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NBA Finals 2022: Predictions and bets

VOdds believes that the series could be quite tense, but Golden State Warriors will be stronger. Our bet on the NBA Finals 2022 – Golden State to win with the odds of 1.65.

One of the NBA’s most exciting and unpredictable seasons is coming to its epic end. Who would have expected the all-star Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets to accomplish anything this campaign. The reigning champion Milwaukee Bucks also won’t be able to keep their trophy.


In the 2022 NBA Finals, we are in for a really heated showdown between Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics. Steve Kerr’s team returns to its former glory, and Celtics intend to win the title for the first time since the all-star team with Allen, Garnett and Pierce on the roster.



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Now let’s take a look at how the teams performed in the NBA playoffs and evaluate their chances and odds in the finals. 


Golden State Warriors: Strong and confident play


Golden State Warriors



In the first round of the NBA playoffs, the Warriors faced strong Denver Nuggets with Nikola Jokic. However, Kerr’s team did not allow anything to the “joker” – a confident 4:1 victory in the series. 


Next up, the Warriors faced one of the hottest and most energetic teams – Memphis Grizzlies. Ja Morant and company managed to pick up two wins, a 4:2 series success for Golden State. 


In the Western Conference Finals, Curry, Thompson and company simply left no chance for the Dallas Mavericks, who have really surprised in the current playoffs. Golden State beat the opponent – 4:1.


Boston Celtics: A real nightmare for the favorites


Boston Celtics



Remember at the beginning of our article we talked about how Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks couldn’t justify their status as favorites? These strong teams faced Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs.


In the first round of the playoffs the Celtics shocked the Nets and won four straight. Next, Boston faced a tough matchup with the champions Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics handled the magnificent Antetokounmpo and took the series in the decisive seventh game.


Jayson Tatum and company again had to play seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals. In a phenomenal battle with the Miami Heat, Boston managed to take game seven and advance to the 2022 NBA Finals.


Golden State vs Boston: NBA Finals 2022 odds and predictions


Golden State Warriors are considered the favorite for the upcoming NBA Finals series. Steve Kerr’s team is once again close to that brilliant form when the Curry-Thompson-Green trio dominated the entire league.


Jayson Tatum may be the biggest problem for the Warriors. Golden State has not had a great defense, but their offense is one of the strongest in the league.


VOdds believes that the series could be quite tense, but Golden State Warriors will be stronger. Our bet on the NBA Finals 2022 – Golden State to win with the odds of 1.65.


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