Unbelievable Sports Betting Wins in History


Sports betting has become impressively popular throughout the years. It’s taking the world by storm, and with so much money being put down on massive fixtures, athletes are no longer the only people making a profit out of sporting events.

Everyone dreams about making millions of money and even more so with the rapid rise of sports betting. Several unbelievable wins usually just start from a few hundred-dollar stakes. Everyone has probably seen it, whether on a Facebook post, or a retweeted betting slip with huge earning just from a tiny stake. 

Luck is important, but in the long run, you need a certain set of skills to be able to win consistently. Some bettors were very fortunate, but most reached their success through cautious analysis and risk assessment.

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Here are some of the most unbelievable sports betting wins of all time

Peter Edward’s Future Bet

Even before current Liverpool winger Harry Wilson started playing football; his grandfather, Peter Edward, definitely believes the boy was meant for brilliance on the field. He was so sure, in fact, that in the year 2000, when Wilson was still 18 months old; Edwards went to a bookmaker in Wrexham and placed £50 bet that the young boy would play for Wales, his current national team. The odds were a long shot at 2,500/1, but he was confident it would pay off.

Fast forward to October of the year 2013 where a 16-year-old Harry Wilson was sitting on the bench for the Welsh national team. In the World Cup qualifier against Belgium, Harry made his international debut when he was called up as a substitute in the 87th minute of the fixture for Hal Robson-Kanu.

Harry Wilson did not only break the record to become the youngest senior player to represent his country on the field, but he also made his grandfather a very rich man. Peter Edwards’ 13-year-old bet won an unbelievable sum of £150,000.

Charles Barkley’s Super Bowl Win

He’s famous for losing a reported total amount of $30 million worth of bets. But NBA legend turned sports announcer, Charles Barkley, still sits in the sports betting hall of fame for his big win during the Super Bowl 36.

He gambled half a million on the underdog New England Patriots to overthrow St. Louis Rams, plus another $50,000 on the money line. Charles Barkley won both bets and this win caused quite a stir due to the massive amount he won.

An issue has arisen from the fact that Barkley didn’t have enough credit at the Mandalay Bay sportsbook to cover his bets. Plus, he didn’t sign a marker which made the sportsbook hesitant to pay him out. They ultimately gave in and Barkley received a total of $800,000.

1980 US Hockey Miracle on Ice

Do you believe in miracles? If not, you’d think otherwise when you hear all about what happened during the 1980 Winter Olympics.

It was highly unlikely for team United States to come out as victors. They were at 1,000/1 odds to win the Gold. However, On February 22, 1980, the United States hockey team made a shocking play and beat the great Soviets in a 4-3 victory at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

The Soviet hockey team was known to have won four straight gold medals as well as beating a number of NHL teams in the 70s.

What’s your biggest win?

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