Ten Sports Betting Movies To Watch Before You Die


Gambling has been a recurring theme for movies since the 70s, or possibly earlier than that. Finding a great movie that goes deep into the world of betting can sometimes be difficult to find. Therefore, VOdds trading platform went over a list of ten of the best sports betting movies of all time. 

Каждый из них интересен и наполнен ценными уроками для любого игрока, желающего освоить азы трейдинга. Кроме того, эти фильмы дадут вам другой взгляд на весь бизнес индустрии спортивных ставок. Также фильмы дадут вам довольно хорошее представление о том, как это работает.

Here’s a roundup of the must-watch sports betting films according to the year they were released:

Мой парень -псих (2012)

Bradley Cooper stars in this film as a struggling young man who just lost everything. His father, played by Robert De Niro, runs a bookmaking business. It revolves around stakes made on the results of a football game and a dance contest. It’s also worth the watch if you’re into feel-good movies.

Фортуна Вегаса (2012)

Based on the memoir of Beth Raymer, this film is a take on the unusual personalities and the psychological aspect of professional sports bettors. Lay the Favorite, starring Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall, displays the better side of sports betting. It dismisses the bad stereotypes of sports bettors as troublemakers. Instead, this film portrays them as intellectuals.

Крупная ставка (2006)

Even Money will take you to the dark world that sports betting can sometimes lead to. This movie certainly takes the betting world to the extreme. It’s a cautionary tale that shows that addiction from gambling is real. In addition, this film also shows how the characters’ actions when they engage in betting affect the other aspects of their lives.

Деньги на двоих (2005)

This film also delves into the addiction a lot of bettors in real life experience from betting. However, this particular movie, starring Walter Abrams, shows how gambling addiction affects a person’s personal relationships. Two for the Money provides a view of reality in the world of sports betting.

Букмекеры (2003)

Directed by Mark Illsley, the Bookies movie is centered on four college students played by Johnny Galecki, Nick Stahl, Lukas Haas, and Rachel Leigh Cook who became small-time bookmakers. It’s a movie that depicts the other side of the gambling world, or through the perspective of bookmakers.

Казино (1995)

Based on a true story of Frank “Ace” Rothstein, Casino will take you into an epic investigation and exploration of organised crimes involving casinos in Las Vegas during the 70’s. Another gambling-themed film starring Robert De Niro, depicts sports betting as the activity of society’s deviants. This film is actually refuting the semblance of reliable and legitimate sportsbooks today.

Поединок в Диггстауне (1992)

Фильм “Поединок в Диггстауне” считается одним из лучших фильмов о ставках на спорт за всю историю. Этот фильм обеспечивает отличное развитие всех персонажей фильма. Он также учитывает как плохие, так и хорошие последствия спортивных ставок.

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Восьмёрка выбывает из игры (1988)

Based on the true-to-life scandal of the 1919 Chicago White Sox team, this film showed the dirty side of gambling. It shows how bettors can have access in ordering the result of sporting events. Moreover, Eight Men Out is a must-see movie. It is centered on one of the most controversial events in baseball history.

Цвет денег (1986)

The Color of Money, with actors Tom Cruise and Paul Newman, takes on the psychological side of betting. This film presents how sports betting works in the 1980s. It also gives out the idea that pride, character, and principles are just as important as earning money.

Игрок (1974)

The Gambler focuses on the life of an English teacher who became addicted to betting on basketball. This film demonstrates the challenges of the betting life. It is actually considered as one of the most realistic movies of betting ever made.  

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