Underdogs: When the Giants defeated the Patriots


If we rewind to Super Bowl XLII in 2008, and this was an incredible upset, as the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots.

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Heading into the showpiece, the Tom Brady led Pats had won every single game they’d played that season. It was little wonder the Giants weren’t given much of a chance considering Brady was the best quarterback in the league and they’d won 18 straight.

Wanting to replicate his brother’s feats from the previous year, Eli Manning, the Giants’ quarterback, produced a tremendous, MVP winning display to propel his team to victory and prevent the Patriots from achieving a perfect season.

Priced at 12 point underdogs and at $4.75 to win outright, the Giants won 17-14 in a true classic, as they beat the odds impressively.

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Starting the match solidly by ending their first drive with a field goal, this was a decent opening by the Giants. The Patriots immediately flexed their muscles by bagging a touchdown on their first drive.

In a close yet entertaining encounter, only 10 points were scored in the first three quarters, as the Patriots were ahead 7-3 heading into the fourth term. The match really came to life in the last, though, with the lead changing hands three times.

With just 2.39 left on the clock and the Giants down 14-10, Manning and his teammates came up with a magical 83-yard drive. In a drive that contained David Tyree’s memorable helmet catch and ended with Plaxico Burress’ touchdown reception with just 35 seconds to go, the Giants remarkably won.

In what was the first Super Bowl since 1975 where neither team scored 20 points, the Giants’ unlikely triumph is unquestionably one of the biggest upsets the NFL has seen.

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