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British and American Odds | How to Calculate Betting Odds

The bookmaker uses different types of odds in the bets. All over the world, players can meet all kinds of their variations.

Bookmakers use different types of odds for betting executions. All over the world, sports bettors can meet all kinds of their variations. In Russia and the CIS are familiar; American and British odds in sports betting are not so popular. 


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Let us see how they function to understand British and American sports odds further. Let us explore how to calculate the American coefficients and their British counterparts.



The Essence of Using Odds


Russian bookmakers often offer more straightforward decimal odds systems to their users. You need to follow the odds format for your free bets. First, you take its value and multiply it by the bet amount to get the potential winnings. Simply subtract your original pot from your total winnings to calculate your profit.


But in British and American sports odds, things are a bit different. It has a similarity in UK betting odds. Let’s look into fractional odds, sometimes referred to as UK Odds. 


UK betting odds explained that these odds are one of the oldest types of odds for sports bettors. To further understand British and American odds, you can explore the following details below.



What Are British Odds?


How to Calculate British Sports Odds? 


The formula of the British odds in betting is different from others. They are often called fractional odds together with decimal odds. But the British version has a simple fraction—for example, 2/11.


Let’s figure out the calculations. For example, one of the teams has a high chance of winning the upcoming game. The British odds for such an event are 2/11.


You need to understand it like this – to get a profit of two rubles, you need to put 11 rubles. Then the payment will be 13 rubles.


You can perform similar calculations with other coefficients. For example, we have an odds of 3/1. So, you need to place a bet of 1,000 rubles to win 3,000 of this currency. 


This coefficient can be considered very successful in executing your bet. You can place a bet on our VOdds platform, which offers quality services and makes your betting odds work in your favour.



What Are American Odds?


How to Calculate American Sports Odds? 


American odds, often known as money line odds or US odds, are the standard betting odds utilized by American bookmakers. The odds in the United States are based on winning or wagering $100 on a specific bet, with a plus (+) and negative (-) sign indicating the favourite and underdog, respectively.  For example, you need to calculate the American football odds on our bets. 


When we see the number -350, it implies that when you receive a win of 100 currency units, you need to put in 350 similar ones. So you need to place a bet of 350 dollars to get 100 on top.


We hope you were able to comprehend the different types of sports odds. And our VOdds platform will assist you in placing a great bet. What exactly are you waiting for? 


Join us today to place your lucky bet and generate more revenue for your future ambitions. Our sports betting platform is waiting for you!


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