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Betting Risks

Manage Risks on Sportsbook Aggregator Sites

Sports betting poses some risks since money is involved. But most of it is avoidable if you just take the time to craft the best betting strategies.

And you can even make the whole process profitable! Join a betting affiliate program and document your betting journey on your social media to earn up to €/£/$ 300 monthly.


To start, you can look for low-risk betting markets and share your insights about them. 

Asian handicap is one well-known low-risk market yet untapped by newbies. Mostly because it’s only accessible through Asian sportsbook aggregator sites like VOdds.

Its format is unique. As the name implies, it handicaps the favourite team and gives a virtual lead to the underdogs. Once you master this market, you’ll know how you can still win a bet despite your chosen team losing the match

Now that we’re talking about Asian handicap aggregator websites, you should not forget to check the bookies they are offering.

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Asian bookmakers and risk level update

Sportsbooks’ void rate should be one factor you consider before betting. Knowing this means you can switch between bookies or manage how much you will bet if you want to take the risk.

VOdds acknowledges this importance, that’s why we’re giving you bi-monthly updates. Check the latest risk level of our partner bookies below.

Manage Risks on Asian Sportsbook Aggregator Sites

Matchbook, PS3838, BETISN, Betfair, GA268Penta88, Broker1, and Broker 3 have been in our “no risk” category since the start as they never tagged any bet as abnormal or void.

Try your hand at betting on them yourself! Aside from getting a welcome bonus, your experience will also be good material for your social media posts as a betting affiliate. 

You can also rate the performance of SingBet (Crown), well-known for its Asian handicap market, so you can compare their odds to SBOBET – another popular Asian bookie on our site that offers this market.

Check the difference between them as SingBet is considered “low risk” while SBOBET is “high risk”. 

Confirm for yourself if SingBet really tends to void bets whose odds have decreased significantly for pre-game matches. Or how often they classified in-running bets as “Abnormal Bet” and if there’s a work around it. 

Aside from SBOBET, WLG is also considered a “high risk” sportsbook. For these two, we recommend actually betting on them and not just for trial. They have good betting lines and liquidity but also have a high rate of voiding bets so be extra careful and follow their rules and regulations.

Providing a wide range of online bookmakers is what makes VOdds among the best sports betting sites for beginners. From no risk to high risk, you can easily switch between them on one site. Just make sure that you always check our risk level update because VOdds will not be liable for voided bets.

Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 7 July 2022.