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How to Bet on Sports

Choosing the Right Sport for the Most Profitable Bets

Before starting their bets, many novice gamblers ask themselves the question: what are the most profitable sports betting that can bring me to a profit?

Before starting their bets, many novice gamblers ask themselves, what are the most profitable sports betting that can bring them to a profit? There are several answers, and we will talk about them today in this article, but you need to choose first the right betting platform. Choosing the right sports betting platform will lead you to a high chance of winning. 


Meanwhile, many gamblers consider easy bets to win money. Often, this logic doesn’t work for most of the time. But, with the right betting strategy, you can profit a lot of money. 



Beginners tend to wonder which sport is easier to make money on and how to make sports betting profitable. With that question, we will try to help you to find out how the most popular sports betting will lead you in winning the match.


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Most Popular Sport for Betting


You can confidently place bets on any popular sport. What are the best sports bets that you can use effectively? This time, we will figure out what is the safest sport to bet on. 


  • Football  –   In which sport do you earn more money on bets? At the top of the ranking is the well-known favourite team sport. According to statistics, 40% of players place their bets on football matches. You can place the easiest football bet to win on our VOdds Asian odds platform!


  • Tennis  –  Another trendy sport that attracts hundreds of players around the world. 25% of the total number of bets is quite a large number.


  • Hockey, Basketball, and Volleyball  –  Let us single out these sports as a separate item since there are few bets on them for the total of 10%, 7% and 5%, respectively.


  • Other Sports  –   They can include now popular sports, skiing, etc. In general, 13% of players place bets here. So if you want to know what kind of sport you can make money in, the answer is “any ”.


According to statistics, the majority of players find winning sports bets in football. If you want to know which sports betting is the most profitable, football is the place to be! This makes sense since beginners may put bets on basic outcomes such as:


  1. Host victories.
  2. Victory of the guests.
  3. Draws.


We won’t go into details about other bets because beginners won’t pay attention to them at first. In addition, we may provide new players with the option of choosing between totals and handicaps. You can raise a lot of money using a specific approach and comprehensive match analytics.



Betting Tips


Professional bettors highlight several essential tips for playing bookmakers:


  • Focus on more famous championships.
  • Avoid cup matches. They may seem simple to you at first, but they are not.
  • Starting tours can not always be easy to analyse.
  • Please do not bid in advance. Wait for the announcement of the starting lineups. Thanks to this, it will be possible to conduct more accurate analytics.
  • Big odds – not always good. Often bookmakers catch inexperienced players on this.


We hope to determine which sport can make you money initially. For beginners, soccer betting is the easiest thing that a bookmaker can offer. If you want a high chance of winning a  bet, sign up now on our VOdds platform.

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