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Dave Farrar’s Book “The Perfect Punter: A year of losing everything and trying to win it all back ” is certainly filled with fascinating stories and pieces of information.

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For Farrar, who’s an engaging and entertaining sports commentator, this book offers a keen insight into his gambling journey, which was full of highs and lows.

Perfect Punter Cover

Charting his gambling efforts since the personal tragedy of his girlfriend walking out, Farrar recollects how he subsequently lost a five figure amount in the following six months.

Wanting to avoid making the same mistakes, he came up with a plan to bet on the same events he lost money on. But this time, he armed himself with plenty of information prior to placing his bets, which was gained by talking to experts and diligently researching his topics. This meant he was nicely positioned to make coherent decisions when betting, as he hoped to profit handsomely.

Travelling around the world to attend many events live including the US Open, the Klitschko vs. Haye fight, the French Cup final, multiple horse races, a snooker tournament and an NFL Playoff game. Meanwhile, one of the key terms of his staking plan was that he ambitiously decided he wanted to profit $2000 on every bet he placed.

Humorous and enjoyable, Farrar learns plenty along the way and clearly enjoyed writing the book about his fascinating betting journeys. Containing many ups and downs, it’s certainly worth your time getting stuck into this book.

A man who loves beating the bookies and challenging himself, Farrar’s book sees him overcome the odds on many occasions, in what is an entertaining and insightful read.

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