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The Rise of NFL Betting


How NFL betting became popular?

The rise of NFL betting has been quite well documented of late, and with the hugely exciting Super Bowl having just been played last week, this gives us a good opportunity to cover this interesting topic.

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Obviously, a key element behind its growth has been the accessibility to watch the sport on so many different platforms all over the world, which has subsequently flowed into many then wanting to test their knowledge through betting.

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As the NFL’s expanded in popularity, Europe and especially the UK has popped up as very big markets for the sport to explore. With friendly viewing times and fantastic access for fans to watch games online and on TV, there are no signs of this slowing down either.

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Seeing as fantasy football is absolutely huge in America, where fans test themselves against each other and religiously follow the sport and stats, this has led many into the sports betting arena, even if it’s still more regulated compared to places like Europe, Asia and Australia.

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Well aware of what an asset working with the betting industry can be and that many US states are now allowing this form of gambling, the NFL are open to tapping into the popularity of betting, as stated by this SBC Americas article, which notes: “The NFL is gradually embracing the betting opportunity and seeing it as a complementary experience to watching the game and part of the customer journey, provided it is offered responsibly. We expect the NFL Players’ Association to do the same, as players may eventually benefit from the added exposure.”

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Indeed, the fact the American Gaming Association predicted roughly 26 million Americans would wager nearly seven billion dollars on the Super Bowl, a figure that’s a 15% increase on last year, offers an indication of its growth.

Constantly expanding and looking to bring in new fans all over the world, expect NFL betting and the sport’s popularity as a whole to keep on its steady upward trajectory.

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