Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics

Recap: Brooklyn Nets Wins Game 4 vs Celtics, 141-126


It’s good news for those who’ve made basketball predictions in favour of the Nets. The Brooklyn Nets are in the lead in the first round of the playoff series as they beat the Boston Celtics on Game 4 of Nets vs Celtics, 141-126. The Nets have now secured their first trip to the conference semifinals since 2014. They now look to take 2-0 lead vs Milwaukee Bucks without James Harden.

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Game 3 of Nets vs Celtics Recap

Kevin Durant scored 42 points while Kyrie Irving added 39 in the second quarter. Durant produced his 12th career 40-point by shooting 14 of 20 from the field. He also scored all 11 of his free throws. On the other hand, Irving shot 11 of 24 overall and made 6 of 12 3-point tries. He also posted 11 free throws and 11 rebounds. Former Celtics player Irving did all of these amidst booing from the fans.

Another notable player for Game 4 of Nets vs Celtics is Harden, who added 23 points and a playoff career-high 18 assists, just one shy of the franchise’s postseason record for assists set by Jason Kidd in 2007. This star trio had a combined shoot 33-of-56 from the field. 

For the Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum led with 40 points, while Marcus Smart and Evan Fournier added 16 points each. The Celtics shot for 43.5%, and some of their players had to opt out of the game because of injuries. Kemba Walker was left with a knee injury while Robert Williams III had a sprained left ankle. 

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Fans Throw Water Bottle at Kyrie Irving

Game 4 of Nets vs Celtics was quite eventful, especially for Kyrie Irving, who was met with hostility from Boston fans. With a sellout crowd of 17,226, fans jeered and swore every time former Celtics player Irving touched the ball. 

This took a turn for the worse after the game. Irving was walking off the court when he was nearly hit by a bottle thrown from the stands. The police took the violet fan out of the game and in handcuffs.

Irving stated, “People feel very entitled out here. As a Black man playing in the NBA, dealing with a lot of this stuff, it’s fairly difficult. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s just unacceptable for that stuff to be happening. But we move on.”

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