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Online Bookies: Why Betting Shops Are Closing Down


When it comes to being the best bookmakers, the United Kingdom does not back down. It is considered as one of the top gambling centres of the world, and the country that has the largest legal market. In 2019 alone, Denise Coates, the CEO, and founder of Bet365, a global gambling business, took home a paycheck worth £323 million that’s $422 million in U.S. dollars!   


Sports bookmaking can be considered a very competitive industry, more so when so many parts of the world have legalized gambling. With the changing of times, there are many factors that influence its rise and fall.


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One of the things that make sports betting an entertainment in the U.K. is because of the betting shops. But, statistics have shown that such shops have been closing over the past few years. In 2019, there has been a decrease of 1.27% in the number of betting shops in comparison to that of the previous year, which had 3.52%.


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A contributing factor that led to its decrease is online sports bookmakers. In 2018, the rise of online bookies had steadily increased. More and more people took to their mobile phones or tablets for placing their bets. Statistics have shown that more people wager a lot of money in online betting sites than that of bookmakers in the high street.


Online Bookies

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But, with the decrease of betting shops, it doesn’t mean that the sports betting industry is declining too. It just shows that there is a need to keep up with the times and to know who to pick as an online sports bookmaker. You can take these things into consideration:


  • You should consider its jurisdiction because you don’t want to place illegal bets.
  • Take note of how quickly the bookies’ payout and its deposit methods. It can be through bank transfers or e-wallets.
  • Never forget the sports bonuses! You need to be rewarded occasionally. So, make sure to research about the online bookie’s offers and promotions.
  • Find a user-friendly betting website because you don’t want to make your transactions complicated or stressful. You need something fast and easy.


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Sports betting is a lot of fun, especially if you know what you are doing. There’s no more reason for you to go to betting shops if you want because you can have all the access you need online. Just register with us now and start your sports betting journey.

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