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In order to have the edge in betting, all sports bettors should collect as much information as possible on the market they want to place their bets on. If you’re an avid sports bettor, chances are you like to get your betting info from a wide variety of sources in order to understand what you’re betting on.

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The advancement of technology, particularly social media, has been so outward that it is now considered as the most powerful source of real-time information all over the world. 

These days, Twitter is a great source of information for all kinds of news and features, even in the field of sports trading.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the accounts that will definitely empower you and keep you up-to-date when you bet on your favourite sport.


Andy’s Football Tips (@AndyRobsonTips)

Andy does all the football research so you don’t have to. Since 2015, he’s been giving free betting tips and funny posts about football (soccer) to his growing 386k+ Twitter followers.

The Away Fans (@theawayfans)

This is a community of fans and footy supporters who travel around the world to follow their idols. They already have 317k+ followers and they give real-time photos and updates straight from the bleachers.

Betting Expert (@bettingexpert)

Pinnacle’s Andrew Brocker is the primary handler of this account. You can find a lot of betting information including sports tips, match predictions, and analysis to name a few. Apart from this, this account also offers live chat with everyone in the sports betting community.

Steve Wyss (@meatmansoccer)

Steve Wyss is a sports analyst for Major League Soccer, League 2, and a number of Norwegian sporting events. He combines news with statistical analysis that is very much helpful in deciding which team you want to place your bets on when you bet on football.

These twitter handles are perfect for your football betting especially when using a football betting broker to keep yourself updated with the odds and predictions so you can bet more confidently on your selected Asian bookmakers on the Vodds platform.


Jimmy Soixante-Dix (@hotdog6969)

This account provides a complex knowledge of the world of tennis which includes both opinion-related and facts-based tweets. It also has very solid and accurate information on players, and matches to name a few.  

Jeff Sackmann (@tennisabstract)

This account offers very detailed statistics with results and draw records. It also provides a lot of beneficial information about the diverse niches of the tennis world such as player features, consistency of a player, their ranks, and more. Jeff Sackman, the handler of the account, also gives opinion-related tweets.

Sean Calvert (@seancalvert1)

Sean Calvert, Unibet tennis columnist, is a highly educated and a respected tennis bettor that provides tennis betting previews, tips, as well opinion-related tweets. He’s been giving followers real-time information since he started this account in 2010.

There are a lot of other Twitter handles that you could follow for your tennis betting, depending on the matches that you’re watching. Following them can get you more excited as they also give predictions and tips for your next bets on your chosen betting exchanges.


Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons)

Though he can be a bit controversial in his analysis, Ben Simmons delivers honest and solid betting advice. With over 5.6M followers on Twitter, you can count on him to speak his mind and talk straight sports betting. His twitter account is a good source on a selection of topics on whatever sports, especially basketball.

John Schuhmann (@johnschuhmann)

Josh Schuhmann is a statistics writer for His works are very much useful if statistical analysis is what you are looking for. You can find stats that show team competencies, how teams manage with certain players, and more. Getting updates from an actual NBA writer could boost your chances when betting on the NBA.

NBA Stats (@nbastats)

NBA stats are another beneficial account for those who want to use statistics to help them in their betting. A wide range of individual and teams statistics is provided in this account. Following the updates on this account will definitely play a big impact in your decision-making skills if you want to place bets on the NBA.

NBA Stats is another beneficial account for those who want to use statistics to help them in their betting. A wide range of individual and team statistics is provided in this account. Get updated especially during NBA championships with this Twitter handle.

As basketball also has millions of fans, we’re sure you’ll have a great amount of accounts to follow to get your sports news and features when using a betting software.

Learning from these experts will definitely boost your game in sports betting. Make sure to use bet brokerage services that are licensed and regulated to avoid any mishap.

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