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Betting Tips: Differences on Women’s and Men’s Tennis

The main tennis competitions for men and women differ dramatically. There has always been a tendency in this sport that the male contingent shows a hotter, tighter and more productive game.

The main tennis tournaments for men and women differ dramatically. There has always been a tendency for men’s tennis to show tighter and more productive games in this sport.


Although the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) athletes have been closing the gap lately, there is still a substantial difference between them and men. If you want to make a good and high-quality bet with great Asian odds, join VOdds and maximize our wide lines and high odds with the top Asian bookmakers.



Bets on Men’s and Women’s Tennis


Due to the different roles of men and women in professional tennis, the bets on this sport vary greatly. Physically, men are more robust and faster. Therefore, betting in Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) tournaments and other male players might be more intense and unpredictable.

The differences in physical development subsequently translate into differences in rates. Let’s see what you can do when betting on men’s tennis:


  • Men take their serves well. As mentioned earlier, men are more physically developed. In this regard, each athlete’s service is a great advantage. It is implemented very confidently in most cases, and the player gets his points.


  • Men have a more stable physique. As some tennis betting tips mention, women play a little differently to maintain their strength since playing with a stronger opponent might take a toll on their stamina. On the other hand, men play more aggressively and are ready to fight to the last minute.


  • Women can recoup even from 0:5. How often have you noticed that female athletes often do not cope with their nerves when there is a lot of loss of games? Exciting statistics – athletes take their games with enviable regularity, even with a significant loss. This practise is widespread in professional tennis. Therefore, as a betting strategy on women’s tennis matches, you need to focus on this.


  • Tennis tipsters say that women’s tennis is more sensational, following the previous point. You can build a strategy for betting on women’s tennis, focusing on how athletes can do fantastic things, even battling head to head with a stronger opponent. Recently, this trend has been gaining momentum, especially in the French Open and the Australian Open. 


For example, an athlete not even from the top 100 WTA rankings won at the Grand Slams tournament in America. On her way, Bianca Andreescu outplayed several top 10 and top 20 tennis players.


Therefore, you should understand that this information, even when it does not apply to all tennis players, must be considered when betting on men’s tennis or even women’s tennis. It is essential to formulate your tennis predictions and strategy whatever betting market that you use. 


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