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Ladder: Know The Best Betting Strategy

There are many sports betting tips and strategies in the modern world, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Beginners always look for more sports betting strategies that work to get their money quickly and “painlessly”. 

There are many sports betting tips and strategies in the modern world, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Beginners always look for more sports betting strategies that work to get their money quickly and “painlessly”. 

Pros often advise that ladder tactics in betting have a higher chance of winning. You can make a profitable free bet on our Vodds platform. Start betting now with our best Asian odds with a comprehensive line of sports events that await you!


The ladder betting strategy is a type of bet that allows players to climb with a small starting capital with guaranteed profit. Therefore, for new players, the tactics are charming and tempting. How does the ladder strategy work in sports betting, and should newbies use it?

What is a ladder method in sports betting?

Many examples from practice have shown long ago that a ladder in the betting system is an almost win-win option in bookmaking. Therefore, we will figure out how to place bets to win using this technique correctly and ensure that you can earn an amount of money on online betting.

First, you need to understand the terminology. A ladder strategy involves dividing the starting bank into several parts. In this case, this strategy will reveal the dimension of each subsequent bet upon the victory entry of the previous one. If the last match betting wins, it is included in the next game.

The main distinguishing feature of a win-win ladder in betting on sports is to have a small initial capital. The player only needs 1-5 percent of the original pot to make his prediction. If the total start-up capital is in the region of several hundred Euros, you need to bet 50 or even 100 percent of the bank to place bets using a ladder.

The Kind of Strategy in Football Matches

Many players use this strategy in sports like the champions league and premier league. For example, ladder betting on tennis is very popular among users. But for the most part, the primary bets go to football competitions. But what to bet on in the ladder strategy at the rates?

The ladder strategy in soccer betting is not complicated. Let’s say you took one percent of your starting bank – that’s one hundred Euros. You are betting on an overall victory for Bayern at odds of 1.1. 

Therefore, the strategy of a ladder with low odds bets would be the right decision. And you can make a profitable bet on our site with Asian odds at VOdds.

You win and get 110 Euros in your bank. Then you have to put this money on another event, and if you win with similar odds, you will have 121 EUros as a profit. After that, you decide to stop placing bets. As a result, it turns out that the principle of a ladder rate works, and the person gets his profit.

Beginners ask themselves what to put the ladder on in the rates? Only for similar matches with low odds? Of course, professionals in their field can bet on more juicy odds. 

But this strategy should understand that the answer to the question “how to play the ladder at the rates” is initially the rate on low odds. Thanks to this strategy, it will be possible to develop a practical trouble-free winning system.

Furthermore, the ladder in football betting is more profitable due to the large statistical entry of low odds. Therefore, ladder bets on low odds are very accurate in our case.  We hope you have figured out the mechanics of what a ladder means in bets.

When should you play?

What is the correct way to play with a ladder on bets? Often this technique is used by users who do not have a significant starting capital for the game. To accumulate a large amount of cash, you need to play this tactic. There are several other options to which the technique can be applied.

For example, the ladder strategy in tennis betting has also worked well over the course. Professional tennis players also rarely lose to weaker opponents. Although this year, the opposite trend has become more frequent.

 Remember at least the victory of Emma Radukanu at the Grand Slam tournament. But such sensations are extremely rare, and they can reduce them to an error.

Ladder bets in life can distinguish another tactic of the game. Some top matches before the game do not have small odds on the main events. Therefore, an excellent option would be to wait for the start of the battle and place your bet. For example, the favourite team took the lead. 

This is a reason to bet on an overall victory or keep an advantage in the half. Therefore, online ladder betting is a great strategy option.

Why not try? Our VOdds platform will help and lead you to victory! Register now and start your victorious betting journey!

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