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Top 5 Football Betting Myths

When betting on football, even the most experienced sports bettor cannot always predict the outcome of an event. 

When betting on football, even the most experienced sports bettor cannot always predict the outcome of an event. 


Even when analyzing their statistics, the game can go wrong. For example, it’s not always the weak team that loses a match, sometimes they can turn the tables around because they are motivated to win. Which leads us to the question, is sports betting all about luck?



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We listed the top 5 most common fallacies or misconceptions in sports betting and the truth behind them.  Get to know them to maximize the wagers you can place on VOdds.


Myths and Truths in Sports Bets


Myth 1: Replacing a coach is trouble


Many football teams change their mentors in the middle of the season. Therefore, many sports bettors mistakenly think that after the arrival of a new head coach, the team will not be able to play at a high level right away. 


We would like to debunk this myth, because according to statistics, if an experienced coach comes to the team, they actually have more chances of winning. Often, in the first match under the leadership of a new head coach, the team flourishes so there’s a reason to bet on these events.


Myth 2: Big transfers are always good


This is a serious lie that people often believe in. They think that if you’re betting on a superstar player, profits will come in immediately. We can recall the sensational transfer of Eden Azar to Real Madrid. The player was in his best shape, but he has not been able to play in the “royal club” for three years, and this winter, he will be leaving the club.


Sometimes, it’s not about the players themselves but you have to consider also the chemistry of the coach and the team members when you’re betting on sports, especially team sports like football and basketball.


Myth 3: Motivated teams win


Punters often believe that if a team has shown a good performance in many matches in a row, this outcome will continue.


But in reality, any match can have a different outcome especially when there is an equal opponent. There is a big chance that a more motivated team will lose.


Myth 4: Midweek Eurocup – Weekend Lose


Many believe that when playing mid-week in the Eurocup, a team is likely to win over the weekend. But this statement does not have any logical explanation.


This is actually more of a delusion to think that an undertaking that began and carried out in the middle of a week will not be completed by the end of the week. This simply does not make any sense.


Myth 5: The favorite is always dominating the game


Beginners often bet on favorites, mistakenly assuming that they will always be able to show dominance in a football match. 


Experienced punters assess the situation competently based on statistical information and a lot of research before they bet huge amounts of money. The idea that the favourite in a game is the automatic winner, is not always true.


With these myths debunked, can you be successful in sports betting? Definitely yes. 


With a more defined sports betting strategy based on research and not purely myths, you can surely bring in great profits in the long term. Start betting the right way on VOdds and read our betting guides for more information.


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