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How to Bet on Sports

Advantages of Using Sportsbook Aggregator

Many punters open several Asian sportsbook accounts to measure odds and line shops while placing sports bets online. There is, however, an effective way to accomplish this – by managing your bets using a single-wallet, centralized betting brokerage like VOdds.

Before selecting which bookmaker to utilize, there are a number of variables to evaluate. Many punters open several Asian sportsbook accounts to measure odds and line shops while placing sports bets online.


The disadvantage is that it will undoubtedly take more time. In addition, the odds and lines given in sports betting markets change from one sportsbook to the next.



There is, however, an effective way to accomplish this without having to create several accounts. You can manage your bets using a single-wallet, centralized betting brokerage like VOdds.


But first, what is a bet broker?


Sports betting brokers are companies that operate as a mediator between you and your chosen bookmakers. These aggregate betting services let you wager on the best bookies online.


This makes betting online convenient, given some sportsbooks may not be accessible in your country, but you may still access them through a sports betting brokerage. Discover more sportsbook aggregator advantages and why you should bet on brokers online.


What are the Benefits of Using Betting Brokers?


Single Account Benefit

One of the primary advantages of sports betting brokers is the ability to bet on many bookies all in one place. With VOdds, you will not have to worry about keeping and managing multiple accounts. You will be able to access the best online sports odds from the world’s most reputable sportsbooks through just one account. 


Plus, depending on your betting platform, you can place a wager on a wide variety of sports without leaving your account. For VOdds, it’s among the best betting sites for football, basketball, and tennis tournaments around the world. 


Offers The Best Odds

Another major benefit of sports betting brokers is that they offer their customers the best odds on a particular event. VOdds allows you to effectively line shop and compare odds from the most competitive Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges in one easy-to-use dashboard.


Flexible Betting Options

The majority of Asian sportsbook aggregator sites provide a number of different betting order choices. VOdds trading platform offers additional complex order choices not seen in other bookies, making it one of the best bet brokers out there. Follow our guide to know how to create these ticket orders.


To start, a Normal Order is when you instantly put your wager on a certain kind for a specific wager and odds.


Clients can use a Positional Order, which is a new strategic element. This enables them to wager on a selection and then leave the bet when the odds shift in the way they choose. This order increases the user’s credit limit by up to tenfold. In other words, a $100 credit can be used to wager up to $1000.


Finally, for punters who want to put their wagers on particular prices, a Future Order is an option. It’s also for quantitative traders who trade using a set of preset prices.


Better Than Local Bookies 

Betting online is faster than betting with a local bookmaker since it gives a wider range of options. As you may be aware, internet sportsbooks are generally competing with one another. 


As a result, they significantly alter their capabilities to maintain a competitive advantage. One of these features is offering a sports betting API service. Furthermore, betting online allows you to get higher chances than you can get with your local sports bookmakers.


Faster and Smoother Transactions

The best betting account should also let you quickly transfer cash and withdraw your winnings across different payment methods.


VOdds offers eWallets, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfer so you will always have an option depending on what is available in your country. See more details here or message our customer support for clarifications.


No Geographical Limitations 

Geographical limitations are a regular thing among conventional bookies since they may refuse to work with bettors from a specific country, which is a significant problem for these players because they are unable to fully utilize their betting capacity. 


The last benefit is attributed to the fact that betting websites’ services are available to every punter, regardless of their place of residency.


These are just some of the major benefits of an Asian sportsbooks broker. Should you want to take advantage of the best Asian bookmakers, create an account with us today!

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