence bet on an eight horse accumulator with an odds of 2.8 million to one. The humble stake grew to £1 million after his bet won. Interestingly, the 60-year-old fertilizer salesman was not aware that he became an instant millionaire until he came back to the same bookmaker to place another stake.

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