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The Evolution of eSports in the New Normal Times


In recent years, eSports has burst into the mainstream, transitioning from a small market to a core mode of entertainment around the globe. Although eSports may have only once stood as a branch of popular sports culture, it has now developed into a full-scale industry of its own. In fact, online virtual sports betting and live in-play betting have increased in popularity due to eSports competitions.

History of eSports

Electronic sports or eSports take the form of online video game tournaments involving pro players or teams. The history of eSports began in the late 1970s, when Space Invaders and Asteroids, two of the most popular video games at the time, were launched. This was the beginning of the Arcade era in the world of eSports.  The average lifetime of the famous game at the time was around 4–6 months, and the competition was very intense. In 1982, the arcade video game industry exceeded the sales of Hollywood movies and pop music combined.

In the 1980s, personal computers and gaming systems became increasingly available. At the time, fans of video games began holding LAN ( local area network) parties. Players would create a link between their computers and consoles by linking to a router or switching wires while they enjoy playing multiplayer video games together. LAN parties became extremely famous in the late 1990s with multiplayer shooter games like Counter-Strike and Quake were released worldwide.

eSports in the New Normal

During the coronavirus period, the recent lockdowns have amplified user engagement with eSports and other video games.  As a matter of fact, revenues for various gaming companies and platforms have improved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Despite the significant economic recession caused by the coronavirus, the global video game industry is growing rapidly. In the practice of social distancing and limiting close interactions to a minimum, eSports provides an enticing diversion for people at home looking for social engagement, and the initial evidence reveals a large increase in playing time and eSports betting since the lockdowns started.

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