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How Betting Stats Help You Make Wise Bets


How Betting Stats Help You Make Wise Bets

All sports bettors know how crucial betting stats are in the sports betting industry. These help you make educated and data-driven decisions. For every sport that you want to bet on, these statistics will serve as a guide. 

UK sports bookmakers will use various types of statistics when it comes to creating their odds. They will have different databases so that they can make sure that they have the markets correctly priced. For this reason, as a bettor, you also have the responsibility of always checking the betting stats before placing your wagers in the most trusted betting sites. This will give you an edge since you will decide based on data, which will provide you with better results.  

#1 Match Winner and Goals Per Match


Match Winner & GoalsCourtesy of Betting Metrics

These are betting stats that, when combined together, will produce excellent outcomes. The Match winner stats will show you how often a given team has won at home, away or when there was a draw in a game. By checking out these stats, you’ll be able to determine and quantify the benefit that team A, for instance, will have when playing at home or away. On the other hand, Goals per match betting stats will give you a thorough understanding of the efficiency of a certain team or player. By understanding these stats, you can utilize markets with relatively high odds.

#2 Over/Under Goals Tables


Over/Under BetCourtesy of Bet Overflow

The over/under market is very popular among all bettors, be it professional bettors or recreational ones. Because it is commonly sought after by many, you can often see this betting market on almost every sport. For this reason, checking out Over/Under Goals tables has always played a crucial role when it comes to placing bets. These betting stats will help you know the trends of a given team or player.

 #3 Head To Head Statistics


Head to HeadCourtesy of beIN Sports

One of the betting stats that you should consider before placing your wagers is the head to head stats. These will help you know how players or teams have been performing against each other. You can often find this being used in team-based sports such as football. If you check out football betting books, you’ll know that one of the strategies used by bettors is to check on the head to head stats. Bettors for local football clubs like Manchester City and Liverpool often make use of these to be able to determine potentially profitable trends.  

Betting stats are such helpful ways to strategize on how to make the right bets. If you want to test out these things you have learned, you can visit us at VOddsRegister an account with us today, and we will make your sports betting experience worth it! 

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